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Thursday, April 02, 2009


I got on this page late. I started using SparkPeople after losing about 110 pounds just to see what it all I was doing both eating and exercising looked like once I actually entered it in to see how I was doing. Started at 350 pounds and am now at 230. Update now I am at 217 and have been maintaining for over a month. I also just had my eyes fixed with Lasiks and it seems to be working great, no more glasses! Update I am now 212 and have been maintaining somewhat since 11-19-07 and today is 1-26-08. Not quite maintaining since I am still losing a little but I am working on it and am still healthy.

My original goal when I started was to get my IBS under control and then it was to get down to 290 to 300. Then I set a new goal of 250. Then I started going ok...... what do I do next and that is when I started looking for help on what my goal weight should be and I then found SparkPeople! I did ok by myself losing the weight but boy did and do I ever need SparkPeople for this whole maintaining and staying healthy thing! I learn so much from everyone and know I always have a place to go for help, information and kind people.


Well 2 days away from 1 year of maintaining weight has been at 215 to 220 for the past couple of months and then 210 to 215 a couple months before that and 200 to 205 before that for the first three months of the year. I am giving myself a range of 215 to 225 to stay within.

This has been quite a journey and it has had many twists I never ever saw coming. I never thought that as you near the end of your weight goal that people would be so negative about how they percieve what you are going through, even my doctor was making fun of me and in general making light of everything I had done and was doing.

Plus you have to retrain yourself when you enter the maintaining phase and really lighten up on not eating as much, even learn to eat again. Plus I had to learn to not exercise so much and let this all run my life, find the balance is my moto thoughout this whole year, and let me tell you it is never ending to find the balance in your life as a whole. This has not only given me a guide for being healthy but a guide to how to approach the rest of my life and the challenges it presents.

For lack of better terms though I still have a body image problem, still see myself as fat. Not sure how to approach this one or even how to reprogram myself to see myself differently, as long as I see any gut on me I will always think of myself as fat. My thing to deal with I guess. I have a better overall body image of myself now, but still want more I guess.

Thanks to everyone who has been with me on SparkPeople and all your great and pssitive comments and guidance, it has helped me and continues to help me and I cannot thank you all enough!!!


Really want to go to the SparkPeople Conference in May but not sure if my schedule and life will let me. Not sure if I would know anyone or if anyone would know me! I do kinda stand out and think it would be fun but just don't know yet.

This whole maintaining thing has me feeling pretty lonely for it is hard to find people who understand all that you go through during this time. I am not going to give up by any means just is how I feel much of the time. SparkPeople is the only place I have found anyone to talk to about it. I could not have prepared for much of this and am adapting and figuring it out as best I can as I go.

I would not change it, but it is not what I expected either. To anyone reading this keep at it, it is worth it just be ready for some unexpected bumps in the road
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    I have so been there, man. It is CRAZY how obsessive and fearful weight loss can be. Like I've told you before, I had to completely relearn how to interact with people. I had to rework my relationship with my sister; I had to change the way I interacted with the opposite sex because my usual flirty ways were now giving men the wrong idea (before it never amounted to anything). It is a weird journey, that is for sure. It is also difficult to explain to people who have always been thin or always been fat or always been a yo-yo dieter.

    It took me about a year and a half to accept that I wasn't fat anymore. Now my big beef is: "Why am I not a supermodel? I have worked this hard and changed this much, why don't I look like Jennifer Aniston?" I asked my friend who is a doctor if weight loss pills were ever considered useful. She said no, but I really thought to myself - if I could just find some secret way to lose those last five pounds! It is driving me crazy, but none of my fat friends want to hear about it and all of my thin friends think I "look just fine."

    Anyway, I will not be able to attend the conference due to scheduling issues, but I agree that I would really be interested in going. Hopefully it will be so successful that they will have more of them.

    4075 days ago
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