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Friday, April 10, 2009

Hi Spark friend! This blog is late this week because I have had a lot going on. Had a friend in the hospital and was keeping her girls while she was there. That keeps one busy. She is home now and doing better. Then my youngest had a birthday yesterday. She is now officially a teenager. emoticon Had fun celebrating and even got to have a "sliver" of birthday cake. Nice treat for mom.

Weigh in was done yesterday instead of my usual Tuesday's. I am happy to report a one pound loss. emoticon Seems to come off a bit slower these days but that's fine with me because I am slowly losing not slowly gaining! emoticon

I am working really hard at firming up my jello jiggle areas. My most difficult area is the old part of the arm that keeps waving for 10 minutes after I have actually stopped. :( I am going after it and am determined to win the battle. I choose to look at that stuff as "fine tuning".Just takes time. Which now that I am getting healthier am hoping I have more of. So I am still under construction. lol

Want to share a conversation I had with someone. Some of you may remember one of my past blogs about the lady in the doctors office who had major bypass surgery and was very overweight. she ate really unhealthy. She is the one that had her hubby go get her the fast food while still in the hospital after bypass because she did not like what they were offering her. Anyway, I saw her co worker the other day at a doctors visit I had. She came up to me gave me the biggest hug and said "thank you" I was kinda stunned and could not imagine what she was thanking me for.

Then I looked closer at her and it was really clear that she lost a lot of weight. I was THRILLED to see she had done that. She was over joyed with her progress and I felt like a proud parent. She worked with this lady that had the bypass and it really affected her when this happened to her. As with the rest of us, she was stunned that surgery had not changed her co worker's habits of eating poorly.

She had shared with me when I was there last that she began Jenny Craig and was determined not to be like that co worker or ever in that situation. I was really proud of her. She had complimented me on my progress and asked me how I had lost weight. I told her about this site and what I had been doing to get healthy. We talked for awhile and I told her that she could absolutely make this happen for herself if she truly wanted to do it. She made the comment that I gave her hope by seeing my progress. She knew me from my visits at my absolute heaviest.

Anyway, when I saw her weight loss, I was so so, so, happy for her. It brought me back to how that felt. How that STILL feels. It is a feeling one really needs to experience for themselves because it is like the BEST feeling in the world! She told me that being in an office all day with someone who ate fast food and snacked on junk food throughout the day made her feel weak to do much about her own weight issues and kinda hopeless that anything would ever change for her.

She said that last visit when I was there and we had talked about what I had done to change my lifestyle and lose the weight and she saw the difference in me,that it had really inspired her to want to do it for herself. It made it all seem possible to her. Not to mention the fear of seeing what her co worker was going through due to her bad eating habits.

So friends, my point is that not only is it very possible to get healthy and lose weight, but you never know how your habits, lifestyle, and words can and will affect someone else. She proudly told me she has lost 29 pounds so far. That
MADE MY DAY! She looks AWESOME, her attitude is SO positive, she feels GREAT, she said her energy is much HIGHER, she is even exercising which she never thought she would do.

I certainly know and realize all the credit belongs to her because SHE is the one that made the changes to be a healthier person. NOBODY can do this for us. It really is ALL up to YOU! Everyone will GET BACK what they are willing to PUT IN to make the positive changes.

So again, my point is that we are all walking , talking examples to others rather we want to be or not. Some people learn from example, some learn from fear, there are all kinds of reasons that make us all finally get to the point where we say ENOUGH! I can NO LONGER continue to mistreat my body like this anymore. I WANT to be healthy and have energy and look and feel good. I AM going TO DO it!

Her experience has inspired me little does she know. I am such a believer of you GET what you GIVE now. She made the decision, the commitment, had the determination, the willpower and desire to become a healthier person and eat well. Guess what? IT WORKS!!! Her example makes me feel better about my "fine tuning" that I need to do. Instead of being discouraged because my body is not what I thought or think it should be , I realize I will get there because I WANT IT!

So my spark friends, I am not saying there are not bad days or even weeks. I am not saying it happens overnight, I am not saying it is the easiest process in the world. What I am saying is that it IS possible and WILL happen for you if you truly WANT it.

So let's all take advantage of all the great tools on this site and the many, many, wonderful people here and do this together! Just keep in mind that you may have to do the work on your own but, you are NOT alone in doing this. We are all doing the same thing and are here for one another. So, let's get ourselves healthy TOGETHER!

I wish you all a very happy Easter, Passover, Spring or just a great weekend if you don't celebrate the holiday.

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  • no profile photo CHANGE4FREEDOM
    Thanks Donna! Another great blog!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4296 days ago
    hi! i happened upon your sparkpage and this blog, and it couldn't be better written or more on-point. so many of us have that immediate gratification fixation thing going on. the most important thing, patience, is lacking when it comes to fixing something that took months to get to. i share your insights and incorporate them myself into my daily mindfulness. I AM WORTH THE EFFORT! also, it's very positively reinforcing for me to read these things from other sparkers, people like me, not coaches or professionals, but plain ol' average american folk, struggling to make ends meet, wanting a better life, striving towards self-improvement, managing health issues, hoping that the strength will last the day until the morning's rejuvination brings energy anew. thank you for being here. i applaud your achievements. i salute your struggles because you will conquer them. i know it. regards and SPARK ON!!! nancy
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4296 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/15/2009 2:26:16 PM
    I think that you have the most positive attitude and it inspires me. You seem like the kind of person that can really have a good influence on others. Wait to go! Keep up the good work!
    4297 days ago
  • HILLARY0803
    What an inspirational blog!

    I really enjoyed your saying, "Seems to come off a bit slower these days but that's fine with me because I am slowly losing not slowly gaining!" ! So true..

    Happy Easter!


    4298 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2646942

    Loved your blog today and your message. What an inspiration you are to me.

    Congratulations on another pound lost. That's just awesome!

    Wishing you and your family a most blessed Easter.

    Love and Blessings,
    4299 days ago
    Donna you're such an inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing your story and your words of wisdom. It gives me hope! So your arm part continues to jiggle 10 minutes after it stops...LOL
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4299 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/11/2009 2:52:52 AM
    What an inspiring blog! Thanks so much. Making such positive changes in your own life feels so incredible, but when it helps other people make positive changes as well, there's just no words to describe how great that feels.
    4299 days ago
    Donna, what a powerfully inspiring post! Look how much you influenced her life...and all for the better. And you don't know how much you've encouraged me with this post of yours, too! We can do it! - Sara emoticon
    4299 days ago

    Great blog! Thanks for taking time out of your day to share and inspire!
    4299 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    Great message here, pal. thanks for sharing.
    4299 days ago
    You are a true inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing!

    4299 days ago
    Great blog. Thanks for sharing! (Taking Life Back team)
    4299 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. You are a very special person, very determine to meet your goals. I wish you the best of luck.
    4299 days ago
  • ULTREYA3211
    What a blog. emoticon for sharing with us. Sometimes we wonder if what we do affects us. Your story is proof. I'm glad I stopped by to read it.
    Happy Easter. And a belated Happpy Birthday to your youngest.

    4299 days ago
    What a wonderful story. You are a great inspiration. You lead by example!
    4299 days ago
    You are a great example to all of us Donna!
    4299 days ago
    You are such a gift to everyone. I am so glad that you got to see and feel the positive effects of your generosity. Regardless of how people respond you have the truth: It is possible. You are one special Spark person.
    4299 days ago
    GREAT GREAT GREAT post! It's true - we are connected somehow, and coming to this site is so empowering.

    Thank you for sharing this story and your thoughts - reading it has been a great way to spend part of my Friday afternoon. :)))

    Have a gorgeous weekend!


    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4299 days ago
  • MRSAKINS2005
    Happy Easter and Passover to you as well. I celebrate both. Growing up in a Methodist household (father's idea) my mother was jewish. I just do them both. I hate not eating meat. I want a subway sub right now...and have to smack my hand and say no.no. no

    4299 days ago
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