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Love affair with sweet corn syrup!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've seen the commercials, "it's the same as sugar...!" Well, I don't do sugar either! I've broken up with my sweet tooth and not because I am afraid of genetically modified foods, or processed, chemically altered ingredients. They didn't stalk me or abuse me in any way! Sweet little innocent HFCS is not the reason I am 300 + pounds and a diabetic. I won't be taking the food industry to court anytime soon, sorry lawyers. My divorce is amicable for my part; we just were bad for each other. It was sure fun while it lasted! You could say we were childhood sweethearts! I used to sneak into my Mamas Kitchen and drink the stuff, straight from the bottle. But I also used to eat whole cans of concentrated fruit juice too! No I wasn't fickle, any super sweet would do, especially mixed with fat. Have you ever had honey and butter together? Sweet decadent delight! So natural it is processed by bee's and milk maids. Problem was I would get a taste of one of these sweets and become the nympho of foods. Bread with corn syrup soon made its way to the hoard under my bed, along with the wrappers of my and my brothers Halloween, Christmas and Easter candy. My folks locked up both fridge and freezer because nothing was safe once I got started on a binge. An that my friend was the problem with my relationship with sweets, I just couldn't stop. I don't have such a problem with Splenda, and it's rep with the food police is even worse than HFCS. Aspartame or Nutrasweet triggers binges with the same reliability as good old Karo, with migraine to boot. Do I care what the manufactures research shows? NO, my own research has shown me with clear correlation, HFCS equals binge, final conclusion . I hope to God never to test the high sweet sticky waters of Karo again, or I might not survive to tell the tale of sweet love lost.
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    I also avoid sugar and HFCS. I avoid it because of the diabetes history in my family. Not to mention the bad effects that sugar (all refined sugar) has on the body. Sugar creates inflamation in the body. A lot of health issues are directly related to sugar induced inflamation. So...I don't need to make matters worse by eating refined sugar. i don't have it in my home. Keep strong. Best of luck.

    I wish you success.
    4325 days ago
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