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Friday, May 22, 2009


When I started this trek - Feb, 2007, I was going at full speed . FB says, "But, as you well know, sprints leave you breathless and tired. Focus and preparation are everything at the beginning of any goal achievement journey (especially dieting). These skills take time and concentration to be effective."

In this Stage, you’re encouraged to adopt just three small Fast Break Goals for a reason – so you can stay focused. There’s an old saying that “he who chases two rabbits catches neither.” In other words, by going after too many goals at once, you’d probably end up doing all of them poorly, or not at all. ME: I DID NOT stay focused 100% of the time.

FB says: In a recent poll, we found that 67% of dieters start to lose momentum within just a couple of weeks or less. The first two weeks of a diet are so critical that the goal for now is success – any success – no matter how big or how small. Having one small goal each in nutrition, fitness, and motivation lets you focus enough to really do well.

In the beginning (nope this is not the Bible) - I did focus, and track my food, and I WAS successful. Wonder why I didn't keep on keeping on?

Two weeks is also a good time frame for focusing; any longer and attention may wander. At the same time, two weeks are long enough to help you get settled in and feel comfortable with your new goals and the site before picking up speed. It gives you a chance to learn before you need the knowledge. Take advantage of this prep time. I DID not continue with the 3 goals 100% of the time. Therefore, I lost, I gained, I lost, I gained.

At the start of the Fast Break Stage, you created calorie and nutritional goals, based on weight, time frame and activity levels. Meeting these goals will make or break your weight loss success. So why, during this Stage, do we encourage you not to worry too much about meeting those goals every day? 'Why do we just ask you to learn how to use the meal planner and nutrition tracker to keep tabs on your current eating habits?

THIS was a down fall of mine, give me an inch, I'll take the mile of food.

Again, it all comes back to starting small and practicing. Before you can fix the problem, it’s smart to know how bad the problem is. That means learning how to track this info every day without worrying about results. Simply being aware of what you’re eating is a huge step, and will likely lead to changed eating habits anyway. There will be plenty of time to meet your daily calorie goals in Stage 2: Healthy Diet Habits. Once you have a handle on what’s on your plate, you can concentrate on fixing it.

GOES ONTO SAY, "This can be an exciting, hopeful time. You may not be sure what to expect from your SparkDiet and you definitely don’t know what the future holds. One thing for certain is that you’re determined to make it happen and make it stick. This time will be different, you’ve decided. You will lose the weight and keep it off!"

That’s fantastic, positive energy! The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to build on that excitement. Take that determination and turn it into success and momentum that will last for weeks and months.

How do you do that? By easing into it and setting yourself up for success. By practicing your program and organizing your life. By being patient and not risking disappointment with sky-high expectations. Most of all, by enjoying yourself! A struggle is not enjoyable. Neither are needless pressure or hasty discouragement. You wouldn’t purposefully create these troubles if you could help it. Through the Fast Break, you can avoid them altogether.

You’re doing something great for yourself. Do everything you can to keep your outlook positive and your momentum pushing forward.

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  • NAN71486
    I agree with them! Great blog! I took the time to read every WORD! I so agree with every word you wrote. I'm determined to put less pressure on myself this time around. I am keeping up with the nutrition tracker everday! Even when I've eaten out, I've come home and reccorded it! I've done very well each time I've eaten out. I've laid off the bread and sweets!!!! emoticon
    4339 days ago
    Great blog and good mindset =) You can do this.
    4348 days ago

    I love this blog Barbara!

    Your in it for the long haul, I have no doubt you will persevere.

    4348 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    Hey, Memorial Week-end. Let's all get outside and have fun. The pool opens outside, so I'm going to go. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4348 days ago
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