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Purse thief

Thursday, May 07, 2009

I said I would enter a blog on the out come of the trial in Golden Colo about the purse thief that took my purse. We had to go to Golden Colo to court for a few days (500 miles away)
I didn't get to hear the opening statements because I was a witness for the prosecutor but my husband was in the court room and said that the thief's lawyer was a court appointed criminal DA and she told the story that the thief was a poor duped mentally slow person that had met this old man and old lady in Abilene and was just giving the old lady, that had told him to call her grandmother, a ride to Colo. to pick up a transmission. The old man stayed behind and the thief had taken this old lady to the Colo mall with his wife and the old lady had arranged for a transmission to be put together and be picked up. All he did was to take the all ready made out check and my drivers lic. and pick up the transmission. He didn't know nothing and it wasn't his fault. His wife and the old lady told him to do it and that he was to say ok to any thing that they asked him when he was to pick up the transimission. He put the transmission in the grandmothers hotel room.
He was ID'ed by the lady that took the check and a part owner in the shop and she also took a picture of his social security card (that is how the found him), The man that took 2 phone calls from the thief, in a man's voice arranging the parts be put together, was there and told his story in court. Both of their stories were correct. This was the last time the thief said that he had seen the old lady. Well I had checks that had been made out after that Golden Colo check that went thou Utah and all the way to Truckee Ca. and the writing was the exact same thing on all the checks. It proves one thing. We are working with a gang of thief's and they all know one another. I also could tell when I seen his mother that the guy that about ran over me in McDonald's in Abilene had to be her brother or son. The mother wanted to tell the truth but every time she would get close the thief's lawyer would stop her.
I was there to say yes that my purse had been taken and that the check that was in question was from my check book.
The thief's lawyer ambushed the DA with a "he is mentally challenged and not able to stand trial defense." This was not the defence that she said that they were going to use and it made so that the DA didn't have time to gather his witnesses.
The state had him in a mental hspt. and observed him for many days and said he was able to stand trial and nothing was wrong with him but since she popped this in on the DA he didn't have the state witness at hand and couldn't get them on the phone, the thief's lawyer laid it on thick about how slow and troubled he was. You really had to be there to appreciate the award winning act that went on. My regret was that I wasn't able to record what went on so I could put the whole thing on U-Tube....It would have got a million hits.
The thief is put on the stand and and he couldn't remember any thing, didn't know anything, sat and rocked in his chair back and forth looking dumb as a sack full of rocks as long as the judge and jury was in the room. Why he couldn't carry on a 2 word conversation in front of the jury or judge but as soon as he is out in the hall during breaks he has no problem talking, walking and the rocking stopped. He totally perjured him self...he lied about everything and I had the proof but since the all the other things happened in other county's I wasn't able to talk about any of it. I know why they don't let anyone take a gun in to court because if I had been the judge, when on break, I would have shot my self so I didn't have to hear any more from the thief. This guy was a disservice to other people that are mentally challenged.
The worst thing was that the old man and old lady were down stairs in the court front entrance and as soon as they seen me and my husband they took off and I couldn't do any thing about it.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO if you want to know how to get off from something you have done all you have to do is make the 12 bleeding heart jury members believe that some one told you to do it and go for the "I'm slow as molasses and dumb as a stick defence" Get you a good lawyer that can keep a straight face and go for it. You don't have to know the difference between right and wrong because it didn't seem to matter. Why I started to feel sorry for the guy. I thought he wouldn't know what a door was and wouldn't be able to get out of the court room on his own.....Keep in mind that he graduated for high school, had a drivers license, drove all over the United States delevering things for E-Bay, had been married 5 years and had a child. He was divorced, he said, because his wife had been mean to him. When asked what she did to him, his mother had said that she yelled at him in the yard and told him he had to come in the house. Hemmmmmmmm?
It don't make me mad that he got off but that I had all the proof that he was lying about everything and that some one else will be his victim. I couldn't believe that the 12 intelligent person on the jury couldn't see through his act. The fact that I wasn't call back to tell the court about all the false statements he made and that you can go to court and lie and nothing can be done about it was the most hurtful part. And that this whole court thing was about a $5000.00 plus check and what about all the other $9000.00 he got away with that nothing will be done about. Well what goes around will come around and they will get careless and caught at some point. I just hope I will know when and where. Sharon Vinson
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • OREAD_1
    I am totally behind the feelings that getting Justice is not easy these days. But I also see the other side of it when I am called to do jury duty. I sit and watch many people do anything they can to get out of service. And then during the process attorneys have so many options to pass on someone. It seems more like a exclusive, in-crowd performance! So sorry for you loss, maybe you can claim it on you taxes.
    4184 days ago
  • NANCW1
    I agree with everyone else. It was a true crime that he got away with all that in court. It's really a shame when being honest and hardworking can be stomped over by creeps like that.
    4221 days ago
    That's really disgusting. I really don't know how defense attorneys sleep at night. Karma will catch up with him.

    4224 days ago
    HI Sharon, I had no idea that was why you went to Colorado...
    I agree that "one of these days" the law, and GOD will call this thief to account. Resting easy in one's bed at night is soooooooooo important. A clear conscience is more important than riches, although it's a pain and a shame the innocent must suffer for the guilty's actions. No matter, live your life out loud and in the open still!
    4225 days ago
    Good Grief!!! How horrible. I am sorry you had to go through all of that to begin with, then have the court system basically make a mockery of things and believe that lying punk is really over the top! You are right, I too wish you could have made a video of it, you probably could have sold it and made your money back!
    I am very sorry you had to go through this. Thank-you for writing about it tho- it really shows what kind of a society live in, unfortunately too many are like that now days. Unaccountable and taking the easy way to things including lying and stealing.

    4226 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4228914
    Just tell a bleeding heart story as you've outlined and not be responsible for your actions.

    Truth be told...is most likely why he is divorced. His wife probably got tired of catering to someone who wasn't responsible...for anything!
    4226 days ago
    its not any different in this country, the law stacks up against the honest and hardworking, it isn't fair but i sleep well at night.......as you will, good effort, and hopefully it will not change your reason to do this again .........if ever that was to happen, good blog, made me think........
    4226 days ago
    My goodness, the court system nowadays is for the birds! I hear about this type of thing all the time. Thanks for sharing!

    Greg emoticon
    4226 days ago
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