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i've never been this low

Monday, March 23, 2009

this morning was monumental for me - at 143.8, i went below my previous all-time low weight in, i think, about 10-15 years. i've backed off a little on the insane exercising - i'm going for about 1 to 1-1/2 hours, four to five times a week. i did 'cheat' a little and went for a walk/run yesterday on my exercise day off, but it was a good thing.

since we had another beautiful day yesterday, Kristen (my 16 y.o. DD) said that she would go for a walk/run with me again. we mapped out our route and went to it. originally, we were planning on going 3-1/4 miles, but Kristen was having some 'issues' and we needed to head back a little earlier, but we did get in just over 2 miles in 29 minutes. not too bad. the awesome thing is that we would walk at a pretty brisk pace and would periodically run to a given landmark. we did this the other day without severe consequences, so we 'upped' it today and ended up running about 1/4 of the way. my right knee is feeling it a little this morning, but nothing too bad. i don't have illusions of doing marathons or anything, but it's a nice alternative when i want something different. besides, the 'marathons' that i do are typically on my bike....can't wait to get on my bike again this year!

anyway, my walking/running adventure has brought these realizations:

i have a very small stride - kristen is only 3" taller than me, but goes much father at the same pace. she teases me relentlessly, by i love her anyway!

i REALLY need to wear a sports bra if i decide to try jogging / running again - my regular bras REALLY don't do a good enough job!! the 'girls' weren't happy.

i can see where the addition of 40 pounds would make it nearly impossible for me to run. i still feel 'jiggly-spots' when i run, but it doesn't feel like a ton weight is on top of me

i'm still concerned for my joints, ankles especially, since they have a habit of turning over even when i'm just walking in flat shoes. i need to be really careful.

you can actually work up a sweat by just walking fast. i always see people walking around the neighborhood and think 'what good could that do' - but i definitely think that it's all in the pace that you keep. our walk yesterday only warranted 152 calories, but it was 152 more than i would have done otherwise. i'm just used to working off 800-1000 on the elliptical.

anyway, i think that's it for now - i have a bunch of things i need to take care of today. even though i'm not really working right now, i'm am really busy with things. it's good, i'm happy that i'm not sitting around being depressed about not having a job - i'll be going back at some time.
so, YAY! an all-time low and a 'new' exercise for me! i'm 14 lbs away from my original goal weight - i know that i can do it, just gotta keep workin' hard at it.

hope ya'll have a great week! if you're having nice, warm weather, i'll live vicariously thru you for now!!
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  • MONAKIN314
    4206 days ago
  • MATT177
    Great job Tammie! You have been a real inspiration for me on my journey. I have really been trying to keep track of my food because of your suggestion , but the weight still doesn't come off like I'd like. My pants are starting to feel a bit looser though so I'll keep on plugging away! emoticon Spring is here, yea!
    4214 days ago
    Since you started on your weight lose Journey, how has your diet changed? I weigh what you started off as ,and I need all the help I can get. I can't do a lot of exercise because I have a rare heart muscle disorder , so I need to start focusing more on changing how I eat.

    Your are doing emoticon
    4215 days ago
    WOW! Way to go, Tammie!!!!! You Rock!!!!
    4233 days ago
    You are making me tired, lol!! emoticon keep up the good work. btw, I plan on working out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so please check in on me :) I need it!
    4237 days ago
    Great job, Tammie! I wish I had your problem with your 'girls' but I do know what you mean about a regular bra just being plain uncomfortable. Question for you...Do you really burn that much (800-1000 cal) on an elliptical?! Or is that from one of your 2 hours workouts? I tried an elliptical once & it felt a little weird but if you can really get that much out of it, maybe I should rethink it!
    4238 days ago

    Great job, I completed two weeks, lost 4 lbs since starting sparks - hope I can be a success story just like you.

    I really hope you find a job - what a mess this country is in - so many struggling. Keep up the exercise - I know it alleviates stress for me - helps me to feel centered - all of sparks does.

    You inspire us all - keep up the good work!!!
    4238 days ago
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