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Shopping Phobia

Saturday, May 23, 2009

OK, so I think that Amy and I bit off more than we could chew last night. I should have known. Some people love to shop. Love it. I do not. I really hate it. First of all I hate how overpriced everything is. Unless it is on sale, I will not buy it because there is such a mark up on clothes. Secondly, I am not little. Shopping in the extra large or woman section for so long. Choices and styles ugg. So for years it was buy it and get the heck out of the store.
So last night Amy and I leave my house and we go off to Marshalls. We have a list of things that we need. bike shirt, hat , bathing suits, shorts... It would have been nice to run in and out. So we go in and spend 45 minutes. I found a pair of red compression shorts on sale for 7 dollars. good deal. And a pair of running shorts for 5. My problem was that I kept going back to the xl's, and I am now a size large. But in my head I am still an XL. Amy set me straight. She picked up a pair of the compression shorts too. And after some haggling at the desk she got her pair lowered from 9 to 7 dollars like mine. Good job standing up for yourself aims!
Then we hit TJ maxx. Bathing suits again were yucky. Just no selection for swimming for what we needed. We did find "Life is Good" ventilated baseball caps for 8 dollars(great price). I found a bike shirt and swimming goggles. Who would think to look at tj max for swimming goggles. I would not have. Good eye Amy.
I am getting hungry now. It is almost 6. So we decide to do subway in the mall.
On the way we stop at a bike shop. We are going to see if they have any tri wear there. Amy is large chested and we decide we could try it on and then buy on line because we would know what size we are. The owner walks over to us and introduces himself to me. The shop is hopping. A beautiful brown lab comes up to me and licks me. I love this store already! He asks us what we are looking for and I tell him Zoot shorts or tri wear. To say the least he seemed surprised, but very kind. They do have a large selection of clothing, but she shows us what is tri wear. Most of the selection are smaller sizes. He told us that his purchaser could order us anything and we would be under under no obligation to buy it. We could try it on. Well I grab a couple of larges learning from my previous store experiences. I pick up a pair of large and extra large bike shorts and a couple of tri tanks. I go in the dressing room alone, big mistake. and then it happens. I almost get stuck in the shirt that I am trying on. I did not take my own sportsbra off, big mistake and like glue my body is stuck in this tank. Seriously I was hyperventilating. Finally i get it off and wave Amy in this dressing room. We both try on the different shorts and I show her this tri shirt which went on without the bra much easier, but she still assisted me with it.. I was overwhelmed. I bought a sportsbra that was on sale for 10, amy bought some bike gloves and off we go. The owner stopped us before we left and told us to come during a week day and talk to the woman buyer. We probably will do that. And if it fits right i would probably buy from him because he is a local business and he is a good business man. I will pay more for that. Really, he was so kind.
Then we go to Sears because they are having a lands end bathing suit sale. We walk in the mall and the subway is closed. I am really hungry and I get really crabby when I am hungry. Right next door to the subway is chinese, nope, sbarros pizza, nope, annies pretzel, nope, and an orange julious, again, nope. So we walk to the other end of the mall. Amy is fearing that I am going to eat or beat her. We skip friendlies because I do not like their choices. Lets just get a suit and go eat! I find a one peice that will work fine till I buy tri clothes. I would like to wait a little to buy that anyways until I lose some more weight. If I am 20 lbs lighter by August. Then I would like to wait. Amy almost bought a one peice too, but she didn't. We have more stores we can check out another night. We are off to dinner.
ON the way there Amy is joking that a foot long was in order, but we did not buy that. We both got healthy options for dinner and then went home. We did not have a chance to do the whole tri planning thing. We will do that this week. The shopping was so overwhelming that I needed to have a clear head for planning another day. I was pooped.
Thank you Amy jean for shopping with me. For feeling the same feelings when the very kind bike shop owner looked surprised as we told him we were training for a tri. Feeling like fat chicks, but realizing we are shrinking. I am a size large people. I just have to convince myself of that.
Sorry for those of you that read my blog that this is so long. But This is a big trip for me and Amy, I wanted to document how it felt. I will over come this. Can you imagine what I will be like when I shrink to a medium. LOL
Anyone else have a shopping phobia like me?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh gosh the memories of my cycling store clothing fiasco of last year just came flooding back. At least you didn't freak out and cry like I did! Nice job keeping it together and I love the idea of buying online if you can't find what you need. I also support local businesses whenever possible - but I love a good sale, too!!
    4343 days ago
    Oh Jeanne, I was laughing and laughing with you on the stuck in a shirt by yourself in the dressing room. I have done that before. Only I was really by myself. Not even Scott lurking outside for me. I finally had to sit down, take deep breaths, relax myself, and slowly wiggle out of the dumb thing.

    I hate shopping. I hate looking for things tht fit. I hate not finding anything. I hate payng full price. I hate the selection. I hate that I havelost nearly 20 pounds and while the size I currently wear is baggy, the next size down is too tight. (I think my clothes hate me!)

    I hope you can laugh about this all today.

    AND CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING A SIZE LARGE! Doesn't it feel wonderful?!? I think that when I get there I will have a giant clothes-burning party. You'll see the smoke all the way out there on your coast! (but I do have my one pair of fat pants for the "after" shot!)

    The guy at the bike shop sounds great - I hope you do go back and talk to his buyer. It's always good to support local businesses, and the extra attention and help you get is worth (in my mind) the couple extra bucks you pay!
    4344 days ago
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