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Artificial Sweeteners

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Below is an e-mail from biblical health daily. Lately since my journey of a healthier lifestyle I have been making small changes over time. This is my new one to avoid the artificial sweeteners as well as other processed ingredients. This has been a lot harder than I thought it would and I am still working on this but getting a little better with the more that I learn. High Fructose Corn Syrup is what I am currently really striving to get out of my diet. That is really hard because it is in many of the packaged foods and it is harder than I thought to get away from those completely because it is just so easy. Anyway my journey this time around has been to be healthier and not about the weight loss - although that is a huge part of it. Although I struggle a lot with making the right food choices I am getting a little better all the time and I am okay with making progress and not being perfect.

How to Get Sick: Use Artificial Sweeteners
As bad as sugar can be in its various forms, artificial sweeteners are worse! Some are downright deadly because of their carcinogenic properties. Also, they are used in such high-volume products as diet soft drinks and sugar-free foods. Chief among sinners is aspartame, which is marketed as NutraSweet or Equal. Renowned diabetes expert Dr. H. J. Roberts believes there is a clear scientific link between aspartame and increased incidence of brain tumors, seizure disorders, chronic headaches, and hyperactivity in children. As for saccharin, the "cancer-causing" warning labels still apply. The newcomer on the block is sucralose (used in Splenda), but the jury of scientific research still seems to be awaiting further testimony on this one. (If the Maker didn't produce it "as is," then it probably isn't much better than the other synthetic sugar substitutes.)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good information! I've never trusted all the chemicals in artificial sweeteners. I try to only use raw sugar.

    4078 days ago
    Intersting blog. Makes one think again about what to use as a sweetener.

    It is hard to do without a taste of sweet now and then.

    Food for thought for sure, thanks. emoticon
    4079 days ago
  • GHW1968
    I use Splenda when I drink coffee, which is not often. But this is quite disturbing to hear! :(
    4169 days ago
    Personal Story that I thought would fit in here......

    I have been using Splenda for years now...its become just habit for me...Until recently I didnt even think about it. My train of thought was well at least its not real sugar. About 3 or four weeks ago I started to have these flashes of pain in my head. These flashes would be momentary and intermittant somedays and other days it would be almost unbearable for an hour or so and then it would go away. I tried to think of what in the world could have been causing this terrible pain. I've never suffered from migraines and on occassion do have mild seasonal allergies. I thought perhaps I was getting sick with some sort of sinus problem or needed to get my eyes examined....and then just on a whim I thought perhaps it's something I ate or drank...Looking thru my food journals I remembered that had been drinking ALOT of Crystal Lite - Sunrise Orange Flavored Drink Mix. I would make it by the pitcher full.....So sweet and refreshing. I have drank Crystal lite in the past without any problems....but never consuming it in the amounts that I had been in the week or two of my onset of this strange but terrible pain...So I stopped making it and went back to plain old water, tea, or coffee...and amazingly no more pain! --- So I am guessing that I have developed or have always had an allergy or sensitivity to the artficial sweetener in Crystal Lite....I stay away from the stuff now...I do still use a few packs of splenda in my morning coffee, but thats it. If something Im making calls for sugar I use real sugar or substitute with a natural source of sweetness whether its juice or applesauce or something along those lines.......No more Aspartame for me!!!

    4184 days ago
    I guess I stopped fearing the artificial sweetners when I read the sparkpeople article on it. There are guidelines for how much people are supposed to use, also they say that we shouldnt drink more than 30 ounces of artificially sweetened soda a day and theres some other references to how much sweetener to have. They said something about how you can actually crave MORE sweets if you use it wrong. I found that if I have more than a few cans of diet soda I start getting ravenous... SO I guess I am split on the issue now...
    Peace in Christ sis!
    4198 days ago
    Sad but true. EVERYTHING either has sugar or some other kind of sweetener in it. Even things that are not thought of as a sweet food has one of these added. It is a hard thing to get away from but I imagine it is possible with a little time and effort. I guess organic is the way to go. I am sure sugar will make more appearances though as even they have to compete with the sugar saturated taste our pallets have become accustomed to.
    4198 days ago
    I heard stevia was okay to use. I have never tried it though.
    4198 days ago
    I only use stevia!!! It is plant based
    4198 days ago
  • RNICOLE278
    I too have cut out artificial sweeteners. I read the labels on the food before I buy or eat it. I drink plain water, and the occasional tea or coffee with a teaspoon or so of plain sugar. I'd rather be safe than sorry, because I don't believe that 'stuff' is good for us. Thanks for the blog.

    4198 days ago
  • MUFFIY831
    I've been trying to wean myself off the Splenda, too. I still use the occasional packet in my tea, but that's about it. I now skip the processed yogurts and other stuff with fake sugar and HFCS, but you're right - it's hard because it's EVERYWHERE. I'm reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma" now and it's quite eye-opening about how corn rules our lives.
    4198 days ago
  • SUZIEZ89
    I am not surprised! Thanks for the blog.
    4198 days ago
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