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Monday, May 04, 2009

Garden, garden, garden, garden.... for 8 HOURS! Yup - we went out this morning for a BIG breakfast (I calculated it at 1000 calories total) of an egg beater omelet with veggies and cheese, big whole wheat toast, a little butter, some fresh fruit and several cups o' joe.

Then we got home and got to work. And work we did! We filled wheel barrow after wheel barrow full of dirt in the front of the house, walked it all the way around the house to the backyard and dumped it in the garden. We did that over and over and over again! From 10 am until 1:30 we moved dirt. And got the garden completely filled! I'll post before and after pictures tomorrow. MY FINGERS HURT and I can't type a lot tonight.

After we got that done I pulled weeds and cleaned up some flower beds while the BF topped of the beds with new dirt. Then I started marking out the expanded flower beds. My neighbor Olga asked me if I were going to need the sod that I was going to be pulling up and I said no, it was all hers. So she helped a bit and the bf and I strained and cussed as we cut through and pulled up most of the sod. We'll be finishing that up tomorrow.

We're also heading to Lowe's to pick up seeds and some plants and I hope I can get the garden tilled tomorrow. I don't think I'll have anymore of these huge calorie burning days - the really hard work is done (I hope).

Other than the huge breakfast I also ate a good lunch - rotini with home made marinara sauce and ground turkey. In the afternoon I ate the EAS protein bar that I got from the race, and then a banana. By dinner I was starving and had a huge salad, salmon, brown rice and these fabulous veggies from Trader Joe's - Fire Roasted Vegetables in a Balsalmic Butter - so DELICIOUS!

Now, of course I wore the HRM and it clocked my 8 hours at 2891 calories burned. YOWZA! Here are my food and calorie burns since Saturday.

2,648 calories eaten
2470 calories burned
282 minutes of exercise
-1466.47 deficit

2,913 calories eaten
2441 calories burned
396 minutes of exercise
-1172.47 deficit

2,630 calories eaten
2891 calories burned
480 minutes of exercise
-1905.47 deficit

Should I eat more??? My deficit should be no more than 1000 calories on average right? I may need to eat a little more. Sheesh - how to Olympic athletes do it? That's a lot of food! I mean - I'm eating A LOT but I'm also burning a lot - what do you all think?

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