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Komen 5K Race Report and far more!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I never posted a race report for my first race of the year so I’ll give you a quick, quick update. It was on a Sunday, a 5k and the Saturday before I had taught 2 classes, Step and Strength & Tone then had the brilliant idea of taking the Cycling class. My quads were obviously shot!

So as I posted before I have another race coming up – a 10K this time around…

I wonder how well I will do when I...
1. Take a good rest day - no cycling, no strength training - the day before (first race of the year this year)
2. Don't have any issues with the knee (race #2 of the year)
3. Don't come home at 1 am and get to bed at 1:30 to get up at 6 am after having 3 glasses of wine?? (3rd race of the year)

I'd like to do a 5k where I don't screw myself in some way and really see what I can do!

So, onto the race report for race #3 of the year…. The night before was my women’s book club meeting. These are notoriously late and when the bf looked at me and said “See you at 1 am” I said “P-shaw” and off I went. The meeting was great – and I pulled into my driveway at EXACTLY 1 AM muttering under my breath the whole time that I hated the bf for being right. But there was no way I could leave early – the discussion was sooo good and people were really sharing and being authentic and I felt that it would have been very rude to leave early or while someone was speaking. Didn’t help any that it was 40 minutes away but then what are you going to do. I got to sleep somewhere after 1:30 am to get up at 6 am the next morning. Course, it’s more than just getting me ready – I had to get dd up and dressed and ready and the bf had to get a movin’ too. Lots to get everyone coordinated.

My friend – J – had been at the meeting too, had stayed later than I and did the race (walking) with her mom. She told me later that she had felt horrible and had been horribly tired! I didn't feel horrible and I wasn't tired until later in the afternoon when it all hit me really hard - and I had to CRASH! The run went pretty well all things considered!

We got there a little later than I had expected (I was shooting for 7:30 am and it was 7:45 am). We had to duck into the Rennaissance to use the potties and I finally dodged, and zig zagged, and ducked and pushed my way thru the crowd to be at the 9 mile marker at 8:20. The crowds were just intense! Over 46,0000 people participated! I could have easily gotten there at 7 am and still had a huge crowd to move thru. That was a huge drain of mental and physical energy to get to the starting line.

Then during the race itself I expended a lot of energy just trying to maneuver my way through the throng until it started to thin out a little but then you'd still have these moments of needing to pass someone and getting almost squeezed out. I was having to really go fast to try and make up time and a lot faster than I am really used to! CRAZY!

I did finish in 30:25 Official Chip Time - a little slower than 2
years ago when I ran it in 29:45. There were no chips then so it was probably faster and it wasn't anywhere near as crowded back then as it was this year so I feel pretty good about it The Alum Creek 5k I ran in 30:23 and there was no one in my way for that one! The Komen is not a good race to try and set a personal record. You can't focus on just running!

I did notice that I was at a very fast past. I hit the 1 mile mark at 9:11 (previous race I was at 8:50 for the first mile so that tells you about the crowd slowing you down) but it had taken 20-30 seconds to
officially cross the start line after the clock started so my first mile was very fast for me under 9 mins again (I wish I could sustain that pace!) I took a walk break when I got to 10 mins. and noticed that my heart rate was racing at 175! The 1 min. walk break got it down a little but not much. At 2 miles it was 19:05 mins and I walked again (I wonder if beans - the sports beans - would have helped at this point.) I ended up taking one more little 30 second walk break after sprinting thru the Harley riders and then just ran to the finish. I also found myself very hot, sweat dripping in the eye, and thirsty! All of which I believe were a result of not enough sleep, not enough water and 3 glasses of wine :)

Good thing is that my knee didn't hurt (I wore my knee brace and felt a couple very tiny twinges around 2.5 mile but it went away) and I didn't get any cramps or pains in my calves or ankle. I still need to get to a sports med doc to check out the knee just in case.

So yes - next race, if bookclub is before it I HAVE TO LEAVE ON TIME! I think that if I'd gotten a decent amount of sleep (more than 4.5 hours) it wouldn't have felt so hard to run like that and I wouldn't have needed all those walk breaks! Plus the extra speed I was putting on to try and make up time.... it was a tough - but fun - race!

After the race I called by bf & dd to see where they were. They were at about 1 mile so I went thru the expo to make sure dd got everything. Then I got tired of walking around and called the bf again. They were> still at Goodale - almost to mile 2 so I started walking up High to run into them and got to them in front of the Greek Orthodox Church - I had walked 1 mile to meet up with them. It was amazing to see the sea of humanity walking down the middle of downtown Columbus – absolutely amazing!

I ended up carrying dd part of the way and I finished the race - AGAIN! LOL. We went thru the expo then went to eat, to pick up Dream Dinners and home. THEN we drove to Dawes and I got a couple of things there and did the Story Trail. On the way home is when I started to crash. I was driving and almost falling asleep! I got home, got on the couch and took a nap!

The bf ran dd to her dad's and went to let his brother's dog out and go home to shower. BTW – his brother was running the Cleveland Half the next day and did great! At 6 I woke up and got my bearings while watching the Preakness (neat story with the horse that won.) After that I goofed off and then went to mow part of the lawn. Then we went to go eat and hit the grocery. We got home a little after 11, put away the groceries. I was toast!!! LOL.

Next day I had to get up at 6:30 am to go to Hilliard to do my "Martial Arts" certification at the Y then came home and finished the mowing. I needed a day off from the weekend!

Thanks for reading this far!
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