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And the Scale Says.....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Well, I did pretty good...I had told myself I wouldn't weigh myself for 2 weeks after kicking off on this weight loss journey, which would have been today...but I couldn't wait any longer yesterday and just hopped right on that scale! I stepped on...looked straight ahead...took a deep breath...and dreadingly looked down. When I did...I was soooooooo glad!!! That scale became my best friend! LoL I am officially down 9lbs!!!!!! I know it sounds crazy, but I walked around yesterday feeling like I'd lose 50lbs! :) How crazy is that?? It's amazing how losing any amount of weight can make a person feel as though they are walking on air, isn't it?? It was also that moment were I said to myself, "I CAN do this!! Now I really, really want to keep this going!!" I felt like a whole new person the entire rest of the day...well I still do. LoL

I can do this...I just hope I have what it takes to stick with it this time. I know that I am fed up with what I see in the mirror...and I am even more fed up with how I feel. I feel at times like I'm trapped in my own body and I'm screaming to get out - and I hate it! I just want to actually accomplish this weight loss issue this time. I want to do it, to show myself that I really can do it, and then keeping it off won't be so difficult. If I can manage to lose 160 lbs. on my own, with the help of excellent friends of course, then I can do just about anything, right??? When I see that number though, it makes me wonder how or if I'll ever be able to do that, but I can't say it's impossible. I've seen others in my shoes do the very same thing, so I known it can happen - I just have to do it! But for now - I am extremely happy with my results from the first 2 weeks!! I plan to enjoy this accomplishment and just keep on going the best that I can!!!

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  • MAUI005
    CONGRATULATIONS, Girl! That's AWESOME! I'm so proud of you!! You deserve to walk tall after that- and just think about all the great changes you're making to make yourself healthier and to feel better overall! emoticon
    4422 days ago
    First of all - CONGRATS!!! You did awesome!

    Second - don't depend on the scale to make you happy throughout this journey. I've learned that tracking our weight is important, but don't let it be the only thing that you judge your progress by. It won't be a big number every week, and some weeks it won't change at all, OR you'll even see slight gains from time to time. Our bodies fluctuate daily with fluid retention, as well as a number of other things that affect the scale.

    I would also recommend tracking how you feel and how your clothes fit since those will be great motivators as well.

    For a while I was super scale obsessed. I'd get on it every morning, and if there was a slight change in weight - for the better or for the worse, that would set my mood for the day. if I gained an ounce, I berated myself about it. If I lost an ounce, I was somewhat happy, but would wonder why the scale didn't move more, and then berate myself for not doing enough to lose more weight. So, I would say - don't get on the scale more than once a week at most. And sometimes that is even problematic. Do try to pick a specific time of the day for each of your weigh-ins, since this will be a more accurate record of your weight. If you weigh in first thing in the morning one week (before you've eaten or had anything to drink), and the next week you weigh in at night after you've had 3 meals and lots of water, your weight will not accurately reflect fat loss/muscle gain, since those weigh ins will have very different results with respect to water weight, etc.

    Yikes! I'm writing you a book!!! LOL

    I just know how easy it is to be super excited when those first few weeks show amazing results, and then get bummed out when things slow down a bit.

    Just keep in mind that in the long run, this is going to be SO good for you!!! Even if some weeks it doesn't seem all that promising, keep going!! You can do it! You're already well on your way!

    Good luck! :)

    ~ Emms
    4422 days ago
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