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#48: Perspective

Sunday, August 16, 2009

When you look into the night sky, are you amazed when you consider the enormous distances between the earth and the moon, other planets and stars? It is something I can't readily comprehend. The numbers are simply too large. Yet, we have had people who accepted the astounding challenge to fly into this unknown territory.

When you walk along the water's edge in the coolness of an early evening and watch the ocean waves that never stop, are you reminded of the vastness of our seas? It is a size that dwarfs my mind. But we have a history of intrepid explorers who bet their lives on finding new lands across these large bodies of water.

When you stand on a mountaintop and survey the valleys and other mountain peaks, are you reminded of the unbelievable upward force involved in creating such beautiful vistas? It is a force that is too powerful for me to fully appreciate. Still, climbers have been undaunted in scaling these majestic heights.

When you stand in a museum next to the reconstructed skeleton of a dinosaur, do you find yourself lost in the thought of fighting such gigantic beasts while being armed only with a wooden club? Our forefathers overcame their fear of these prehistoric animals and did just that.

When you look at the pounds you want to lose, do you often feel overwhelmed? When I do, I remember the stars and the ocean and the mountains and the dinosaurs and realize that, what seems an insurmountable amount of weight loss to me, is but a minor number in the big picture of our world.

It is at these moments I understand that, while our journeys to better health seem filled with huge barriers impossible to overcome, the obstacles are, in reality, like drops of water in a rainfall. While our task of achieving fitness often seems overwhelming, it is but a blip in the history of the world's existence.

Keeping such a perspective will allow us to look at minor weight loss setbacks as nothing more than inconvenient steps backward as we prepare to once again move forward with even greater resolve.

We CAN successfully complete our journeys to better health. We CAN become the people we long to be if we keep things in perspective, never shy away from the challenge and never stop embracing the believe that our journeys will allow us to make new discoveries, of our world and of ourselves.
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