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How RUDE!!!!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Amy and I had a great Hike today at Mount Watatic. We were so happy to be out in the weather. As we approached the entrance there were a ton of cars. Easily 40 cars parked on the road. Usually there are a few, but nothing like this. So as we start walking down the path through the parking lot we see many people waiting to start a hike together. Me, being me, approach the group and extend a hello. But instead of getting a friendly hello, we felt like we were getting sized up by this group of women. OK, I guess we will just ignore that.
Time to pick a trail. Today we chose to go up the long way to the peak. If you go up the NH line trail it is a longer trail that will bring you to Nutting hill. We love that spot. So we went that way. Then we changed trails to midstate trail which brought us up the other side of Watatic where the old ski trail use to be. So we make it to the peak, feeling so strong, and we bump into the same FRIENDLY BUNCH.. Again, I said something and was totally brushed off by these people. What is their scoop? the top of Watatic has a dip and there there is a detour that holds the most beautiful view. Here is a picture from our last trip up the mountain. The same detour.
When we got to that spot they were following Amy right on her heals, literally. Rushing her along.
So we stop to have a quick protein bar and try to enjoy the rest. While we are there we are getting eaten alive by bugs. It was not pretty. So I saw a woman ask if anyone would like bug spray. Amy gets up and asks if she can use it. The woman says sure but she wanted to know Amy's name so she could learn it. so Amy takes the bug spray and says, " Amy, but I am not with your group." The woman laughs and says," then give it back then."
I show up at this point and ask if they are a hiking group. the same lady says, "Yes, but you are too young to be in this group. We are all 40 and older." All nasty like. Amy sweetly looks at her and says, "We are both 43." Nothing.
Ok, Yes, this but a damper on my hike with Amy. It bothered me because when I am outdoors I am so happy. So the smile just radiates. We love being outside and most people are so friendly. So why be so rude? IDK.
The best part of the whole thing, We don't look 40!!!! Woo Hooo thank you nasty hikers for the compliment. I told Amy that the whole group was probably not rude. Just the 7 of the 30 or so that we met. And on the way back we got to a different part of the mountain and was able to focus on the positives of this weight loss journey.
I am looking toward bigger goals. If my foot is better my friend Maura is training for a half marathon. And Maura told me today that if we want to do a triatholon, which is what I want to do, she would like to do it too. That is huge for her because she has always had a fear of water.
My non scale accomplishment for the week is planning detours when something jumps in the way like an injury. Last year at this time I would have quit with the foot pain I am in. Today I still climbed a mountain.
:) Jeanne
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  • no profile photo ALEMAPO
    What a bunch of ninnies! However, that is the most awesome compliment! Where exactly do you live? That is beautiful. I live in Georgia - um....pine trees and heat! Ok, we do have some beautiful spots but nothing like that.
    4339 days ago
    For the lady to think you were under 40 was worth every ounce of bug spray and step you took that day. I have learned to ignore ignorant people because life is too short for the dumb stuff and why not share, it was just bug spray. Keep hiking, but make sure you take care of the foot.
    4357 days ago
    That is WHY I don't hike established trails with a lot of people on them. I was stationed in Germany in the late sixties, and early seventies, and then got a European Discharge, and lived there as a Civilian till 1984. As a group, Americans are so much colder than Germans, and in some cases outright RUDE. In Germany, there is the IVV which stands for the International Volksmarche Verbund, or the International Vander Verbund, I forget which. EVERY single weekend, there are hundreds of "Volksmarches" throughout Germany. At each event, you can pick to enter a ten, or twenty kilometer Volksmarch, with absolutely beautiful medals, plates, or pins given to everyone who finishes the course. There is such an expression of "Gemutlichkeit" that is shared between the people participating in the events, that it is a true joy to do these things every week. Walking among groups of people
    in this Country would only throw ice water on my memories of the Volksmarches in Germany, so I hike ALONE. Brie
    4357 days ago
    emoticon Here's to looking young! And getting healthy..

    4357 days ago
    You girls were young and beautiful and have glowing personalities to match - I'm sure they were so jealous they couldn't even see straight. So they ruined a perfectly good chance to have an adventure and meet some nice new folks. Their loss! I'm so exactly like you - I talk to everyone, everywhere! Don't let them rain on your parade - you just blow your party horn even louder!! Whoo hoo!

    4357 days ago
    Oh Wow! People really act this way?
    4357 days ago
    What a crummy attitude to have - those poor people, so busy trying to feel imoprtant because they were exclusive, that they totally missed out on the opportunity to make friends of you and Amy. Their loss!

    I'm sorry they messed with the fun of the first part of your hike, but glad that you two could enjoy the downhill part. And I am proud of you both for contiuing on - it had to be tempting to say "the heck with it" and head down the mountain to a coffee shop.

    So it's a half AND a triathalon?!? WOOHOO and way to go! Now if I only knew of some magic to heal your foot faster!
    4358 days ago
    ya know, i think those people are there to help us appreciate ourselves and the kindness of others. they sure are everywhere. i am also one of those friendly people. we recently moved to a military city, and the army wives were surprisingly unwelcoming. guess you have to be inducted into their 'clique'!?
    you have a cheerful and positive attitude! glad you were finally able to enjoy the hike and spend some quality girl time together. here's to looking years younger emoticon
    4358 days ago
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