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My Body Hates Unhealthy Food

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today for the first time in about a week, we ate out. It was my fault really, before leaving for work I forgot to move some chicken into the fridge to thaw. By the time I got back, it was too late to do so. So we had to eat out. I had fish curry with some stir-fried veggies. I made sure I had extra rice because I had been fasting over the last few days; and noticed that I had not been able to meet my calorie requirement.

But I don't feel good about it. You see, for the past week we had been going as organic as we could. All veggies were organic, and we had plenty of those during mealtimes. I found that eating plenty of fresh organic veggies helped make me feel full quicker. We also use healthy techniques when cooking: less fat, oil, and definitely less salt. I normally feel refreshed, and I usually have a little snack before retiring for the night, as normally I miss the pre-dawn meal otherwise. It seems that my body processes good, clean food really quickly, even when I eat so late at night. But with food from outside, it seems that it takes longer to digest. I am still wide awake and it is almost 1 am. My stomach feels bloated and I feel uncomfortable. It is as though my body is punishing me for feeding it unhealthy food after a week of wholesome eating. Now I have nothing against fish curry: it is one of my favourite things to eat. But I do realise that had I prepared it myself, using fresh fish from the market, wholesome veggies from my fridge, and definitely with less oil, it probably would have tasted better and I would've been in bed by now.

Perhaps the next time I forgot to thaw some chicken/fish/whatever, I should just pop round to a local food store that I know gets its produce fresh everyday, buy some, and make a simple dinner that my body would thank me for.
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    Hi, Motherof10! Wow... 10 kids.. that is a real blessing indeed! :)

    After I wrote the above blog post, my hubby woke up and started having stomachache and diarrhea. We concluded that with such a violent reaction, we suspect the drinks we had at the restaurant were contaminated. The fact that the food was very greasy didn't help either.

    But having said that, since we started eating healthier (low salt, low fat, less processed ingredients, fresh produce) we noticed we began to prefer eating at home. The places that do use fresh produce and less artificial flavourings (for example MSG) are usually too expensive to eat at very often. The mid-range places usually have something wrong with them: too salty, too much MSG, veggies not fresh enough, etc. And after eating, we get hungry again about an hour after, which makes me suspect that the food was just passing through instead of being absorbed. Empty calories indeed.

    Does organic produce make a difference? Yes and no. My husband is big on taste, and he hates the metallic/bitter taste of commercially grown greens. But he can happily munch on the same stuff when it is organic. I am not as discerning as my husband, but even I can tell the difference in taste in the following organic produce: butterhead lettuce, romaine, celery, tomatoes, chilis, bak choy, cauliflower, broccoli, organic passata. The flavours are absolutely amazing with these! And we found because the tastes were so intense, we didn't have to consume so much. There was not so much difference in taste with organic salmon or organic ketchup (says my husband, but I think the organic ketchup tastes way better than the non).

    So I'd suggest buying organic for the stuff you eat raw. Organic veggies like lettuce and salad here in Malaysia are the same prices as the non-organic variety, so it helps with the food budget! Maybe start off simple, some salad and tomatoes, and see how your family likes it. Another solution is to get your family to chip in and grow your own organic veg! This takes a lot of effort.. but maybe this can be a family project.

    Thanks again for your comment.. it really helped me clarify my thoughts a bit more. :)
    4214 days ago
    Wow! I've heard that organic produce does make a difference but is it that obvious? I should try and see. I'm buying for a huge family who loves their fruits and veggies(thankfully) but buying organic will add a big lump to the food bill. Anything to make us healthier.
    4214 days ago
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