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Friday, January 23, 2009

Hi Spark Friends!
My weekly weigh in this week showed a whopping one half pound loss. Yes, I know not the exact number I was hoping for but it beats gaining! A loss is a loss. I went to visit my cousin today and she has a wii fit. I have wanted one for so long! Just can't afford to spend the money on that right now. Anyway, we did it together and it was so much fun! There is a hula hoop exercise which I did well on. Surprisingly! All kinds of cardio and strength training to do. I worked up a good sweat. Anyway, when you first get on your signed on as a guest. So you go thru a little information gathering section. Well there I was and this game asked my age my height, then it showed me my BMI. Then it asked me top hold still while it registered my weight. I must have turned five shades of red and my heart started pounding fast because in my mind I still weighed 197 pounds and Oh My God now my cousin and Aunt were going to see that number and know how much I have let my self go! The shame and embarrassment was overwhelming to say the least. I wanted to step off and make a run for my car and never look back! emoticon Then it showed my weight of 154 pounds. I was SOOOOO relieved! I was like oh yeah I have lost weight! duh! It was so weird because I had been that 197 for so long that I still mentally thought I was still there. I always was embarrassed and ashamed of how I had let myself go. I NEVER told anyone my weight. It was a relief to remember I had made progress in my weight loss. I mean I know I have but standing on that wii scale at that moment waiting to see my weight in front of people brought all those old feelings rushing back to me. I NEVER want to be that number again. I wanted to share this experience with all of you, my spark friends because I think that it is important that we all remember feeling that way from time to time. It certainly made me realize how much I hated being so overweight. That is truly motivating for me! Perhaps a flash back to the old us from time to time is what may help us all continue our journey forward to a healthier person. It really made me want to do my very best to continue my journey forward. Those feelings were horrible and I never want to feel that way again. So just think back to how you felt when you began this journey and know that the only way to never feel that way again is to keep moving forward in becoming healthier. So when we get unmotivated or blah about our new lifestyle just think back to the alternative of not moving forward. It is a HUGE motivator for me and I hope it will be for you too! So lets all continue moving towards a healthier us and keep those old feelings in the past! By the way, I was really proud to have them see my new weight once it hit me that I am no longer 197. That was a much nicer feeling! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Have any of you had a moment where you thought you still were at your beginning weight even tho you have lost weight?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know what you mean by not wanting people to know your weight. I won't even tell my husband! But it's funny though because I've been broadcasting it here on sparkpeople. I guess it's because everyone here is in or has been in the same boat or it's people you don't know that well. Anyway, I've also been hearing alot about the wii and am starting to get interested myself. I've never played any type of video games before but people say it's easier to operate. It is about time they came up with a video game that you don't just sit there and play. Isn't that some of the reason why children are now becoming overweight?

    Being that I just started and have lost just 5 pounds, I haven't had the moment you've had. I can just only imagine how you must of felt. Good for you! :)
    4380 days ago
  • BERTHA1947
    Thanks for sharing....congrats on all your progress. I am trying to motivate myself to lose the last 10 lbs....I think they must be the hardest to get off....I'm reading the blogs to get motivated!!! emoticon
    4382 days ago
    :D Good for you to have come so far! I actually have the opposite problem... I weighed around 200 pounds for so long that even now, when I think of my weight, I still think I weigh that much! Until - oooops - I realize I actually weigh 45 pounds more! :( Poo poo. I will get better though. Maybe in a few months, I'll be closer to where I used to be! I'm working hard to get there!
    4382 days ago
    Go 'head! A loss is a loss!!! You go, girl!
    4382 days ago
    YOU are my guru!
    So far I've only lost one pound and my clothes are not very lose yet, but my habits are changing and your inspiration is a big part of it!

    emoticon to you, you foxy woman!
    4382 days ago
    Woohoo!!!!! Awesome!

    I will get to that point. Yay!
    4383 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2084306
    It is funny how your mindset gets stuck with a weight. That was a terrific blog.
    4383 days ago
    What a great story! Congratulations on your weight loss!
    4383 days ago
    Thanks for sharing and the answer to your question is "yes."

    I was actually running outside the other day and it was so peaceful and quiet. The ground was covered in snow and as I was running along, I almost got teary eyed. A year ago I would have never considered running, let along doing it outside in the cold. I will admit that I hate the cold but it was so beautiful to be out there by myself with just my thoughts and for a moment I was saddened as I thought of all the beauty that I had missed out on in my life. The sadness didn't last long because I realized that I am enjoying it now and that is what matters. I was amazed how my life has changed.
    4384 days ago
    you are sooo right! glad you are doing well, and great that it just kind of hit you.

    emoticon emoticon
    4384 days ago
    You are doing awesome and now you are inspiring others! There's no stopping you! Way to go girl! Thanks for sharing this really important moment of recognition that you have come so far. Kathleen

    4384 days ago
    Thanks for sharing...this really helped...I've been a little worried that my motivation would fall off...I've been over 200lbs for four years...I am so looking forward to just being out of the 200's that I'm tracking everything everyday and really watching what I'm doing...but with that YES! moment of dropping in to the 100's I was worried I'd get a little complacent...not so worried now...I can't even think how sick I'd be if I went backwards...again thanks for the sharing!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4384 days ago
    Thanks for sharing!! I love reading your blog because they are always motivating and inspiring to me!! It's nice to hear how much you appreciate how far you have come and your excitement about your weight loss journey. Congrats on your weight loss and have a great weekend!!
    Your SP friend,
    Pam A
    4384 days ago
    Your relief.... your renewed commitment... it's shows!! It's great to know that 1 pound down at a time MAKES A DIFFERENCE. {{{{{{{{High Five}}}}}}}}}

    Hopefully, we all can find moments that confirm or validate our weight loss or commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The personal affirmation infuses us with the energy to continue, to recommit. Unfortunately, far too often, when the weight comes off 1 pound at a time (or plateaus for awhile), we allow ourselves to doubt, to wander away from our commitment to ourself. DON'T.... Stay true to yourself. Stay your course.

    Looking forward to other stories.....

    4384 days ago
    Thanks for sharing, and congrats on the weight loss! Believe it or not, I am excited because I have lost DOWN to that horrible number that you no longer see. Am looking forward to losing down to where you are.

    Paula emoticon
    4384 days ago
    Good blog! I am getting a WII and WII fit very soon. I finally convinced my husband of the health benefits and how all the family would enjoy when they came over.

    I know what you mean about the weight loss and I am happy with any as well. For so long the weight never changed and then did and another plateu. But now I can happily look at any weight loss and know I will eventually get to goal. emoticon
    4384 days ago
  • MARIE410
    Thanks for sharing, congratulations! emoticon
    4384 days ago
  • JBMT08
    Hi Lady! Arent you excited to go on the scale and know that there will not be a horrifying number? I am SO excited for you!!! Keep up the excellent work, and I am SO happy that you blog about these thoughts that you have....it really makes me think about where I want to be. Definitely a motivating blog, and I THANK YOU for sharing! Have an excellent weekend!
    4384 days ago
    emoticon you have much to be proud of!
    4384 days ago
    Great blog, I too sometimes refer to myself as "fat" still. It sure is great to catch oneself and think, "not any longer"
    Skeeter emoticon
    4384 days ago
    I've heard the Wii is fun and gives you a good workout from several people,congrats on your progress and having fun with the Wii.keep focusing on the positive ,you rock
    4384 days ago
    I love my Wii right now I have outdoor Challenge it is so much fun, kayaking, jumping logs rollerblading and much more! A fun way to exercise.

    Thanks for you blog it says so much for the journey, both physically and the mental. As someone just starting out I look forward to getting there.
    4384 days ago
    Sounds like you had fun on the Wii, and a good job on the weight thing, You should be proud cause you are doing great!
    4384 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    Well, well, well... we can trade weights if you like. You are doing jsut awesome. keep it up. I'd be proud, too if that were me. You ahve worked hard. Hugs
    4384 days ago
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