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Just things I'm reflecting on while high on allergy meds.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I picked another fight over food with Adam last night. I dunno what's going on with me. I feel angry a lot and I just want to eat, eat, eat. I know I'm going to end up logging another gain this week. I think it will be smaller (I hope) than last week's 3 pound gain. But I'm discouraged. Plus, I feel like in being part of the 5% challenge that I'm letting my team down. I don't exactly know how points get tabulated, but I'm sure gains don't go in our favor :-( Haha.

I must admit, I love my boyfriend-- I do a great deal of comparing (which is horrible, I know-- I'm working on it) myself to his ex. They were together off-and-on for seven years. Granted, it was much of high school, and she's not exactly "brilliant" but she was definitely BEAUTIFUL. I'm talking flawless figure, flawless skin and hair that looked perfect.

I realize that he loves me. And he does a great job of affirming and complimenting about the things that really count-- like my hard work as a teacher and for my intellect and progress I make when I garden, etc. But he is NOT forthcoming in validating my appearance. I'd rather have the compliments he does proffer, but sometimes I just want to HEAR him SAY that I'm sexy. Sheesh.

Last night the argument began because I wouldn't eat when we were at a restaurant because I couldn't afford the calories. However, I still ate chips and salsa (bad choice, but cheaper). Then I came home and pulled out a piece of homemade bread my mom had made. He just laughed. I knew he was laughing at my hypocritical behavior, but I blamed him for my insecurity. He said I was on my own on that one-- that I was "riding the crazy train all by [my]self." He added a chain-pull complete with verbal "choo-choo."

We both laughed. After all, he's right. But that didn't make me less angry.

I'm sure I'm part of my overreaction can be attributed to my rapidly approaching TOM and my very low will-power which results in my feeling defeated everyday that I log more than my calorie allotment. But still. Argh.

Otherwise, I've had a really good day. I went over to my mom's house (which she keeps stocked full of sweet yummy cookies, cakes and candy). I had coffee with her and did well resisting all the food she had out. I took my own oatmeal and ate that for breakfast. I did have about a fourth of a piece of her homemade banana bread, but that was it.

Then we went grocery shopping and I bought lots of healthy fruits and veggies. I re-stocked my salad supply and got cucumbers and bell peppers to snack on. I even cut them up so they'd be ready to go when I get the snack-ish urge.

We have a dinner planned for later to celebrate Mother's Day. We're going to Macaroni Grill, which is difficult for me to resist, but I've decided to have a spinach salad with dressing on the side and a glass or two of red wine. Knowing beforehand helps me made wiser choices. I just have avoid that bread. That delicious bread. Again with the "argh."

Anyway, I guess I just needed to vent. *shrug* Thanks for listening.
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    I've seen her and NOBODY is flawless. You are much more beautiful and closer to a flawless character than she could ever HOPE to be. PERIOD.
    4296 days ago
    Oh, I so know what you mean. But you held out and didn't order dinner at the restaurant-- despite the pressure. We aren't perfect. You gave it what you had.
    4356 days ago
    Obviously Adam is with you and not her for a reason...or else he'd still be with her!

    I think you're swell, for what it's worth. You just need to be confident in yourself that you DO know how to make the right choices! You can do it!
    4357 days ago
    Sorry you had such a rough day, argh to the food arguements. Just stick with it and keep doing what you're doing. You've come so far and you look fabulous! :)
    4357 days ago
    Oh well, that was yesterday, today is a new day so you can reset and restart. No point picking fights over food, what you are doing to better your physical appearance is for you, not for anybody else.

    4357 days ago
  • GEMMA291
    I know how you feel! I argue about food with my fiance a LOT! I know some times I am wrong, but it still hurts when he points it out. I realize I am hypocritical sometimes, but emotional eating definitely takes over! I just want support even if I am wrong and not be called out on it - I have enough self-guilt as it is, right? emoticon

    You may not be accepting his compliments fully - do you receive and BELIEVE all of his compliments? Even if he said you were sexy...would you believe him? I am the same way, my fiance's compliments don't count because I no longer feel sexy!!

    You are doing great!! Even with your gain in weight, you are helping people like me get motivated!! Hearing other people have similar issues like mine helps!!
    4357 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/10/2009 5:55:23 PM
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