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#26: It's Now or Never

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What seems like far too many people lament about their life's situations. Admittedly some of their complaints are valid -- if there is no job, the lack of income is a true millstone around their neck -- but many other complaints are not valid.

You know the type of person I'm referring to. They complain about everything. There's always an excuse why something happened to them. Nothing is ever their fault. Overweight? They are not to blame. Who then? Some unseen person?

It reminds me of my nephew Bobby who is now 15. Once, when he was about six, and was spending the night at my mother's, he got a slice of pizza from her refrigerator and took a bite. While holding the rest of the piece in one hand he walked into the living room where Mom was and with his other hand wiped his mouth as he chomped out loud. "Not eating any pizza here, Grandma," he said. "Well, what's that in your mouth and in your hand?" she asked. Bobby replied about me, "Oh, Uncle Lou must have put it there."

Funny perhaps, but it illustrates a truth. Until you own up to your fallacies you can not make progress on crafting a new you. You can not blame anyone but yourself for being out of shape. You were not born 20 or 50 or 100 pounds overweight. You did this to yourself over the years. The sooner you admit this the faster your turnaround to a healthier person will be.

"Yeah, but it will take me years to lose all of this weight." So what. If you don't act now, then years from now you'll still be the same, if not worse. You'll continue to be the overweight, tired, out of shape person you are today. What other excuse do you have?

Your situation is what it is because of the decisions you have made. Now is the time to begin a journey of wiser choices, action instead of inaction, responsibility instead of irresponsibility. If you do not like something about yourself, then begin to change it.

Benjamin Franklin created positive affirmations, aspects of his personality he wanted to change, and concentrated for one month on each of the traits he wanted to acquire or eliminate. It took quite some time but Franklin's personality underwent a near miraculous change. Now, he is viewed as one of our our most beloved statesmen.

Think a personal overhaul will take too much time or take too much effort? Ask yourself if you have the gumption to lose one pound. Just one solitary, little pound. If you answer truthfully, your answer must be a resounding "Yes!" Then begin to do what you need to do to lose that first pound. After your initial success, then work toward losing just one more, little pound.

Looked at as a whole, the journey to better fitness and better health often seems too daunting. But, just as you don't eat a meal in one gulp, but in tiny, manageable mouthfuls, so you will embark on your trip to a new you.

Start now, today. Do this for yourself. Make this journey a gift you give yourself.

Little by little. Tiny baby steps.

As Elvis sang many times, "It's now or never."
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That is my motto, 'ONE DAY AT A TIME", I can control what I decide to eat and when I want to move. I WILL succeed in becoming healthier

    I do not try, I do!
    4236 days ago
    Well said, Lou, and words that needed to be said. There is not one single excuse (and, yes, let's face it... they ARE excuses) we can conjure up for which Scripture does not have a solution. God has the answers because HE is our sufficiency. If we will only humble ourselves before Him and pray, seek His face, turn from our destructive ways, we will find those answers that bring healing to our lives.
    4236 days ago
    Hi Jamie ~~ Differing opinions are always welcome. Because this message was so long I didn't go into as much detail as I should have but tried to focus on the weight loss attitude. The example of my nephew Bobby was intended to be a funny example of someone blaming another person for what they ate. I agree that medical conditions and medications often do contribute to weight gain or hinder weight loss. Still, as you pointed out,there are exercises someone can do despite nearly all limitations, even if only mild isometrics. Thank you for being so supportive. What you pointed out was succinct and is well accepted.

    4237 days ago
    Lou, you know I love ya, but I must slightly disagree. When I was going through my childhood, I was very active and ate right and was still over weight, it wasnt until I was 18 years old that I found I had a thyroid condition. The Doctors, even with treatment, felt that I would never see less than 200 lbs. I proved them wrong, but that also wasnt my fault. When I was 22, my thyroid went over active. I lost weight like crazy, no matter what I ate or how little I did. To prevent the serious problems an over active thyroid could do to a person, I had it reduced. I took a radioactive iodine pill and it pretty well killed my thyroid, and until they got my meds to the right amount, No matter how well I ate or how much I exercised. nothing mattered. So, I believe to some, it isnt their fault. Now, I must state though!!! Once my medications were corrected, it was then my fault for letting my back pain get the best of me. Even though I was injured, there were things I could have done, but didnt. I also snacked all the time. So, that is why I only slightly disagreed. But you are so true, if we dont start now, 2 years from now you will be in the same situation if not worst and be 2 years behind where you could have been! Thanks for sharing.
    God Bless

    4237 days ago
    Great blog Lou!!
    4237 days ago
    thank you, now or never is so true. we have only ourselves to blame for most of this mess me make of our lives. no one pushes us to eat one more bite, or ten. no one makes us do anything. we are our own worst enemies. baby steps is what this journey is all about.
    4237 days ago
    It's now or never.....absolutely right! One at a time...one baby step...Thank you so much for this blog! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4237 days ago
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