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how bad do you want it?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

so while i was jogging/powerwalking 4 miles on the treadmill today, i started thinking...

started thinking about how i hate people that don't have to do cardio. lol. i see it all the time. girls. guys. come in the gym. they might lift or do whatever routine they do, for we'll say 45 min or an hour, and then they're out. on their way. i, however, HAVE to do cardio. so i'm now telling myself that i LOVE cardio, and i feel bad for people that don't have to do it. because let's face it, if you're trying to lose fat, you need cardio. i'm talkin cardio... sweat dripping off you, panting, you know you just pushed it to the limit kind of cardio. walking was great when i was first starting out. definitely helped me shed some pounds. powerwalking was good, too. that got me sweating. but now, when i'm trying to transform... now i need to jog/sprint. i'm telling myself that i like to run, because in the past, when i've TOLD myself things, i make myself believe it, and it works for me. so now, i'm trying to jog a lot more than i powerwalk, because i really want to shed this fat. which got me thinking... the harder you work now, the faster you'll see results. how bad do you want it? bad enough to kick your own ass every day?? you HAVE TO believe in yourself. noone else is going to push you while you're lifting, jogging, and making food choices. this summer, i want to be in the best shape of my life. it's basically 5 months away. i don't want any jiggle on my arms... or my thighs..or stomach. i want lean legs, a small waist, a perky butt, strong, defined arms, a tight back, and a flat stomach. i know what i want, and i know i'll make it happen. because if you don't like something, YOU have to change it. you have the POWER to change it. will you challenge yourself? will you run faster when your legs feel like bags of cement? will you get those last 2 reps in when your arms are shaking? will you get your butt up and get to the gym? will you choose to eat healthy even when everyone else around you is indulging? it's up to you. it's all attitude & hard work. tell yourself you will succeed, and you will. trust me on this. when i jog on the treadmill, and i feel like i can't go anymore, i look at myself in the mirror. i envision lean legs, a flat stomach, health and beauty. i know i'll make this happen. whatever it takes. don't hold back, you're only shorting yourself. you get from it, what you put into it. can't forget that. if you're busting your ass, you're being honest with yourself, you're eating right, you're lifting those weights... the changes will come. you'll see it. just gotta stay focused and disciplined when it seems like an up-hill battle with no results in sight. keep going. you'll be rewarded for every minute of energy you put into it. you just have to be patient. i don't know about you, but i can't let myself down. one life. one body. 2009 is MINE.

hope all of you are feeling well and kicking butt!

much love,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LISA1316
    What an awesome blog...I really needed to read this today. I feel more determined than ever to get this extra weight off my body. So its time to step up my game...I just joined a spin class and I start on monday...I'm so excited...I LOVE CARDIO! I love reading your blogs there so motivational...keep em coming.

    4210 days ago
    Awesome blog! You are inspiring :) emoticon
    4215 days ago
    I'm can't remember how I came across your page, but I'm SO happy that I did! When you said "How bad do you want it? bad enough to kick your own ass every day??" You had me! I think I'm going to have to print this out and put it on my fridge! What a great post! emoticon
    4218 days ago
    I totally had these last two blog's of yours running in my mind while I was running at the gym!! I kept telling myself that I too LOVE to run. It worked!! thank you for the motivation :0)
    4218 days ago
  • MOTO84
    This is why you are a spark motivator! Thank you so much for writing this. I needed this today!
    4219 days ago
    Girl, you are AMAZING!!! thanks for the great motivation and helping me to see how much i really need to do more cardio!!
    hope you have a wonderful day!
    4220 days ago
    Thank you! You have no idea how much I needed this today!!!!!!!
    4220 days ago
  • MVIRGO28
    I really like your positive attitude. The sky is the limit for you! Have a great week!
    4220 days ago
    I completely agree with you. There is a guy that I work with who is always talking about going to the gym and we happen to belong to the same gym. We are often there at the same time and I see him doing stuff while I'm in a spinning class, walking the track or running on the treadmill. I have never seen him sweat and it absolutely drives me nuts.

    I love to sweat and push myself that extra mile!!
    4220 days ago
    Do it girl!!! I'm with you. 2009 is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4220 days ago
    Hey girl! Great post! How's '09 treating you so far?! Hope its been fabulous!
    4220 days ago
    if you have an mp3 player I highly recommend Robert Ullrey's couch potato to 5K runner podcasts. I started the program when I was 218 pounds and its helped me burn a bunch of calories...:)

    heres some links:


    4220 days ago
    This was so what I needed to read today. I was feeling a little bit like what am I doing it all for, but you're right. If I'm really kicking my own butt and eating right, I just need to keep at it and it will come off. I just need to go at it with dogged perseverance.

    Thanks so much! You're an inspiration!
    4220 days ago
    Awesome blog! Very motivational! I needed that today!
    4220 days ago
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