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My 1000 day journey to better health

Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29 2009

I am day eight into my 1000 day journey which is what I have named my quest for better health. My last blog was focusing on the pain of my childhood and the many mistakes made by my parents due to ignorance and in some cases I believe mental problems of their own. The healing is happening and my quest has begun and this blog will focus on the obstacles and hurdles between here and the finish line and the victories and success along the way.
I am taking this ferny one step at a time and my prayer each day is for the Lord to help me choose the right foods for the right reason. I will draw my support from the Lord above and through his love and guidance I will draw my strength each day. My hope and biggest prayer is that others may follow my story and realize this is something we can do, but from the start I will say without a doubt the real healing must come from within. I have had to turn loose of a lot of pain and forgive many people including myself as I turned loose of the past and focus on the present. We also have to see ourselves for who we are and not what we see in the mirror which was for me one of the hardest parts of the journey. I will be posting as regular as possible on this blog as the journey continues and share my story as I go. I am closing for now as I prepare to go to my online classes and work to finish my required assignments. Febuary the 9th is my graduation date and will mark the end of a journey that began over 4 years ago to recieve my bachalors degree so that is another major success as part of my story to inspire others and let people know we can do things and accomplish great things if we believe and work hard enough to make them happen. My suggestion is to get the Lord in your heart and keep him close. Learn from the past and focus on the present and set a goal for the future and work hard each day focusing on what it takes to reach that goal. I am praying for us all daily and I ask anyone that reads this blog to pray a simple prayer for me that I will follow the Lords guidance and eat the right foods for the right reasons.
Well yesterday was day 10 of my 1000 day journey to better health through faith. This meant 1% of my goal was accomplished but wow what a 10 days it has been. yesterday was also my weigh in day for the week and my first one since being on my journey for an entire week. My weight was 738 pounds with a 13 pound drop and the exciting thing is I know in my heart this is only the beginning of a major life change and mirarcle that is going to touch many and help a lot of people because truly I can't do this alone but through Christ all is possible. When this journey is completed the fact that it can be done by anyone no matter what the history is going to be proved. I can and I will do this through faith and keeping my focus on the Lord drawing my strength and guidance from him each day and giving him all the praise and all the glory.

2-3-09 Well its day 13 of this journey and yesterday evening I truly hit a milestone. I sent half my dinner back to the kitchen having it for lunch today. I ate slow and really realized when I was full and needed to stop. My entire life has been shaped around my childhood and many of nights we were whipped for leaving food on the plate. Me being the oldest and feeling that need to protect my sibblings from harm when given a chance I would help them by eating what ever they had left when they got full. So much of who we are is from what was ingraved in us as children and for me to break through and actually send a plate back to the kitchen with food on it was a major accomplishment. As I think about the fact that there is 987 days to go in this journey to better health through faith I find myself anxtious with anticiapation of what lies ahead as I go thorugh each day.

Feb 9th 2009
Well it is day 19 of the journey to better health through faith. Saturday was weigh day and I lost four pounds which was great. Today also wrapped up over four years of collage courses as I worked to recieve my bachlors degree in human services. I am celebrating tonight with a nice grilled steak, fresh brocolli, a baked potato and garlic bread made with whole wheat read. We will splurge with a glass of sparking cider which was a graduation gift from a dear friend that God has blessed us with in our lives though this journey. There are tempations along the way but just taking a minute to thank about the question is it healthy and am I eating for the right reason really can make a difference.

Feburary 17,2009
The journey continues slowly but surly with a one pound loss on the scales Saturday for a total of 21 pounds off so far. Today is day 27 of the journey and just as prediced some amazing things are happening. I picked up the phone Sunday when it rang and low and behold on the other end of the line was Richard Simmons himself. I couldnt believe it and almost fainted before catching myself. He talked a little while loved my plan and is supposed to send me some information and a video of exercise to do sitting down. He also wanted me to stay in touch wih him letting him know what is going on from time to time. Well the fact is I am taking it one day at a time and trusting above for help with strenth and guidance. I will admit this much its not all roses as I am still having many days I have to struggle to believe I am worth fighting for and find ways or reasons to love myself. So many times I look in a mirror or sit and thank about myself and all I see is the fat as most do that see me and it disgusts me just as it does them. I know though when i make myself look past it I am so much more and can bea productive member of society and can help so many others if I just defeat this prison of fat that is holding my captive. OH one day at a time and we shall overcome.
Febuary 21, 2009
Well its been a very blessed day as we go through day 31 of the journey and today is also weigh day. While this journey is about so much more than the scales it was still nice to see a great drop this week of 14 pounds. This add up to 35 pounds in 31 days with a weigh in of 719 this morning and I do give God all the praise and the Glory for this great blessing as the journey of faith to become healthier continues. I also recieved my dvd from Richard Simmons and it is awesome for people with exercising challanges and I highly reccomend it to anyone needing a good work out but not able to stand and do the work. The name is sit tight and it is an awesome exercise video. Well thats about all the updates I have for now but I do ask for continued prayers that I will draw my strength and guidance from the Lord above and eat the right foods for the right reasons.
Its been a while since I have added anything about my journey so as I work through day 52 I decided to come in and post a few comments about the journey and the brick wall I seem to have hit with the scales. My weight is at 715 where it has been stuck for the last 2 weeks. During this time I have continued to eat healthy foods and for the right reasons but the scales are not being nice at all and if I focus on it I get depressed quickly. My solution of course is to not focus on it. I have said from the start that this is not about the weight or the numbers on the scale and what better way to prove that than by staying strong and keeping the faith. I am trustng in the Lord above knowing that he will provide the strength and guidance I need to make it through this journey and be blessed beyond my imaganiation as the journey continues.
The fact is I have spent my entire life not loving or caring for myself and while my story may be bad others are worst and everyone has a story of some kind. this journey is about becoming healthy on all levels including spiritual, emotional, mental and physical and God will provide everything needed and the scales will move when the timeing is right. I know a lot of the problem is fluid retention both from the congestive heart failure and from the kidneys that are trying to fail but I also know the Lord I serve can turn both these situations into postive blessings. MY biggest prayer is that somehow I can inspire and help others to turn it around and give it to the Lord and love themselves as needed and stop the abuse of food before it becomes so deadly as it has for me. I also ask all that read this blog to please keep the prayers going up for me as I fight to eat the right foods for the right reasons and to be faithful to my Lord and there for others that may need help along way as we all make our personal journeys though life.
Well the journey continues and this past Saturday the weigh in was 711 pounds which is only 4 pounds. This is all I have lost in the last five weeks but i have stayed on course with the eating and am feeling much better and even got a very good report from the kidney doctors when i went last Monday. I am feeling better and know positive things are happening and that this journey is about much more than the numbers on the scales but I have written a few dieticians and asked them to look things over and see if changes are needed because I need to get the numbers moving down on the scales again.
I am continuing to make my main focus building my faith as I work to become healthier in all areas of my life including mental, spiritual, emotional and physcial. I have been blessed more ways than I can count since starting this journey and I know the blessings will continue as the journey goes foreward. One of the biggest blessings I recieve is the emails and posts of support from other people telling me I am inspiring and helping them to find hope and believe they can do this as well. I do ask for continued prayers as always as I continue to look to the Lord for the strength and guidance needed to eat the right foods for the right reasons.
June 28, 2009
well it is day 158 of the journey and the blessings continue to overwheme me as the healing process continues. MY weight is now 667 pounds and I am now back in school in pursuit of my masters degree in Professional counseling. I am growing more and more on both a mental and spiritual level and the pains of the past are less bothersome than ever before as I continue to Love that kid inside that cried out for so long wanting to have the love, attention and acceptance that hid from him for so long. I have finally received my power chair which is going to open the world up to me even more. Me and my bride also went on our first vacation in 20 years and stayed 3 nights in a very nice lodge at a state park not far from where we live and had a wonderful time. It is hard to believe I am only about a month away from being a fifth of the way through this 1000 day journey to better health through faith and the b lessings have just been so many and so amazing as has been the support. I ask for continued prayers as the journey continues because without doubt prayers are the fuel that moves this journey forward each day.
I am also starting to make plans to put my life on pages in the form of a book promoting the power of faith and what the Lord can do when we put it in his hands and follow him. I have lost a total of 311 so far counting from my heaviest which was 978 so the Lord is working and the journey continues.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am sending HUGE hugs to you! You are totally an inspiration!! You have the power of God and you are using it. Keep on keeping on. Looks like youve got lotsa babies to live for!!!
    3898 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your story. Your day-by-day approach is whate each and everyone of us need to do in order to change our lives. Thanks for the reminder. I know this blog post is old - I hope you are still doing well!
    3978 days ago
    My friend Fairytern passed this page on to me and as I sit here, tears in my eyes, I am truly thankful that you have shared your story with us.

    Yours is an incredible journey so far, and it puts things into perspective for me. You're right, everyone has a story... yours is awe inspiring.

    Continued strength and courage to you my friend.

    Be well and blessed be.

    4122 days ago
    Many blessings heading your way Rick...you surely are an insoiration and I look forward to reading you more and cheering you on...perhaps you can sprinkle some of your faerie dust on me emoticon

    4122 days ago
    What a wonderful heart felt blog. I am so happy to be able to witness your journey from the dark to the light both spirtually and mentally! Great job!!
    4122 days ago
    hey rick!

    Just stopping by again to say hi and see how you're doing.....i know you're busy with school and im sure you're doing fabulous with that! I'm so happy for you that you're on this journey to finding you, healthier and whole!

    keep on with the great work!

    Stephanie emoticon
    4187 days ago
    Fantastic Journey Rick! Kick Butt!
    4190 days ago
    Your story of faith and perserverance inspires me. You are a Super Man! I will keep you in prayer as you continue your journey to wellness. I love that you are holding the Savior's Hand!
    4199 days ago
    Hey rick!

    just stopping in to say hello again! You're doing fabulous on your journey and continue to be an inspiration to me as well as so many others!

    Sunday's sermon has continually been on my heart. And God purposed to prove His love to me this week! If you care to read my blog, 'That Bird Flew', I would hope it could bless you as much as God blessed me with the experience.

    Anyway, The scripture from Sunday that has just stuck with me is Ephesians 3:17-19

    All about Gods profound Love for us!

    Continue with this journey. I'm finding it is so worth it!

    4201 days ago
    May God continue to bless you and keep you in His hand. You are doing an amazing job and your story is a true inspiration to us all. You will remain in my thoughts and prays as you continue in your journey.
    4213 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/20/2009 10:23:55 PM
    U are being saturated in prayer! support! and cheer!
    4217 days ago
    Rick, you are a ROCKSTAR and a WINNER!

    Keep taking those steps forward to a new YOU, because you are so worth it and God is brewing something AWESOME in you, I can tell.

    Don't you dare quit because I think you KICKASS!

    4223 days ago
    Wow..what a testimony you are! I will pray for you daily and ask that you do the same for me! Phillipians 4:13..
    4225 days ago
    Rick emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I am so happy for you! And am so thankful for you! it is just like our God to give us the guidance, support and inspiration we need along the way in this journey called life! i pray for you daily and will continue. Thanks for keeping us all posted on how you're doing. You give us all confidence and inspiration that we can do this to!

    Happy Friday!

    4234 days ago
    you are truly an inspiration Rick, Thank you for your blogs and showing me it can be done, I guess way back in my mind I dont see myself losing it, but you have changed that for me, thank you. I will keep you in my prayers and please keep up the good work and the great blogging cause you give me hope thanks again, Shelia
    4240 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4773847
    Congratulations!! On your wonderful progress. Just keep the faith and you will go far!! emoticon
    4258 days ago
  • JAGUAR849
    You are a great example of what setting a goal and sticking to your guns can accomplish. Just remember "one day at a time". I so often get overwhelmed and even discouraged at the big picture and slow progress of day to day weight loss (which has caused me to give up on my goals more times than I want to admit). Now my goal is not centered around weight loss it is centered around health (the weight loss should come along on its own). Hang in there and know that you are a great inspiration to others! emoticon
    4259 days ago
  • no profile photo ELISSA7777
    God Bless you. What an accomplishment. Keep looking up and forward. You have already made a miracle. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and continue to follow your journey. emoticon
    4261 days ago
  • no profile photo LOSINTHEFAT2008
    4268 days ago
  • LFD4539
    Keep up the great work Big Guy! Still in my prayers & I see that your scale has started moving again! Keep moving forward & god bless! emoticon
    4362 days ago
    Keep up the great work! emoticon
    4370 days ago
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The fact that you are going through this journey with the Lord leading is a testimony for the purpose he has for you. I pray for strength, wisdom, and continued healing as you progress on your 1000 day jouney- You can do it with the Lord leading.
    God Bless
    Also congrats on your bachelors emoticon
    4387 days ago
    Great progress! Keep the Faith!! My grandfather had a saying above his desk for many years, it states " I KNOW I AM SOMEBODY, CAUSE GOD DON'T MAKE NO JUNK!!" It is horrible on the English language but a TRUE fact!! There are NO accidents...everything happens for a reason!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! We must stick together. Support helps the progress! CONGRATS ON THE DEGREE!!!
    4389 days ago
  • no profile photo CD616459
    Good job on your loss so far. Wow hearing from Richard Simmons I admire the work he does helping the obese. I look forward to hearing more good progress reports from you. emoticon
    4393 days ago
    HI, congratulations on your loss so far!!! what is your degree in? that's a big accomplishment in its self! way to go!!!! emoticon
    4407 days ago

    I am new to SparkPeople and part of the Orthodox Christian Transformations group. I just read your post from yesterday. Congratulations on sending your dinner back and saving it for the next day! Just a few changed behaviors at a time will make a difference. I pray our wonderful God, Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal will walk with you every step of the way through this journey.

    Olgamay emoticon
    4410 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4166888
    Richard, how are you? Congrats on the 13 lb. weight loss and your upcoming graduation on the 9th. 2 great accomplishments and yet more to come from you and we all can't wait. You know there was this kid, Teddy Ebersol (NBC's Dick Ebersol and Susan Saint James' son who was killed a few years ago in a horrific plane crash) that said "The Finish Line Is Only The Beginning Of A Whole New Race." What great things you will have to share with so many as you cross the finish line of this journey and begin a whole other journey.

    I wish you continued success as you progress on your journey to wellness and better health.

    God Bless - Tony emoticon
    4413 days ago
    Your bachelors degree what a great accomplishment.

    WTG I look forward to reading your coming blogs.

    Honeycomb emoticon
    4416 days ago
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