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#36: Weight Loss is Possible But Not Easy

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Have you noticed that the "models" used to demonstrate exercise equipment on television and in print ads all look as if they have never had an ounce of body fat in their lives?

Viewers are stimulated by a body that represents their dream of being trim, muscular, toned and with great muscle definition. The same viewers are stimulated by ads promising massive weight losses practically in minutes if they will only take this or that supplement. And again we see young, in-shape models promoting the product.

Plan and simple, many, if not most, viewers want to duplicate those perceived results so desperately that they buy the bottles of pills and the latest piece of breakthrough exercise equipment and expect near immediate results. When they don't instantaneously begin to look like the models in the ads, they feel worse about themselves than when they started, often 40 percent worse according to a 2000 study of people and their expectations. Forty percent worse! All because they did not get immediate results.

Weight loss and better health are certainly possible but not if we rush from one fad plan or piece of equipment to the next without giving any of them the time and dedication needed to extract the most from them.

As a group of people, we want instant gratification and instant fitness. No one will buy into a program that advertises that it will take a year or two or three in order to show positive results. Call this the drive-through fitness plan. Simply buy the latest gadget and zip through it. When it doesn't help you achieve fast results then discard it for the next latest "innovation."

We are impatient. We want a different body and we want it now. Unfortunately, things are not that simple. Weight loss and fitness are possible but with consistent, steady progress over months and sometimes years.

The one thing that is not possible is a quick fix. Steady as she goes should be your motto.

Remember, it took years to get in the shape you are in today.

That's not all going to evaporate overnight.
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