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#45: Tricking the Mind and Body

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Admit it. There are times we have to trick ourselves into exercising. Times when the mind is ready but the body says no. Times when the body is energized but the brain asks "why bother?"

When these times hit you, how do you respond? What tricks are up your sleeve?

One to use when you jog on a track is the "half-way marker" trick. At whatever stage of the run you are at, if you reach the track's half-way line then you must finish that lap with a jog. Even if it is only shuffling your feet, do not allow yourself to walk that last half lap.

Added to that is when you get to the marker for the last quarter of the lap, then make yourself sprint. It might be a slow sprint, but whatever energy is left inside you is put into that sprint.

So you need to determine before you get there what you're going to do.

Often, an amazing thing will happen. When you begin the sprint, you will feel an energy that carries you past the ending marker. When this happens, then you know you could have run that last half lap faster, because there was still energy left.

A little way to trick the mind and body.

On days you don't feel like going to the gym for a workout, tell yourself that you will only go for 10 minutes, that's all. What gets done in that time is all you'll do. More often than not you'll end up completing the entire workout.

Another way to trick the mind and body.

On those days where your mind and body truly have nothing to give, don't worry about it. Fatigue sometimes does set in. Do five push ups or crunches, whatever you can do. You'll be training your mind and body to know that even though you're physically tired and mentally worn out, there is still a little bit of gas left in the tank.

One more trick.

Which ones do you use?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I tell myself I have to do (whatever the exercise is to get me going) for any time limit - once i get going, I tell myself after a certain song is done I'll stop. I give myself so many goals to pass and make it easy that before i know it, I've been doing it for an hour and didn't know the pleasure I'd get from it.
    4217 days ago
    This is how I push myself up the hill of dread. I fast forward my brain to how I know I will feel when I am done , visualize and soak in that accomplished feeling and that helps to get my engine started. LOL If that doesn't do it then I know I really need rest and not exercise that day and I give my body what it needs.
    4218 days ago
    Thank you for that wonderful memory. There does seem to be force in the universe that is negative. We have to constantly fight against it. Good for you that day. -- Lou
    4218 days ago
  • KLEE46
    I remember a time when I knew I should exercise and was putting up massive resistance in Carlsbad, CA, a suburb of San Diego. I literally was spiritually arm wrestled into doing a walk at the sea wall. I told the universe, you better make this special with all the peevishness I had in me. Once at the parking lot I felt a bit better. I spotted an elderly couple and began to walk and talk with them. I passed them on feeling noticeably better. At the far end of the quarter mile or so path I spotted an egret, a beautiful white bird that I normally only saw at the lagoon. Several people had stopped including a young couple, the gentleman holding his friend around her waist. I said, "everything is better when you are in love" and they agreed. I walked up the ramp to the street level sidewalk and spotted what appeared to be a homeless man with camo gear and backpack. I felt love for him too. Everywhere I looked I felt love and God's presence. What a memorable day. I am so glad I gave in and walked.
    4218 days ago
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