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"Piano Man Play A Song"

Friday, August 07, 2009

....Listen, can you hear the music, feel the
....Your body starts moving, you get a good
feeling inside.
....Your foot starts tapping, your bouncing
in rhythm to the song.

....Your heart is beating faster, as the music
fills the air, your feeling it all around you.
Dance, come on and dance.

There was a young lady who couldn't
Not a sound was heard in her ears.
She didn't know what music was like.
The word music meant nothing to her.

She spoke with her hands and gestures
of language.
Born this way from birth was a disadvantage.

Only things she felt, she understood, like
hot, cold, tears, and the smell of outdoors.
She never heard a sound, but could feel
the moving of the ground.

Come on and dance, dance, dance.
As she moved out onto the floor, she felt
its shaking like the room was moving,
like never before.

Taking her hands I placed them in mine.
She could feel the rhythm, know the
beat, as the music rose up, she was
dancing and tapping her feet.

by: Paula Strasburg


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