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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I have 22 more sunny fun filled days left in AZ! I love the sunshine.

I hope to keep up decent exercise and eating habits until I leave. I'm so busy with BLC9 and with my BFF that I don't find ANY 'me' time! It stresses me out. I stress I eat. I had a day like that yesterday and wished I could take it all back! But I know that's not possible. So today I am officially going to take two hours of me time. I have no 'alone' time..maybe that's what I need. I'm never..OK..twice for an hour..alone.. by myself..like I WAS at home. Now I'll go home to Mr J living with me yet again. I don't know if I should cry or what?

I just wrote a long paragraph and deleted it..on purpose! It was soooo negative..guess I need some ALONE time..I miss that.. time to regroup!

I'm not sure what this blog is about other than me me me..ha!! I can't wait to be me again! 22 days and counting!

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