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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I am FURIOUS right now! Mad enough to make up some new words. Had to come inside before something came out of my mouth that I could not take back. Mostly I am mad about dog crap. I do not have a dog, but I stepped in dog crap THREE times while I was mowing and just barely missed a 4th pile. Stink stink stink. When I finished mowing, I came around to the front of the house and not 3 steps from my front door is a big pile of dog poo already drawing flies.

Part of the problem is people walking their dogs on our street. I live in a fantastic neighborhood for walking, and people frequently walk their dogs by here. I love dogs. I am always happy to see people out walking their little dogs. But you know what? There is a wooded and vacant area on EACH END OF THE BLOCK. Let your dog crap there!!!!!! I mean, seriously, there is ONE house between me and the wooded area. One time I walked out the front door and saw a woman who had her dog on a retractable leash. The dog was out in the middle of my yard doing his business. What the ??????????

I also have 2 neighbors who have dogs who get out a lot. One of them is a very good neighbor, and it does not happen very often, but the dog seems to run straight to my yard when he gets out. The other one is a neighbor who is far from considerate on many levels. She throws food over the fence into my back yard. I guess she doesn't want her dogs to pick at the left overs???? She throws her cigarette butts in my yard. Seriously . . . . one time a friend brought me home, and as we approached the house, we saw her step off of her carport and over to the edge of the property to throw her cigarette in my yard. She has also had company park between us (on me) and get stuck, rutting up my yard.

The problem: If I complain to anyone about the one neighbor who is a constant problem, the other neighbor gets caught in the fire, because his dog does occasionally get out, and it was his dog at my front door today.

I am cooling off a little know and beginning to feel petty about getting so angry. I really love dogs. I would have a little canine companion if my landlord did not have a very strict no pets rule. Nonetheless, I do not like stepping in dog crap. I do like to relax in The Outhouse at night, and I do not want to worry about what I might step in getting between the front door and the swing if I go out there after dark.

Okay. I am done venting!

I am going to wash the sweat and grass off of me. It looks like rain, but I am going to take my chances and hit the pool for a much cooler form of exercise than mowing.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Let's see, you can complain to your landlord, call animal service, get the stuff that dogs don't like the smell and spray your yard or move. Once your yard smells like a dog then dogs in your neighborhood will continue coming. I don't like it either and I have 2 small dogs but I have them in a fenced in area and I clean up after them, don't want to walk in it either. Jonesboro recently made a law that a dog has to be in a yard or pen and the only tie down has to be a trolley type. You have plenty of reason to VENT!
    4104 days ago
    I know what you mean. We no longer have dog but I still have crap in yard. Not from people walking dogs. Nope. From people letting dogsd run loose. Arrrggggg!
    4104 days ago
    Sorry about your bad experience while mowing today. On the other hand, the pool sounds very relaxing. Hope the rest of your day goes well.

    hugs, Wendy
    4104 days ago
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