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Listen Up Ladies! (ab tips)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now I am no Jillian Michaels, no personal trainer, no exercise guru or anything like that so be sure to take everything I say with a grain of salt. I am just going to speak from my personal experience since I get tons and tons upon tons of requests for tips on abdominals daily. Also keep in mind that what works for one person doesn't always work for another but it is definitely worth a try ;) You can venture on to something else if one thing doesn't work plus switching up your routine is always good.

So how did my abs transform so quickly. Umm I don't know! Hahahah. Honestly, I didn't do it on purpose although I loved that it did happen and I learned along the way. I started out thinking that I would do cardio to burn the fat and then focus on hitting the weights and sit ups once my stomach was thinner. For 1 I absolutely HATE sit ups and was trying to put them off for as long as possible and 2 I thought that is how people did it, lost the weight and then hit the weights and sit ups but a personal trainer friend of mine advised me to strength train from the get go and told me to forget the sit ups since I disliked them so. Sounded like a great plan to me. A flat stomach was what was important to me at the time, not Janet Jackson abs. Fast forward to NOW, I do want sexy KrucialKimmie abs, not Janet Jackson abs. I guess I thought they were unattainable so I never even imagined that abs like that could be in my reach but now I KNOW they are and I WILL have even better abs than her ;)

He said that building muscle burns fat and that I would be better off toning and leaning at the same time. Most of ya'll probably know that but I sure didn't! I hadn't worked out since 10th grade gym so I was pretty green when it came to all of this! So anyway, I did exactly what he said. I did my cardio and then I targeted big muscle groups with strength training a few times a week. From my PERSONAL experience I can tell you guys that THAT is the way to get better as. Screw crunches. I have come this far without doing ONE single sit up. Okay that is a lie, they do make us do like 3 minutes of sit ups at the end of some aerobics classes but I usually just lay there and rest and only do them when the instructor looks in my direction lol.

Okay back to the point, sorry. If you are not strength training then you should be! That is what I attribute my success thus far to. When you lift weights make sure you engage your core. Suck in your abs or tighten them, "belly button to the front of your spine" is what I think they say. Even when you are standing up doing biceps with a 5lb dumbbell, engage your abs. Doing squats with a barbell, engage your abs. And so on and so forth, it works I'm telling you. Some days I circuit train on about 10 strength training machines and this one is my favorite.

I think this had a lot to do with my abs as well. It rotates so I do reps on the right side, middle, and left side. The one I use is by HOIST, your entire body moves when you crunch and the weights are on the right side of the machine so it is a bit different than the picture I posted but I am sure any machine like this will get the job done. This machine is super easy for me. It isn't strenuous at all and I only lift a light amount of weight. It doesn't even leave me sore the next day unless I do a humongous amount of reps which I have only done once.

I started using this machine yesterday and I think it is fantastic. I am so optimistic and I think I will be seeing some great changes in the future thanks to this equipment.

I did it like the woman is in the picture and also on both of my sides and today am soo sore! Which is shocking since I am only using my body weight with this machine and I am actually lifting weights on the pervious machine I showed you and that doesn't even leave me sore. I will be using this machine about every other day and I am hoping this helps with my love handles. These two machines that I have shown you are nothing like floor crunches in my opinion, they are fun and I actually look forward to using them. Someone should give the lower ab extension machine a try with me and we can see results together! That would be so much fun. Any takers?

Well that is it for now. I hope I answered a lot of your questions and sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I told ya that I am no personal trainer, and that I am still learning. If you have anymore questions about what I do then feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability! Thanks for reading!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    thanks for the inspiraton....I will be adding some of this to my routine..keep spreading the spark! emoticon
    3874 days ago
    Kimmie! Amazing, I read the whole thing, I am totally down for kicking my own ass at the gym, sounds like you are down with that too. Damn, girl, your 1 month before and after pics are AMAZING!!!! How long were you working out each day, and how much cardio did you do??? Oh and how much weight have you actually lost, compared to the measurements that you took. Does the scale do you justice??? emoticon emoticon
    4317 days ago
  • MS-CEE
    Ah, the SECRET! I have to do more for my back core muscles .. that may take out AT LEAST one roll! emoticon
    4317 days ago
    Hey girl how are you i see how great you are doing at losing those 20 pounds i too need to lose some of this baby weight i gianed since my daugther was wondering if you live by my area andmaybe we could train together sometimes if not well keep up the good work and lose those pounds you are almost ther i see emoticon emoticon
    4320 days ago
    You are incredible. Yes, you definitely answered my question. You're about to be my bestfriend, and I don't care if you don't know me LOL
    4322 days ago
  • AMBEREYES_1913
    Hey Kimmie!! Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope you are doing fine. This is a fantastic blog. I may not be able to use those machines, but I will remember what you said about working your abs when lifting weights! Hope 2 hear from U soon.
    4322 days ago
  • SCORPIO180
    My stomach used to not really be a big issue to me, but now i've hit the over 30 mark and had my second child..."thangs is getting a tad bit out of control" LOL. Thanks for the tips...i needed the inspiration because your abs "ROCK". Keep it up!!!!
    4323 days ago
    Thanks girl I'm always reading about stuff to help me get rid of this muffin top it looks better than before but I still have a long way to go to get it down thanks again as you already know you look great and its nice to see a face to match that great looking body that you worked so hard to get.
    4330 days ago
  • ELLE341
    Kimmie, Girl that was very informative info. Strength training tightens everything including your abs especially if you as you said "suck in the abs as you lift." Call me crazy, but I love doing crunches, especially using the stability ball. Keep the tips coming!
    4332 days ago
    thanks for the hail (shout-out) kimmie. i feel inspired reading this blog and checking out your progress pics. thank you.
    4332 days ago
    Thanks for the great tips. Kimmie. I started thinking about the difference btwn men and women & how they exercise. Men are already at an advantage bc they have less body fat, but the BIG difference is that they spend the majority of their time strength training while women focus on cardio, so this time around I have switched my workout routines so that I spend 3 days a wk on strength training (I do the firm body sculpt DVD and Cathe Friedrich's workouts i.e. Muscle Endurance from Fit TV) and 2 days a wk on cardio (i've worked my way up to 40 mins. on the elliptical at level 5). I've noticed a difference in how my clothes fit. You're an inspiration.
    4334 days ago
    Thanks for the abs tips! If there is one problem area for me it is my belly. I hold all of my weight there. I will definitely be putting these tips to good use!
    4335 days ago
    It was great reading this, very inspirational.
    I got some good tips out of that.
    I need all the motivation i can get right now.
    Thank you emoticon
    4338 days ago
    What a great motivator you are! Thanks for the welcome emoticon Sharon
    4339 days ago
    Thanks Kimmie,

    They do have both of these at the gym, so I will make sure I use them on the days I do my weights. Keep up the great work, you look fantastic. Happy Easter!!! emoticon
    4342 days ago
    Thanks KK for the warm welcome
    Your page looks fantastic.
    I'm curious about one thing
    Guys are supposed to have six-packs, but
    I'm afraid that I have either a 30-pack
    or worse yet
    a Kegger.
    Certainly looks like you are a big time motivator
    Keep up the grrrrrrrrrreat work.
    Cya round like a doughnut.
    oh noooooooooo, I shouldn't have said that, LOL
    4348 days ago
    Hi Kimmie, thanks for the welcome, I came buy to look at your page to see what info you could offer and this ab info is great thanks so much. emoticon
    4349 days ago
    great information! thanks.... & lookin' great girl!
    4350 days ago
    Hey Girl, some great info here...:) appreciate your warm welcome, so I came by to browse your page! I will be back, your very motivational!
    4350 days ago
    Hi Kimmie, Thanks for your welcome :D
    From reading a bunch of books on working out and the trainer who is currently working with me...You are definitely on the right track. The more you can work your larger muscles in your body through strength training the more calories they will burn for you even when you are resting....nice, huh? So cardio is good but strength training is the best. One piece of equipment that I hate is the BOSU ball. If you stand on it and do squats holding a medicine ball it will challenge your core in a big way making you use your abdominal muscles. There are so many exercises you can do with it and a stability ball...great pieces to use.
    Anyway, I think you look great..keep at it. I may be as brave as you someday and post some pics..lol! emoticon
    4354 days ago
  • B8S4LIFE
    Great blog! I like your way better! I hate crunches and sit ups! I hate hanging upside down like a bat too! LOL
    4356 days ago
    Now that's some information I really needed
    4356 days ago
    I use the first machine just like you described and love it. I have seen my stomach become half the size of it was. I am going tonight and going to use my new bestfriend!! emoticon
    4357 days ago
  • BMORE73
    KK, thanks soo much because my abs are not firm and I am thinking about 6-8 months to get them where I want them.
    4358 days ago
    You are a fountain of information this is only my second day on my program, but you have motivated me to stick with it thank you. You look fabulous!
    4358 days ago
    Hey sistah, I read your blog and WOW I sure did learn alot! I can't wait to see some changes in my tummy. Although I still have that FLAB I push every workout to feel the BURN. I am gonna try out the machines on your blog and see how it goes. Thanks for the input.. YOU ROCK! emoticon
    4359 days ago
    Amazing Kimmie!! I AGREE and you're ON!!..Lower ab extension machine, here I come!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4359 days ago
    Sounds like a plan I think I'll do this
    4359 days ago
    Maybe your progress will motivate me to get back into strength training, which I REALLY dislike! I have done BIG TIME cardio before and it did help to reduce my body fat %, but it doesn't give you the ripped ab look! Something to think about...
    4359 days ago
    Great blog.
    I need to step up my strength training. Only my arms ever get sore.
    4359 days ago
    hahaa This really makes me want to go to the gym. The last time I saw a change in my abs was ironically doing Hip Hop Abs. I mean I hate getting on the floor and doing sit ups, and plus it's dancing so I guess it worked out for me.
    4359 days ago
    I'm on it!
    4359 days ago
    Thanks for the advice. I do the lower ab extension also but never thought of doing it sitting sideways!
    4359 days ago
    Thanks for the info. I actually read an article about the benefits of strength training on sparkpeople a while back and had forgotten all about it. Now after reading your blog it reaffirms that strength training does allow you to become leaner quicker because musle takes up less space.

    Thanks for the post. emoticon
    4359 days ago
    Thanks for the info!! I can truly use it!!
    4359 days ago
    Thanks for the tips!! I started the gym hard core this week and I am feeling the effects big time! My abs are sore and I love the feeling. I'm give the lower ab extension a try with you. I will need to take that ugly before picture and post it and then do an after picture in about a month. LET'S DO IT!!! emoticon
    4359 days ago
    Thanks for the advice Kimmie!
    4359 days ago
    Thanks Girl!
    4359 days ago
    Thanks Kimmie, really appreciate the advice and tips. When you are first starting out, all the exercise things can be overwhelming. Its helps to see others who can tell you first hand their experiences so we can learn from them
    4360 days ago
    Thanks Kimmie, Great tips will definitely work on my strength training! I have been doing lots of cardio but not enough strength training! emoticon
    4360 days ago
    Well I for one am green with envy over your "V", you look smokin' hot girl! Keep up the excellent work!
    4360 days ago
  • PSAGI77
    4360 days ago
    Yep, I got it...suck it in baby! Great tip Kimmie! Thank you so much for sharing your experience...which could be mine too!
    emoticon emoticon Jazzy!!
    4360 days ago
    Thanks Kimmie!!!!
    4360 days ago
    Engage...engage...engage...got it...this is my word for the day. Great tips K and thanks for the support on my page yesterday :-)
    4360 days ago
    Wow that machine looks crazy!!! I don't think I could do it!! Keep up what you're doing cause it will show you some great results like it has!!! Woohoo!!!! :o)

    P.S. Yes I read it all!!! haha ;o)
    4360 days ago
  • DTONEY76
    This blog was GREAT and you are sooo right about strength training. As you know, I've been focusing on getting in more strength days and I could already see positive changes in my body. My husband is enjoying the changes too, emoticon

    I wish I could join you on your lower ab machine, but I do everything at home right now. I still haven't invested in a gym membership, but will invest in a great DVD.

    Best to you at reaching your Kimmie abs.

    Dedrie emoticon
    4360 days ago
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