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Advice Needed - Please!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hey Everybody,

I've been away for a bit due to a scheduled ankle fusion and an unplanned gall bladder removal surgery. I'm finally getting back to normal after a long summer and need to get refocused on that "healthy lifestyle" we are all working so hard for. Any encouragement or tricks for getting back focused on success would be much appreciated; however, that is not the advice that I need.

I have been in school every year since 2001 working on getting a degree in the medical profession. It has been my dream since I was 12 and my heart and soul are in it. Well, life happened, so did a mental breakdown and several medical issues. Anyways, I have it worked out to start a new nursing school September 1st. I have done almost all the pre/co-requisites you can do for nursing except 2 classes, so all that is left are 4 sequential VERY mentally and physically challenging nursing courses. Here it is August 10 and classes start in less than 3 weeks and clinicals on October 1st. I have a lot of pain and physical issues with my back (spinal fusion), left knee (torn ACL and repaired medial meniscus) and bilateral ankle coalitions and arthritis (with the right one just fused in June). (You can see the pix on my profile if you want) BTW - I'm 26.

Here is the question: Should I postpone starting the nursing classes until next fall?

I won't know if the fusion helped my right ankle for another few months and if it is mildly successful I will need to do my left ankle sooner rather than later. This nursing program is NOT designed for me to go and withdraw if I can't make it, but I may be able to postpone it a year. So, right now, I don't know where I stand with pain and have a lot of odds stacked against me. However, if I wait, it adds another year of me being in school (which I'm close to burned out on already) and there is no guarantee of the success of my surgeries. Although... if I really work on SP, it would help no matter what to drop the other 70 or so pounds I need to shed.

Please, please, please, if you have ANY thoughts on this I would love the input. I just don't know what to do, it's very important to me and I need to make this decision ASAP.

Thank you for your help!!! And I've missed y'all while I've been away emoticon

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    Thank you all for such great input!! I am feeling a consensus and my gut leaning me toward waiting a year. My heart is bummed, but my brain knows that is a much more logical (and ultimately successful) path. I am going to run things by my academic adviser just to make sure all the school stuff is in order and then will contact the nursing chairperson and commit to it.

    Thanks again for everyone's advice!

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    4183 days ago
    If there is a way to nurture yourself to wholeness first ..then I would vote for that.
    4184 days ago
    Hi Kerry,
    Heaven's to Betsy, life can really throw us some curve balls, can't it? Will you be doing clinicals when you return in three weeks? Are you going to be lifting around on patients, be on your feet alot and do other physically challenging tasks? Personally, I am a very driven person. I, too, am a nurse. It sounds to me like your heart is leading you to the most rewarding work in the world and you just wanna GET AT IT! YOU GO, GIRL! But wait...you're having doubts about the stability of your ankle and knee. Plus, it sounds to me like you're still in ALOT of pain. And you did mention that you are close to "burn-out already." My heart is telling you to wait...especially if you won't be allowed to withdraw if need be. My personal and professional opinion is to advise you to take this time to heal your body and your mind. Be healed so you can focus freshly on your studies, on your patients, on what you must do to be the best nurse you can be. Don't worry about losing a year...you're risking further injury if you place stress on yourself before you're ready and possibly disabling yourself permanently.

    This is just my opinion....you're going to make a wonderful nurse, Kerry. Right now you have to put the most important person first and get yourself healed. If you don't, you may make the world miss out on a wonderful caregiver and so many people will have to miss out on your loving heart and healing hands. I wish you luck. I will pray for you. Sometimes the hardest thing we nurses must do is take care of ourselves first.

    4184 days ago
    Hi Kerry,

    This is a tough one, and I can see how both choices have their pros and cons.
    I used to be a nurse, quite a few years ago now, I did 3 years of full time nursing school.

    You do have a lot going on and mentally only you can decide if you would be strong enough.

    I do suggest to talk to the teachers at the school, explain the situation and find out if there might be certain things you CAN do now.

    If you approach them I'm sure they would be most wiling to help and advise.

    That way you know you will be doing the right thing, and maybe already get some parts of the course out of the way this year.

    Good luck to you,
    take care!


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    4184 days ago
    I'm not a doctor, but when I was a truck driver, I played a doctor on CB

    My take on an old commercial where a tv doctor reported that he played one on TV, LOL

    I contacted my dear friend Steelercrazy, who is a nurse and I'm gonna let her know of your situation.

    I tend to agree with the consensus here, that you should wait and heal up rather than push your luck

    Good luck figuring out what to do

    Take care,
    Wishin' you all the best.

    Uncle Tony
    4184 days ago
    And we think we have problems. You are an inspiration to have come through so much. I read your blog twice to make sure I did not miss anything.

    In my opinion your health is the most important thing. Once that is sorted you can scale any mountain you want to. I would say postpone for only 1 yr that is not a life time. Take the time to exercise as your nursing course will require a lot of standing. Get back into sparkpeople and loose as much weight as you can, which will give you the energy to tackle anything.
    Good luck and keep us posted.
    Love Sylvia
    4184 days ago
  • LISAMG1220
    I have to agree with the other posts. I would postpone as well. You never know how much you have truly recovered until you are on your feet for more than 5 hours. School is not going anywhere. A year would give you plenty of time to heal (physically & mentally). Also, If you are questioning it at all, you are not ready to get back in the grind. Take some time and hit your reset button. Hope this helps...take care and get better!
    4184 days ago
    Postpone school. The rigor of clinicals will overwhelm you for sure. I've put my two cents worth. I wish you all the best.
    4184 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5499358
    I think that trying to start nursing school while recovering from two major operations and trying to get back on the healthy lifestyle would be too much for anyone. Postponing school for a while will let you concentrate on healing and living healthy. I hope you do well no matter which way you go. emoticon
    4184 days ago
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