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Turning to your Spark Friends is The Answer! Food is NOT!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi Spark friends,

I want to begin my blog by extending my heartfelt thanks to all of you who took the time to extend your support, encouragement, love and wonderful advice to me when I was struggling last week. I am so thankful for all of the spark friends here and can honestly say that you have all helped me make such positives changes in my life. It is a wonderful feeling to know I have a place to turn and wonderful people who understand from their own experiences and have such caring natures will be there to reach out. When I read all the support from all of you it really did help and I want you all to know every word written to me was a huge help to me. As a result, I am doing much better and feel back in control. I had my weigh in today and lost 1 pound this week. I am now down 47 pounds and 10 pounds away from my goal. This is still so surreal to me! I could not have lost an ounce without the support of the people on this site. I am so very grateful for and to all of you here. I have been exercising a little more lately to help with my "change" symptoms and it has helped some. It can't hurt right! Anyway, as I was on the stair stepper yesterday I am listening to my ipod and looking around and thinking wow, I wonder if there are any sparkers in here. I think when I meet someone now hmmmm do they spark? I find myself thinking of conversations I have had here and things I have learned here all the time. I am so excited to have found all this amazing help on this journey that I want everyone to know about this site. I am so thrilled to be able to share the information about this site to people. Every opportunity I have I share this information with others. I read a spark friends blog today and she said it best. This spark people site has opened the world up to us all. She pointed out that she had heard about the fires in Australia and thought well that is on the other side of the world so it doesn't affect me. But then she was talking to a spark friend who was talking about those fires being only 7 miles from her back door. This sparker was in Australia. Then of courses it opened up a world of concern for the spark friend hearing this now knowing she did know someone on the other side of the world. Her point was that this site has brought so many people from every corner of the world and from every walk of life together right here. We have all formed a strong connection based on having things in common, sharing experiences, needs, hopes, dreams, and so many other things. It is an amazing feeling to know that if I am struggling or want to share a success or need advice, or help or simply want to chat, I can come here and so many wonderful people are waiting to help each other. It has opened up an entire new AMAZING world for so many of us. I for one am very grateful. I just want to say that if ever you are struggling or need to talk something out or simply need someone to be there for you, whatever your need or concern or worry is, please come to this site and blog about it, or huddle about it, or write on someone's page about it, just let your spark friends know you need something and they will be there to support you. It really does help so much to get it out there. Overeating is NOT the answer. Food is not the answer! Turning to your spark friend IS the right answer! It will get you through your difficult times. Again, THANK YOU ALL so very much for being such WONDERFUL spark friends.

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