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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hi Spark friends!!

Well my weigh in today's shows a plateau once again. Ahhhh I enjoyed the last two loss weigh in's but it is what it is. It is the scale's measure of my progress showing me a zero loss for the week. But......I know I have to be making progress in other ways because I feel good and continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Progress to me is NOT gaining! I always keep in mind that the scale is NOT the tell all, know all ,of how we are doing. So I am okay with a zero loss and zero gain.

Well this is the week I said I was leaving my comfort zone to post my before and after photo's even though I am not at goal yet. I chose to do this in hopes that spark friends can see that we CAN do this and that eating healthy and exercising WILL make changes for all of US. I have never liked being in pictures because I do not photograph well and I always felt so self conscience about my weight. I took this before picture last year. I was sitting on a couch in my usual black (trying to hide the weight) color I wore a lot.I am with two other people and I take up all the room. Ugggggh! It is my motivation to NEVER let myself get that way again. It reminds me of how bad I felt, how unhappy with myself I was, my state of denial, all the excuses I made, how I had zero energy, all the horrible things that come with letting myself go like that. I like the way I feel now so much better. So I chose to not forget what it was like to have done what I did to myself in the past as a reminder of why I need to continue my healthy lifestyle. So here is my horrific photo of before.......
Now here I am just 8 months later and 53 pounds lighter feeling so much better and healthier. This was taken just yesterday.
Clearly a difference. The reason for me to do this is because I want ALL of us to know it IS possible to change our size and our health. We do NOT have to be overweight unhealthy people who are ashamed of how we look and with no energy and unhappy and in pain, and have continual health problems because we are not taking care of ourselves. Only YOU and YOU ALONE have the power and complete control to make this happen and become a healthier and happier you. We are so lucky to have this site and all the wonderful people here to go through the journey with us. But it IS up to us to follow through and do what needs to be done to make the changes happen for us.

Don't choose to be the before me. I wasted so many years not doing a thing to change the way I was living. I want you to do it for yourself NOW. Do NOT put off for tomorrow what needs to be done and CAN be done TODAY! I wish I had knowledge of this site and access to all of you wonderful spark friends years ago. I wish I had not wasted so much time living in a unhealthy body with a miserable state of mind.

So lets all take advantage of what we have here and the wonderful people and support here and DO THIS NOW for yourselves. I plan on continuing my journey. I have 4 pounds to go until I reach the goal I set for myself. According to my BMI because of my height, I am only 5'31/2" tall, so I still need to lose another 10 pounds after I reach my current goal weight. I am not as concerned about the number on the scale anymore as I am about being in the healthy BMI. I have traveled from the Obese, to the Overweight, finally into the Healthy BMI. This was the only time that I was actually excited to be called Overweight. Because that meant I went from Obese to be Overweight. It was PROGRESS!!!

So the decisions we make and the choices we make are all up to YOU and only YOU! Please do yourself a favor and be kind to yourself and your body and stay on your journey with me and meet your goal. You CAN and WILL do it. We get no rehearsals for life. This is it. So why not live it as a HEALTHY and HAPPY you!!

I hope you are all having a great day and hope you have a wonderful weekend.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LISA1316
    WOW...u look so incredibly awesome! What a transformation...and a wonderful inspiration u are to me! Love u!

    4233 days ago
    I am so thankful that you joined spark! It's success stories like yours that really do prove to me that I can do it to! I am kind of floundering a little the past week but I am still trying. But after having read some of your posts I am so much more motivated. Thank you for sharing your success and for adding me as a friend, I'm lucky to have you! You will get that last 4 lbs before you know it!
    4234 days ago
    Thank you so much for sharing your success! Congratulations to you! I am stuggling to get started. Thanks for telling us that it is possible. You look great!
    4236 days ago
    As always an awesome post. You are an inspiration!
    4237 days ago
    emoticon Needpeople emoticon

    What a positive & cheerful post, and what great pictures too! I'm so happy for you, that you stuck with your weight loss plan & think you've already done a fantastic job .. keep it up!

    You are so right that this is life, its our one chance.. we really do need to live right in order to make the most of it in order to get the most out of it.

    Thank-you for being such a wonderful role model & inspiration.. its folks like you that make SparkPeople the special place that it is.
    4237 days ago
  • LIONESS627

    what an inspiration! thank you for sharing!
    4237 days ago
  • BIGGIRL2211
    wow you look awsome.you are an inspiration.my weigh in today was a zero.i had read your blog and now i feel alright with not gaining r lossing.oh but i do blame it on my time of the month lol.keep up the good work and that healthy life still.
    4237 days ago
    Wow, you really inspired me! The way you said you felt about yourself describes me to a T. You look so awesome and now I feel motivated to continue on my journey too. I'm only one week into my weight loss journey but after reading your blog and seeing those wonderful pictures, I feel...no...I Know I can do this. Thanks for posting/sharing your story. emoticon
    4237 days ago
    That was very brave to show your before photo! I'm very proud of you, for your great accomplishment, and for your courage to show your photo and tell your story.
    Thanks so much for the motivation you give to me.
    Way to go on reaching your goal. Wow!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4237 days ago
    Woo hoo you look so awesome. Thanks so much for posting your before and after pictures. I know posting the before was hard... but it should make you proud of how far you have come. Thanks so much for sharing your story and giving us hope that we CAN do this!!
    HUGS, Kathy
    4238 days ago
    You are such and INSPIRATION! Thanks so much for your blog andthe pictures. You are a FANTASTIC person!
    4238 days ago
    Awesome deal! After, definitely... very motivational and you look Grrrrrrrrrrreat (Tony the Tiger style)!
    4238 days ago
    Wow... your blog is so inspiring. You look fantastic. I also could have written so many parts of your blog. You have a great talent for motivation. Feeling healthy is so awesome! The energy levels go through the roof, your mind is able to think so much clearer, and best of all... no embarrassment being around other people! You are right about one thing for sure... I'll never forget where I was because I have no intentions of going back there... EVER! I have about another 25 lbs to go... a few more if I go by the BMI. Again, you look SO great!
    4238 days ago
    WOW! You look really great. (By the way, this is not HusbandCAddict speaking, but his wife who is doing this for him.) When I ask him what he wants to say to his spark teams, then I read what others say and sometimes I get distracted and check out things--forgetting that I'm doing this under his name. Anyway, great job!
    4238 days ago
  • CHEL1013
    What an amazing accomplishment ... you look absolutely wonderful:) Your Blog is great and it motivates me and, I am sure Others, to keep up my eating and exercise plan.

    You are truly an inspiration to us,
    Michelle emoticon
    4238 days ago
    What a hottie you are!!! Yowza!!
    4238 days ago
    Donna, Thanks for sharing a part of you before and after. You are a beautiful person in both pictures. Your after picture is awesome because you are healthy now. You look great. I wish you much continues success on your journey. What a wonderful story and inspiration to others. emoticon
    4238 days ago
  • MRSAKINS2005
    Donna, all I have to say is you look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4238 days ago
  • CAROLF54
    Wow ...Your doing great. I'm new at this and love reading such inspirational stories
    4238 days ago
    Way to go you skinny girl!!!
    4238 days ago
    WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! I am amazed by this great attitude and YOU choosing to change things in your life! That is fantastic!! Being healthy is what is important and don't worry about the plateaus. The way you are going you will push thru any plateau. Great job and keed it up!
    4238 days ago
    Wow! Very impressive! You look great... but the important thing:

    Do you feel better?

    Don't worry about plateaus... new healthy habits are harder to break than plateaus!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4238 days ago
    Oh Donna, I have tears of joy as I read and saw this blog! I finally feel like I have met you and know who to look for when we meet, instead of looking all over a room, Ok is that her, You are beautiful, and SKINNY too! This is also a great blog, and I know you are proud of your weight loss as you should very well be as you have worked hard, but I think you should put your before pic. up for your profile for awhile, You have come so far, show the World how far you have come, Be proud!
    4238 days ago
    Well I have to say I think you're pretty cute in both pictures. But I understand how awful you felt. Thanks for posting the before and after. Visual clues are important to us in the beginning of the journey. Fifty pounds seems like a mighty tall mountain to climb. It's so encouraging to see someone who's reached the top. You are INCREDIBLE.
    emoticon emoticon
    4238 days ago
    You look great. You before and after pictures are great!! I enjoyed seeing them.
    4238 days ago
    wow! you rock!
    4238 days ago
    You look terrific! I see that black is no longer YOUR color... hooray for you Done Girl. You are Done with black and into a healthy BMI. I bet you are so happy!
    4238 days ago
  • BRIAN36
    You look absolutely amazing! You should be so proud. I know how you feel about the "before" picture. In fact I could have written your blog! I can't believe I wasted all those years when I could have felt like this instead of feeling tired, disgusted, worthless. I just want to block out all memory of me looking that way because I never want to go back. As painful as it is for me, I keep it there to inspire others and to NEVER forget that I don't EVER, EVER, EVER want to be like that again.

    You are an inspiration and I'm sure your photos will inspire others to know this can be done.
    4238 days ago
    WOW...your after photo is amazing!!! You are doing awesome!!!
    4238 days ago
  • HALFPINT042158
    I enjoyed your story. You sure gave me some hope that I can do it also. Congrats you are awesome. Thanks for your story.
    Char emoticon
    4238 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/23/2009 10:57:49 AM
    Wow, it sure looks like an after photo to me too! You are beautiful! Keep up the good work. You have truly inspired me! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4238 days ago
    It sure looks like an AFTER picture to me! You look fabulous. Thank you so much for the blog. You are really motivating. I agree with everything you said. I hope you take measurements too because I bet even though the scale was not kind this week, you are surely losing inches. You look fabulous. Keep it up. I know you can do it. emoticon
    4238 days ago
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