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The change of a Symbol and what it means

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hi Spark Friends!
Just checking in with everyone. I am happy to report a two pound loss this past week. My goal is 7 pounds away! Wow it feels so awesome to say 7 pounds away! I used to say I was 57 pounds away from my goal but 7 pounds away, WOW! That means I have now shed 50 pounds! OMG 50 pounds! Me, I lost 50 pounds! According to my SP schedule I was supposed to reach my goal by March 15th. Well, that won't happen. But, that is okay because it will happen just not on that date. This means I got to change my 40 pound profile image to the 50 pound one! emoticon Yep, it is the little things that mean a lot. LOL Actually that symbols shows a lot of determination, willpower and dedication. All the things I am using to get to my goal. It is a symbol of accomplishment and pride. When I first began here on SP I saw these 20, 30, 40, 50lb and even higher weight loss symbols and thought wow I will never be able to reach that number! But I wanted to be able to display those symbols so much for myself! It was all so intimidating to me to think I could actually do this. I mean these Spark People clearly had some secrets that I didn't have. Okay, I will look around here spend a little time and most likely not get motivated or become uninterested as I have no many times before. Who would have ever thought I would be displaying a 50lb loss symbol! I mean it's ME! Everyone can do this but not ME! That was my thinking almost 7 months ago. Now I AM A BELIEVER! A believer that I CAN do anything I set my mind to.That we can make changes in our lives if we REALLY want it! That I can make it happen! I believe that if I am truly committed to making changes that I can make those changes. I now believe that I was not as committed, determined or serious enough to make the changes I needed to make in the past, because if I truly was, I would have made them. Believe me Spark Friends, if I can lose this weight, YOU can lose the weight! The beautiful thing about Spark People is that we do not have to do it alone. We have friends that are going through the same struggles, have the same concerns, the same issues, have the same questions, the same temptations, the same weak moments, the same situations. etc. These are our Spark Friends. This wonderful community of people are all on the same mission. The mission to get healthy. To lead a healthier lifestyle, to look our best, feel our best, to be the best we can be! Together we are all doing this! Having this wonderful support from so many caring people who know what it is to make these changes makes all the difference in the world. For those of you just starting out, for those of you struggling or having second thoughts about your ability to make this journey, I say hang in there friends! Hang in there because this is the place that will help you succeed with your goals. You CAN and WILL reach your goals if you just keep moving forward in this journey. Lean on people here, ask people here, (there is support, encouragement, tips, articles, the occasional kick in the butt if needed ). It is all here. Everything and anything you need to make this happen for yourself is right here. If I can do it, YOU CAN certainly DO IT! So please DO NOT give up! Keep pushing yourself forward and toward your goals. Lets reach those finish lines TOGETHER!

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