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#27: Words II

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recently a young lady was making quite a fuss inside a convenience store. She yelled and cursed at the cashier and other customers because her bank debit card wasn't approved for her purchase of a bottle of soda. She even tried an ATM for a cash withdrawal without success. All the while she became angrier and angrier.

It was impossible for other people inside the store to know from viewing the scene what drove her to such a rant that not only embarrassed her but also everyone else present. The clerk, to his credit, remained silent, most likely aware that there was nothing he could do about her depleted bank account.

Finally a man approached the upset young lady and in a soft tone said, "I sometimes have trouble with my card. Will you allow me to buy that for you?"

The woman looked at her benefactor and burst into tears as she nodded "Yes."

It is true that a soft tone does turn away wrath and temper anger. It is highly probable the woman was reacting to something in her life other than a simple retail transaction.

How often do we think of our own actions and our own words and the effect they have on other people? Most likely not very often. Yet, many times, all someone wants is a soft tone telling them "Everything will be alright. You are a valuable person. You are a gift to the world."

Yes, a soft voice can turn away wrath but it can also reach deep into another's soul to let them know things will get better, that while their current problems may seem insurmountable there are people who care about them.

We need to be aware that what we say or what we write is capable of having a far-reaching effect on someone else. It should be our intent to offer others encouragement and hope and positive affirmations.

When I began writing these daily messages I did not have a day-by-day topic planned. I allow the spirit of the world to "purchase" a daily topic for me. The most satisfying comments from readers are the ones that say, "This was exactly what I needed to read today."

Just as the man in the store was put there to assuage the woman's wrath, so do I believe we are put here on earth to comfort others, to motivate them, to inspire them that their life CAN be better, that problems CAN be overcome, that there is a plan in place for them to achieve their goals.

Our words can be powerful. A soft tone turns away wrath. Words of encouragement can be the key to another's happiness. Words of inspiration may be exactly what another person needs to replenish their soul and rejuvenate their hopes.

Our words can be powerful.

How will you use yours?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Bless that man for his kindness. At times we all may be in that situation.
    4232 days ago
    Proverbs 16: 24 says...........Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. NIV
    4235 days ago
    I've had similar experiences, Lou, and what magic a gentle word and a smile can be! We are careful to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit when we are out to see if He would have us to pay for someone's meal (without them knowing who did it) in a restaurant or to pay for the car behind us in a drive-through, or to give a cashier an extra $20 toward someone's gas as we pay for our own, so that we're out of the store before they get to the cashier. It is so joyous to be able to give to others when they don't expect it. They're blown away that a stranger would do something like that, and we always ask the waitress or clerk to tell the person God blessed you today! We pray that God will reveal Himself as the Giver of every good gift to them, that He will draw them to Himself by His goodness. We truly can never know the impact of an act of kindness upon a person's life or eternity. Thank you for being sensitive to the Lord in sharing with us.
    4236 days ago
    I totally believe in your blog 100%. When God talks to us he talks in a soft voice! I often have been on the receiving end of that. I have been in the place of that woman. I am not proud that I have been, but I have. If no one around me gives me the soft voice, it usually takes a while for me to calm down. Of course, mine is not usually in the middle of a store, mine is usually aimed at one person unfortunately. I spend alot of time online and on a busy game that I am actually on the staff of. I deal with quite a few cruel and heartless people in the game and sometimes the hurt and anger and feeling of helplessness pours over to the situations between me and friends. Thank you so much for sharing Lou, It truly is something I needed to hear today!
    God bless
    4236 days ago
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