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What is Gained by Losing WEIGHT????????

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hi Spark Friends,
I hope your all having a GREAT day!!! I wanted to check in and share some things I have gained and lost along with the weight. It is my hope that it can and will inspire other spark friends to continuing moving forward to the goals they have set for themselves to become a healthier person. When I began here it was to just simply get some piece of ANYTHING at all to help me to drop the extra weight I had and become a more fit and healthier person. I had NO idea and could NEVER had foreseen what would come along with the weight loss.

So for those of you traveling your road to a healthier and fit you, I want to share with you what I lost and gained along my road to a healthier and more fit me.

I lost:

The extra weight
The source of embarrassment
The lazy me
The tired me
The desire to hide behind clothes
The desire to hide from photo's
The depression that came from being overweight
The medical issues being overweight brought on
The excuses
The denial
The bargaining with myself
The shame of what I did to myself
The blah's
The lack of motivation
The desire to overeat
My settling for being overweight
My emotional eating habits
My guilt
The isolation that being overweight brings on
The thinking I am not worth it
The negative thoughts about myself and my behavior with food completely
My bad relationship with food

What I Gained:

A healthy Weight
A more fit me
A more energized me
A more social me
A more confident me
A healthier me
A me that wants to be in pictures
An ability to know it is OK to ask for help
An ability to see I matter
An ability to feel Proud of me
An ability to control my eating
An ability to make healthy food choices
A desire to exercise
A desire to stay active and fit
An ability to wear smaller clothes
A bigger choice in clothes
A sense of accomplishment
An ability to NOT accept excuses from myself
A more active me
A more social me
A new healthy relationship with food
The ability to make healthier choices
The desire to let you know YOU CAN do this and have all these changes for yourself too!

If I can do this ANYONE can do this my friends. It takes some belief in YOU!!! ( which I have), and the desire to be a healthier you. That really is ALL you need to reach your goals.
I could go on and on with both these lists but I think we all realize that taking off the extra weight we carry brings ONLY good changes to us. Just know YOU are worth the effort and time it takes to becoming a healthier you my friend.

I am rooting for you all to reach your goals and become the BEST you can be! BE A HEALTHIER YOU!!!!!!!

Have a WONDERFUL week my spark friends.

emoticon emoticon emoticon
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