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Help, I'm stuck

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My dh just got laid off today which means there is no one employed in my home.

I've not logged anything since after breakfast and I've been eating and drinking whatever whenever because of lack of appetite and being upset.

I want to continue with my weight loss journey. Unfortunately I have to cancel my naturopath appointments because they are expensive. She set up my diet with a caloric intake of 1,300 but I don't know when to change my calorie intake thinking I can't just exist on 1,300 calories a day forever, or can I?

How many days do I give myself to get back into the mind set to eat properly and log properly?

And how do I figure out calories for weight loss on my own now?

I still think it's important for me to lose weight and feel better about myself especially now. And I need to lower my cholesterol. I don't want to have to go on meds for it from my GP unless I absolutely have to.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


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    Hey Cauliflower,
    Sorry to hear about the layoff. But I agree with everyone else, keep pushing towards your goal! If you stop now you will regret it. Plus exercising will release endorphins that will naturally make you happy and feel better about yourself and situations in life.
    Everyone is here to support you and give advise. We wont let you fall off track!
    4182 days ago
    1300 calories is a normal amount to eat until you reach goal weight. If you log your food and exercise accurately into sparkpeople they will give you some parameters.

    Get back on plan as soon as possible. Don't use this as an excuse.

    Sorry about your husband. We went through something similar for a while.

    Do low carbs to lower your cholesterol.
    4183 days ago
  • MARYANNE4403
    i'm so sorry to hear about your husband, i'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers that he is able to find a new job and fast!! hopefully he can collect unemployment, being that he was laid off, he should have no trouble what so ever collecting. think of today as kind of a free day because of all that has happened and make sure tomorrow you get back to business with your weight loss program. go to spark people tracker, you can track thousands of foods there, that will be a big help, make sure that you track EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth, NO matter how small a bite it may be, i'm here if you would like to talk
    4183 days ago
    Cauliflower, Ouch! Sorry to hear about the layoff - no matter whether you were expecting it or not, it's still a nasty shock.

    Seems like a good day to comfort yourself as best you can. Trite as it might sound, tomorrow is another day. The sun will still come up and you're still going to need breakfast. By tomorrow perhaps you'll be in a better place to remember what taking good care of yourself means. Today you get to be a bit out of control, tomorrow you need to tend to yourself as if you were tending an injured friend -- you'd make sure they ate healthy, got some rest, and perhaps a bit of a walk for some fresh air. And then you might have some space to tend to your dh as he is no doubt in a sad place as well.

    Right now it will be really easy to freak out about all the bad things that could or might happen. It helps if you remember, with the exception of the layoff, none of them have happened yet and many of them won't. Doesn't mean you don't start thinking about what you can do, but it helps to remember that today those things haven't happened and to put your energy into today's challenges.

    Use sparkpeople for the calorie stuff; I actually got the link from my trainer and my doctor also endorses it. Follow the steps, you'll be able when to change your calories when you've reached the weight you want to be at. You'll gradually add a few more back into your daily diet until you gain a bit then know to pull it back a bit and just maintain at that level (being sure to leave room for chocolate of course ;-)

    If misery loves company, you can bet a lot of folks really do understand what you're going through. I bet most of us are experiencing first hand or someone close to us is in the same boat. That doesn't make it better, but I hope it helps to know that you have company.

    It sucks today, and it will probably suck tomorrow, but then you get to decide how you want to get through the day. You can choose to focus on what you do have and the progress you've been making, or you can dwell on the problems. It's a lot easier to come up with solutions, though, when you're focused on what you do have.

    Sorry to be on the soap box. I'll wish you well and hope that you remember to care for yourself. You come across as a special person and I wish the best.
    4183 days ago
    Cauliflower, I think a visit to your GP is in order, especially while you still have insurance. You need some medical guidance from someone who knows your health history before making any adjustments.
    If you don't already, try using the Spark tracker. It really is a wonderful tool if you are honest about using it. What are you doing about exercising? If you entered your information about weight and your exercise plan, Spark should calculate your calories for you too.
    This must be an awfully trying time for you. Just remember you aren't alone. As a Spark friend of mine always says, you need to be mindful of your Journey. THINK about what you are doing. And share with your Team mates when you need the support.
    Good Luck!
    4183 days ago
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