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Am I scared? Or, am I just inaccurate?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Just wondering. Could I be scared of what might happen to me if I run faster? I mean, I was injured for such a long time that maybe I am scared to go all out (not like I would go all out on a long run, but maybe a short one).

Also wondering - maybe I have not gotten any slower, but I have gotten more accurate. I mean, my Garmin generally doesn't lie to me. The route I use to base all of my runs on is a 5 mile route. Or, it's what I THOUGHT was 5 miles. It's actually only 4.7. So, that makes my 10 mile run only 9.4. So, if I do a 10 mile run on this route in 1:40 - I was thinking I was doing 10 minute miles, but in actuality I was going slower than that.

Who knew - my whole running life has been a lie, LOL! Maybe I have been this fast all along, and I just race significantly faster than my training times.

I can say this, though - the fall marathon training program I'm in is VERY challenging. We did a hilly 8 miler the other day that was brutal. As far as mileage goes, we are way ahead of where we were at this time during spring marathon training. That's actually OK with me because I felt like spring marathon training was "too easy" if that's possible. I mean, I don't feel like I got enough miles in during the training. But this time, I will be prepared.

My goal is to come back down under 5 hours for a marathon...
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    It is what it is and who knows? To me, running one day, feeling good and knowing I'm being challenged is so much better than than time on a watch!
    You are doing great!
    4108 days ago
    I had the same thing happen when I was using the Nike+ as my timing system, it had me thinking I was abuot a minute per mile faster than I actually was, the Garmin was a rude awakening... lol
    4109 days ago
    Many people DO race much faster (1-1.5 min/mile faster!!!) than they train for long runs. Just something about that race atmosphere...

    My distances changed from my old Garmin to my new one, so who knows what I've actually been running!
    4109 days ago
    If i remember correctly, you were my partner in Plantar Fasciitis?
    I know what you mean about the time differences. You can totally get under 5 hours. It's a great goal.

    I'm pretty slow, because i'm scared of the injuries too, and hold back from pushing myself faster. Baby steps right?
    4109 days ago
    Hi Molly! This is sounding very familiar, LOL! I was using the Nike + before I got my Garmin and I think I have the exact same issue. It probably also dosen't help that I haven't been running all the smaller races I did last year. I'm wondering if the spring marathon training through winter has slowed me down and burnt me out. We are very much in the same boat. If you figure it out, please let me know! :)
    4110 days ago
    Molly, I have no doubts that you will achieve your sub-5 goal.

    I had physical therapy on my hips this past spring and it has helped tremendously. I stretch my hips every single day. They feel so much stronger now than they did before.

    Stay strong, Molly!
    4111 days ago
    You know, I never had a Garmin until this past winter, so I have NO real clue what my distances or times were. But that's okay - I have my pre- and post-Garmin running lives, and I don't bother trying to compare. You can only move forward and worry about what you're doing now and what you CAN do in the future. And it sounds like this new program should do WONDERS for your future running!! Enjoy your long run!!
    4111 days ago
    I've always wondered what speed I have been running at and since I don't have a garmin. I always guess my spped when I enter my info on the fitness page. Since I would rather underestimate than overestimate, I always choose the slowest running and walking speeds. Then one day if I do get a garmin, I may find I am actually doing much better than I thought.
    I know I am NOT turtle slow. At least that is one good thing!

    4111 days ago
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