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Tv Watching, Life and the really neat things my friend said of me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A friend of mine sent me a link today to a blog about watching TV..

Why No One in Books or On TV Actually Watches TV

It starts out
"Have you ever noticed that, when you pick up a good book or watch a good TV show or movie that the characters rarely, if ever, watch television? They all seem to have TV’s in their homes, but rarely are they on. You rarely read about someone coming home and plopping down in front of the TV and that’s all they do for a whole chapter. You don’t see someone on TV come home and do nothing but watch reruns of old sitcoms.

Yet the characters you read about and watch are almost always well-off financially and have a lot of friends and social interactions. They have busy lives, cool jobs, nice cars, and swanky apartments or houses. They eat at good restaurants and go to a lot of parties. They travel and have adventures. And there’s always romance. Fictitious characters have great lives and are successful, but they don’t watch TV. So what gives?"

It goes on with these points:
-People sitting around watching TV doesn’t make for interesting plots
-The characters in books and on TV are so successful because they spend their time working at their fabulous jobs or starting their own businesses, not watching TV
-They all look so good because, without TV, they have a lot more time to exercise
-These characters are so happy because their lives are not ruined with all the negative news circulated in the media
-Characters are awesomely talented because they have the time to practice their talents

And a few other funny ones... but it's kind of all true.

But the reason I blog today is not because of what the other blogger wrote but because of what my friend wrote. It seems some other reader thought this article as crap but my friend did not and here's what she wrote:
"This article is not crap. The writer makes a great and simple point. A quick disclaimer for me: I tape my Bill Moyers Journal and Suze Orman, otherwise, I avoid it. Unfortunately, my little one has encroaching addiction I’m having to handle.

My friend, though, had the revelation a couple years ago that this writer had. She realized that the people on tv were having the life she dreamed of. She turned off the tv, but she kept her plan. She just watched a LOT LESS. And then she got to work living: she lost 40 pounds, took 60 points off her cholesterol score in 6 months, tackled her career and gained over 20,000 dollar/year increase in pay, became a YMCA fitness instructor on the side, in addition to her job, got a $6000 bonus for great work at her job, which she used to take her kid to Disney World. They are planning a trip to Machuu Piccu (spelling).

So, yes. I watched somebody do just what this writer suggests: take back MUCH of that time and go ahead and just tackle life!

This article is not crap. I watched somebody live the truths. She still likes her special shows, but she’s got a plan. The PLAN comes first, and she plans the tv into it.

Life for my friend is not what is left over after work and tv."

Well - WOW! I was rather in shock - I mean gee- have I really done all that? I was inspired just to read all that about myself! I wanted to hop up and turn off the TV. LOL. I did tell her she was exaggerating just a bit...
"It was just 30 pounds, not 40...
I got the better paying job bcuz ADS laid me off...
BUT - I did go back to school to get my Masters and I did that while at HNB.
Machu Pichu is in the 10 year plan - 2010 will be hiking/camping/backpacking the Grand Canyon.
Mt. Kilmanjaro - 50th bday present from me to me!

Now - when I changed from the hotel biz to IT by going back to school I did more than double my income and that I did in the last 10 years - so not too far off.

I was inspired reading it myself! I read it to David and said "Yeah, that's all mostly true - sounds pretty good when you put it all down like that!""

She replied - and this is so neat of her to say this!
"LMAO! Well, the layoff thing was part of the OLD LIFE. It was an occurrence from the scar tissue and debris of old bad luck. The cleansing just came a bit late, but it was part of getting out of a trap. Dang, I sound supernaturalistic. But it was part of a web of a different time.

That's awesome! I feel like it was true and not exaggerated. JUST BECAUSE you can't pay for Machu Pichu in the next 3 years, and really, bringing a still SMALL UNAPPRECIATIVE being with you is not real, doesn't mean it is not already already part. of. your. life.

Machu Pichu is 10 years. But what is the difference between 10 years and 10 weeks and 10 days? It bore mentioning. You are planning it. Splitting hairs for those strangers would have taken all the energy --and therefore the TRUTH-- out of the story!"

Really made my day!

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    You've accomplished an awful lot. Be proud!! :)
    4412 days ago
  • SHAWNA76
    I so need to turn off my tv! We recently moved, however, and without my DVR and 200+ stations, I can say that I am watching a LOT less. And coincidentally (or is it?) I recently rededicated myself to getting in shape and started training for a half marathon. So even cutting down has helped.

    Congratulations on all your wonderful achievements! Consider me inspired!

    4412 days ago
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