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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hi Spark Friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. So my last weigh in was a 2 pound loss. I was happy to see that because I was moving kinda slow recently with a half pound here and there. I was sick so I am thinking it helped with the 2 pound loss. (Not a recommended way to lose by the way!) So I have been wondering if any of you notice and think any of the things I have been now thinking since beginning a healthier lifestyle? One is I have noticed more overweight people then I had ever noticed before. I think it is like being pregnant. When you are pregnant you notice so many more pregnant people. The funny thing is when I was at my beginning heaviest weight, I did not notice as many overweight people as I do now. So it differs from being pregnant or a new mom seeing other new moms or having a dog and seeing all the other dog owners . I think it is because when we are so unhappy and uncomfortable with our weight we feel like we are the only ones that have let themselves go so badly. We feel alone. So we don't notice others in that same situation. We are so busy trying to cover our shame and guilt that we don't see past ourselves. Also when we are feeling our worst we don't notice or even think about our poor eating habits. We feel like if we don't acknowledge them we don't have to change them. Once we start making some progress into our healthier lifestyle we (at least I do anyway), seem to notice not only my own food choices but the choices others around me make. I seem to notice more then I ever did what others are eating in a restaurant or at a dinner with others etc. For me I think it is because I am so focused on making healthier choices and am always looking for more healthy options that I notice everyone's food choices. If someone happens to make poor choices and I see that, I have the feelings of how bad I used to feel at my heaviest come flooding back to me. It is as if I was at square one all over again. The upside to this is it is a definite motivator to continue making healthy options for myself. So, I am wondering if anyone else has had any of these or other new revelations since beginning your lifestyle changes? In my head I want to go tell the people I see making poor choices how badly they will feel when they eat it or how long it takes to work it off. Of course I wouldn't really do it. I just don't want to have anyone go through all the poor eating habits and all the weight gain and then a lot less self esteem later and much heavier and unhealthier down the road, they finally see what results those bad choices they make now have caused them. Having lived it first hand it is not something I want to see anyone go through. So let's all continue this healthy journey together moving in the direction of our goals. If and when we ever have the desire to make a bad choice just remember how bad that choice will feel to us if we were to follow through. Together we will reach our goals! A little something to think about is that.......

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

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    Woot! 2 pounds! emoticon
    4360 days ago
    I myself noticed many people and their poor unhealthy habits when I was really losing the weight, I just wanted to go to them and explain to them that they would probably be sorry later, but I didn't. Once you start working on your own health, weight loss, and self esteem, I guess you wat others to feel as good as you do, That is not a bad thing, but I guess when one starts this new journey they have to be ready for it themselves.

    4360 days ago
    Well done on the 2lbs!!!! And get better soon. emoticon

    4360 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    When thin is earned the proper way.

    I hope you are feeling better really soon.
    4360 days ago
    Congrats on the 2 lbs! That's great!

    I don't think I stopped to think about it... how many more over-weight people there suddenly seems to be.... but you're right. Now that you mention it I do see it more often. I did notice though how hard it is not to want to take bad stuff away from those I love when I see them eating it. LOL I just wanna reach out and take it right out of their hands! I try sometimes to tell them that's not a good choice, or simply just talk about healthy life in general. They all say the same thing which goes something like this "of course, healthy eating is common sense." but it can't be because if it were common sense than they wouldn't be making bad choices.

    The best way to teach others I think is just to be an example that they're gonna want to follow.
    4360 days ago
    I know what you mean. I am more aware of what I eat and what others eat. It's hard not to compare sometimes. Having others in your corner and understanding what you are going through means so much.

    emoticon on your 2 POUND LOSS!! emoticon emoticon
    4360 days ago
    Hey there, Done Girl! :) Thanks for a very thoughtful blog entry! And hearty emoticon on that nice, 2-lb. loss! I tend to look for other overweight people because they're my fellow travellers, my "peeps," if you will :) It always seems to me that they tend to be kinder and more compassionate than many people of normal weight...although I know that's somewhat of a bias on my part. Yet that's been my experience... All the same, life is getting tougher on those of us carrying extra weight, so the pressure's on...and I'm in this game to win. So count me in...and thanks for your wonderful thoughts! - Sara emoticon
    4360 days ago
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