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Taking Inventory

Monday, April 20, 2009

So, I let life kick me around. I got discouraged, I hung up the attempts to live healthier. It all went downhill from there. Grad school kicked my butt and I gained back 20 pounds of what I'd lost, and this time it's not wanting to come back off. Now I'm facing re-losing that weight, while praying that I'm going to fit my dress for my SIL's wedding and some heavy personal problems that are driving me to want to starve again. I guess the silver lining in all this is apparently while I want to quit eating, I seem to lack the willpower to do it.

I want the weight off and I want it off now. And I know all the rants about you didn't gain it overnight. Trust me, some of it, I pretty much did. But I think I've given up on ever getting it off by going hard hard hard, push push push. I'm leaning towards the slow and steady wins the race approach. Where I go for daily walks, where I swim with the family, and work in my garden, and eat about 400 calories less a day than my basal metabolism. Sure, I wouldn't be on a winning team with The Biggest Loser, but maybe by being realistic about my life and my personality, it'll make being healthy a reality.

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