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Friday, August 07, 2009

Well, I guess this is my 1st blog on here.

I thought I may get interested in tracking progress as I get closer to my goal.

I currently weigh 151 lbs. Not bad considering about 1 1/2 months ago I was 164. (My goal bar says I started at 161. I was on a different site for under a week and lost 3 lbs then converted to SparkPeople thanks to some research I did on these sites.) So I lost 13 lbs in under 2 months. Great!

I weighed 177 two and a half years ago. That's when I decided I was out of control. I decided to lose weight. I got myself down to about 153 in 4 or 5 months in 2007. Then I relaxed my eating habits and gained enough to weigh 164 to 167 lbs.

Keep in mind, I'm 5 foot 5, so my ideal weight should be about 133 to 135 somewhere. That's my goal. So I have about 15 lbs to go or so.

Back 10 years ago when I was 27 I was in the prime of my physical condition. I went to the gym for 1 hour and about 15 minutes every weekday morning. I'd get up at 5:15 and hit the gym at 6:00 and work out until 7:30 or so. Go home and have a nap if I didn't get work right away. I saw definition in my arms and back when I stuck to that routine. I also tried to cut as much carbs out of my diet. This was back in the Atkin's Diet hay-day. I have since learned from SparkPeople that a diet needs to be properly balanced, and carbs aren't the enemy.

So, that's kind of what I'm aiming for. Just a bit more definition would be nice.

I noticed that last week my arms were looking more defined. I'm not sure if that's psychological, or if I really have lost enough weight and/or gained muscle in my arms. Not sure at all. Then yesterday I think I saw some definition in my upper shoulders. That's a nice sign of progress.

I'm surprised that any muscle gain would be from my computer game, EA Sports Active. All it is is a resistance band. Seems a little silly to me. My wife bought a stronger resistance band for me, but still, I like to think results only come with free weights. We'll see.

So, that's my system; Eat within my target calorie range set by SparkPeople, and train 4 days a week or so with Wii's EA Sports Active.
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  • WENNI1972
    You're doing great babe! I can see the muscle tone in your arms, and no it doesn't only come with free weights. I just recently started using free weights yet in my exercise routine, and you know my arms toned and gained muscle long before that.

    And it's been so much easier for me to have somebody giving me the support I need. I love it. I absolutely HATED making meals for the family and watching everybody enjoy it while I ate a stupid salad, that's why my eating healthy never lasted. Thanks for the support, it's really making a difference. Love you and keep up the good work!

    4231 days ago
    I was not a blogger until SP. My husband and daughter are both on FaceBook. I resisted until I found a good reason to blog and SP is the best reason.
    Keep up the good work. Everything you do counts so keep tracking.

    4231 days ago
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