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Wow, its been a long time

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ok, yea....I got into a huge slump. One so big I just gave up really caring about any of it. This began, gosh I dont know, several months ago. I feel like I dont do anything except work, eat, sleep and work again. And Im not getting much sleep.

So here I am and Krissy decides she wants to join a gym, yes, it was MY suggestion, and so the only time we can go is Mon, Wed and Fri....and that involves getting up at 6:30 AM. Considering I work until usually 3 AM this means even less sleep for me....so anyways she says she wants to pay for me to have a membership....and i gotta tell you I was NOT leaping for joy about going into a gym where Barbie and every body builder in town goes and be stared at...nor was I excited to try to get on the equipment only to find Im to darned fat....

so anyways...we go....they give us a 2 week trial (free) and Im absolutely shocked to see that Krissy is really gung ho about it. I mean this is the woman that doesnt want to get up for CHRISTMAS, lol. So I go to my Dr and he hems and haws and says that he wants me to wait, something about the meds, anyways, I think he just wanted to milk money from me.

So anyways, Im told "no" and I still have to get up 3 mornings a week and drag my butt to the gym and watch Krissy....the thing is, the more I went, the more I wanted to use the gym, then I began to see changes in Krissy....BIG ones and i REALLY wanted to use the gym. SO I called my Dr and told them Id sign a release....so long story short...the Doc signed the waiver to allow me to use the gym.

That was 2 weeks ago this coming Wednesday....

Day 1)Wednesday - I did 5 min on the treadmill after finding out I dont have the leg strength to lift my leg over the recumbant bike......I HATE walking, if I liked walking I wouldnt be FAT.....grump grumble....grumble

Day 2)Friday- Have to go get my son, long drive, dont WANNA work out, but I do SIX minutes today and they add 3 of the strength machines, leg press, leg curl....and one other one, leg extention I THINK....and I could only do THREE reps....::sigh:: this is going to take forever....

Day 3) Monday- I do TEN minutes on the treadmill today! Woooooo! and I did TWELVE reps of my 3 machines! Go me!!

Day 4) Wednesday- I did ELEVEN minutes today......was talking to my "neighbor" (on the next treadmill) and lost track of time LOL. I did 15 reps and upped some of the weight on one of them... Woooooo!

Day 5) Friday- Ive been told to only weight once every 3 weeks, first think on Mondays, becz muscles retain water for up to 48 hours after a workout....also got a new diet plan....Added some upper body machines today and I did TWELVE minutes on the treadmill!!! The last two I upped my speed from 1.1 mph to 2 mph....then got off (no cool down) and daaaaang, I thought I was gonna pass out! I got scolded lol and told I MUST do a cool down.....who new.....now me...not like Ive taken care of me very often...

So anyways....on both fridays I got a protien smoothie...the first friday I was headed out to get my son and didnt want to give in the the call of McDonalds lol, I got the Almond joy one....and YUCK!....so this last Friday I got the tropical paradice one with a fat burner added and YUMMO! Oh my that was GOOD.

Sooooo....Im not really noticing anything, no real changes yet, but its only been a short time...I want to see changes, god I better see changes LOL...anyways, Im proud, I only gripe and complain a LITTLE bit about getting up....Im still working the hard long hours, so Im usually ready for a nap on Mon, Wed and Fri....and usually I take a short nap lol. Hey...whatever it takes tokeep going, you know?

So thats the readers digest condenced version for you......

I will try to keep updates more often lol
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    hey, consistency is the key to success, so you're already getting back into the groove. more power to you! we're behind you all the way! hang in there! yours in sisterhood, nancy

    4342 days ago
  • -AMANDA79-
    Good work!! Before you know it, your going to be walking all over town!
    4342 days ago
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