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#41: Cravings

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Do you sometimes crave ice cream or pizza or a candy bar or a big country style breakfast? I do. And I give in to my cravings. Otherwise this road to weight loss could become one long boring trip.

It just does not seem healthy, to me, to deny ourselves a so-called guilty pleasure every now and then. It seems as if the denial makes the craving that much stronger. But giving in to our cravings too frequently can derail us from out fitness program.

Sometimes I want and maybe need a huge breakfast. So every few months I'll visit a breakfast buffet and fill up on all the good-tasting things I normally wouldn't eat. That's all it takes to satisfy that craving for several months.

Or, I'll hit the pizza buffet a couple of times a year. When I've satisfied that desire then I'm good to go for another half of a year.

I've found that it is easier for me to do this than to try to limit myself to one slice of pizza, for example, when I really want more. That wanting more feeling makes me think about what I'm missing rather than erasing the craving.

What's important to me to relate is that I think if we deny ourselves something, then we are going to obsess over that longing rather than satisfying the craving and moving on.

What are your thoughts?
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    If I have a super big breakfast which I do once a week....then I have a light lunch and supper that day.

    If I know I am going to splurge at supper time then I have a light breakfast and light lunch or if I know I will be having a extra big lunch then I plan a light breakfast and supper.

    I could live on junk food . I am crazy about anything sweet, so I allow myself one treat every day this stops me from going nuts and binging . Denial leads to binging . I just figure my treat into my plan. I try to make things homemade as much as possible so I can use better ingredients. Brownies made with whole wheat flour taste great!

    So I am in agreement with you!
    4221 days ago
    i think che3ating is dangerous, i have cheated my way right back into my old ways, and fatty food is tasting worse and worse to me by the day, i like that :)
    4221 days ago
    Totally agree! I like how you think! emoticon
    4221 days ago
    I agree on the necessity of indulgence and on the scarcity of it, as well. My husband is home two weeks and out to sea four weeks. While he's home I allow myself two meals that I do not calculate. This time we went out for a steak dinner and I enjoyed it without guilt. I didn't blow through my values, I'm certain, but I didn't calculate it, either. Just the freedom of doing that two times out of each six weeks of time is a real treat for me. Mind you, I couldn't eat a bucket of fried chicken or a cart full of cotton candy, but then again, since the changes within my heart, I wouldn't want to do that. Man, that feels good!!
    4222 days ago
    I agree with you maybe 98%. My biggest problem is pizza and chinese food. I have found a dish in the chinese takeout my mom gets a few times a week that is low fat enough to be able to eat it weekly, the String bean chicken at Panda Express. Previously I ate the Orange chicken, which is WAY fattening. As for the pizza, I limit myself to one slice and take it in my room so that I won't be tempted to go out for another. Breakfast has never really been a big deal for me, though I have also spent a large amount of time in the past at breakfast restaurants in the Bay Area. I had a friend who liked to bring me to them a few times a month.
    So this is how I handle my urges and cravings. Admittedly, the weight loss is slower but I am finally making some progress.
    4222 days ago
    I think you hit the nail on the head.
    If we try to stay away from everything that may not be on our "diet" plan, we only set ourselves up for failure and guilt. Is it worse to have that cookie you crave or to deny yourself to the point where you sit and eat the whole bag?
    Having pizza buffet or a nice country breakfast once in a while beats constant indulgence and a lifetime of guilt.
    4222 days ago
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