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Little Bitch Session

Friday, February 06, 2009

Just a little bitch session - but seriously, sometimes I wonder if David (my boyfriend) really understands me or pays attention to me. He does very nice things, don't get me wrong, and he's very helpful and loving but I don't know if he really "gets" me... or if I just have to keep beating him over the head with things until he does "get" it.

For example.... I had had some severe hip pain, felt like it was in the joint. It hurt to stand, to walk, I couldn't do exercises that required me to stand and put a lot of pressure on my left hip. I was thinking arthritis and that I was going to need to go to the dr' and all that. I was complaining about it on a daily basis. Then it went away and I didn't comment on the pain going away, I just didn't comment on the pain at all any more. David never asked about my hip, didn't ask if it bothered me still, how way my pain, etc. So, I read an article and it says that the kind of pain I had been experiencing wasn't arthritis and probably was bursitis so I forwarded that to David. As you can see he says "Hopefully it is just temporary for you..." Well, DUH! Of course it is temporary - I haven't had any! I even used the past tense for the initial email... "...what I had in my hip(s)..."

Now, he did another thing today too. I had mentioned that my belt was on it's last loop - the tightest it can get. Because it was a text I didn't want to type it all out that it was the last notch as you tighten it. So, David, knowing I have lost 7 pounds and very good with my diet and exercise asks if it's a good or a bad thing.... like why would my pants be getting tighter, belts getting too small, if I'm losing weight???? That didn't make sense.

Then I had had a stupid conversation with Sean (a semi-friend) ast night. He called me to ask about stuff here at work and then he goes into talking trash about Obama because of the tax payment issues with his nominees. Sean says "You have 2 choices, Obama is a moron or Obama is a moron." I told him that none of the nominees have been found guilty of tax evasion and they are all paying their taxes and he goes on and on and I said - "OK, I've got to go, bye" and hung up on him. OK, so that happened and it irritated me to no end and I texted David about it. Well, earlier that evening (and all day actually) I couldn't stop eating. I was just hungry all day. So I had some organic pizza for dinner then I ate a bunch of flan and then I ate a bunch of cookies from Trader Joes. It was after all that that the call from Sean ticked me off. But stuff like Sean ticking me off doesn't cause me to go on a binge. If people ticking me off caused me to binge I'd be 300 pounds by now. I have never binged because someone ticks me off. I binge because I binge....I'm too low on calories for too many days, or it's PMS, but not because I'm ticked. Well, David asks "Did you eat after Sean's call?" - and I'm thinking - you just really don't "know" me do you? Being friends for 10 years and dating for over a year and a half and he doesn't get me....

At least that's what I'm feeling today...
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    hello and a just like to add to the little bitch session.. I have a wonderful wife that will do anything for me and she loves to cook and takes care of me. I love her very much but when it comes to her health, exercising she always finds an excuse to not do it. We use to go to the gym and she after a year there she complained that we took to long to do our routine and she needed to get home , then last year she had acid reflux and she had a heart scan and they just told her to take the purple pill and it would solve the issue. Well it did but now she stop taking it and she has be diagnosed with bad lympnods and we can never go out for very long she gets tired and she wants to come back home and sleep. She is 5'6 and weighs about 200 lbs and i try to get her to exercise and she did finally went and had her ears stapled and she did start to loss weight about 17 lbs but the she crashed the diet and went back to eating junk and drinking pop again. I am at my witts end with her being overweight. I asked her if she was going to have the staples taken out and she said that she was to embarrassed to go back to the place she didn't achieve the program. She said that it didn't make a difference because she said i would find something wrong with her.. I don't know why she said that to me because i have always tried to support her and trying to keep her healthy and i told her she must not care that her weight is cause her health problems and need to be serious and take care of herself for her and us ..
    4402 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Hmmm.. A red flag came up immediately when you said he doesn't know me..
    Every time, his response was a question,, and never a positive one...
    insinuations of something negative, like he did not know WHAT to answer you!! It sounds like he does not have very good communication skills, so tries to answer in a generic way: not offensive really,,,
    Something I learned long ago from my Grandma: Some people hear and some people LISTEN! The sentences you spoke, could be read between the lines each time,, I READ BETWEEN THEM IN TEXT!
    Seems like he was speed reading or speed listening.. hearing , but not really listening to your words and meaning. Maybe this is a person that you need to be more BLUNT with,,
    i.e. " I have toned up so well that I can hook my belt loop on the last notch!"

    There is a definite communication problem in this relationship,, some people only "SKIM" listen or read..
    could this be it??

    4403 days ago
    I enjoyed your blog entry. My then boyfriend (now husband) was alot like how you described here. I chalked it off to a "guy thing" and enjoyed his other attributes. I did love him. After we were married his life got into a tail spin for reasons I am skipping here but it caused him to seek out a counselor who plugged him into himself. You would not believe the difference it made in our relationship. It ended 90% of any explaining I was doing before then. It may or may not be a "guy thing" to be so disconnected (from self and others) but he likes it better now. Just some food for thought meant to be useful.
    4403 days ago
    Red Wine at times - that seems to help and it's good for you. Or MGD 64. Just 64 little calories and you "think" you are drinking a beer :)
    4403 days ago
  • BRUIN2

    Men. They'll drive you to drink (water hopefully!).

    Sorry about all of that. Hopefully this weekend rocks to make up for those conversations!
    4403 days ago
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