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Cheat Days

Sunday, February 08, 2009

In the end of January/beginning of February I read a couple of articles from Lifescript that I want to share. I think it's very interesting, especially about the leptin receptors and how they need to be reset. Needless to say I've done this a couple times this week but not intentionally! I'm trying this for now so I'll report back and let everyone know if it helps with my weightloss or not.

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From me:
Let's look at the "Cheat Day" as a day that you eat in what would be your maintenance range - so if your regular range is 1200-1550 and you can maintain at 1800 then eat 1800. By no means is anyone suggesting that you eat 5000 calories in one day - that would undo absolutely everything you've worked so hard to accomplish during the week. But one day of not being in a calorie deficit, by just maintaining, it helps the body so that the rest of the week you are able to better lose the weight.
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It’s important that you take a day off each week from your diet to completely enjoy any and all of the “non-diet” food you’ve been craving. Many people mistake this recommendation for an excuse to go out, party and drink up a storm. Now, the first two are all fine by me, but when it comes to mixing alcohol in with your “cheat day,” a drink or two is the limit. The reasoning is simple: Strategic dietary cheating works because it causes the anti-starvation hormone leptin to rise back to normal levels each week so we can continue to burn fat and avoid plateaus. Unfortunately, alcohol has been shown to have a profound impact on leptin, but not in a positive way. That’s right, heavy alcohol intake sends leptin plummeting very quickly.
So next time you go to enjoy a day “off” from your diet, keep the alcohol intake minimal and enjoy the heightened metabolism!

To your fat-loss success,
Joel Marion
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Here's another article by the same expert...

Many people are embracing “cheat meals” instead of “cheat days” as a way to save calories when they indulge. Single-meal-cheaters think they are doing their body a favor by only indulging in one calorie-filled meal in a cheat day, but this type of cheating isn’t sufficient when it comes to weight loss. Research has repeatedly shown that it takes anywhere from 8-12 hours of increased calories for the anti-starvation hormone leptin to respond adequately. A single cheat meal simply won’t get it done. So next time you are thinking about having just one cheat meal, or perhaps even skipping your cheat day altogether, remember today’s tip. Yes, it takes a leap of faith, but when you see your measurements continue to drop week after week, you’ll never trade in your full day of dietary cheating again.

To your fat-loss success,
Joel Marion
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Good stuff huh?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KLH456
    Glad to read this since I tend to do this anyway. Usually either Saturday or Sunday. It does seem to work. Thanks for the articles.
    4402 days ago
  • RAMONA62
    I am a firm believer in cheat days...I allow myself one day a week and it is usually date night with my child. I eat whatever I want but in saying this, I do not eat junk. I might eat a burger with a salad.
    4403 days ago
    I'd never heard about that link with leptin before, but I also like that this gives you practice with avoiding the "all or nothing" attitude that is so hard for me........
    4403 days ago
    Awesome! I was cheating one day On the weekend and still losing so, I was doing the right thing, glad to know there was an article out there to tell me, IT IS OK!! Great find. Thanks for posting. emoticon
    4403 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    Thanks for posting! I had a sort of "off" day yesterday - not crazy bad, but off from my usual "healthy" eating and I was feeling sort of unhappy about it. But since I didn't go crazy, maybe it was actually good for me. Trying to stick to reasonable portions of my "non healthy diet" food is a real challenge for me. Great post!
    4403 days ago
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