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The Red, White $ The Blue

Saturday, August 01, 2009

This is America, land of the free.
Proudly she waves high in the
Ringing out freedom, the Red,
White & Blue, standing for justice
and the right to choose.

In Honor our soldier's march off
to war.
Fighting to keep us safe,from
shore to shore.

They are proud to be American's
standing tall and brave.
Ready to serve their country and
the Red, White, & Blue.
To keep America free for me
and you.

Away from home in a land unknown
from family and friends they left.
Remembering the hugs and warm
goodbye's, as tears fell from there

The looks on children's faces waving
a Dad goodbye.
Shouting, come back soon Dad, we
will miss you.
A wife whose heart is broken in two
and a kiss to say goodbye.

A daughter or son, so young to be
leaving the nest.
A brother, a wife, an uncle, a friend,
a husband, when called leave, with
best wishes from you.

Let freedom ring, the flag fly high.
Pray for our soldiers day and night.
And when all is said and done, in the
end, in Victory we have won.
Remember those who gave their lives.
Those who were wounded along the

To them who are returning home, tired
and weiry and there strength is gone.
Welcome them back within your arms.
Welcome them home, for they are
the ones who, keep "The Red, White,
& Blue", flying for you.

by: paula strasburg

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