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Reminders that it's not all bad...Some NSV's

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've been MIA because life has been crazy, hectic and pretty horrid all around. Not surprising considering I'm creeping up on 1 year of being unemployed without any hope of it ending any time soon. We've also been helping friends with a flood crisis for most of the month, not to mention a few dozen other excuses I could make.

When you get right down to it I've simply not had the energy to make the best choices as consistently as I have been. My exercising has been spotty at best, non-existent at the moment thanks to a back injury acquired after helping friends move. My eating has been 'eh' and while I haven't been going crazy or eating tons of things that I shouldn't, I've probably been eating more than I should've been some of the time.

Because of all of the above I've managed to hit a plateau of sorts where my weight has been bouncing up and down within the same 7lb range since late June, early July. I had a few moments of mentally beating myself up but didn't throw myself into a deep depression because of it. I also didn't put myself into a mindset of thinking it's not worth it because the weight is coming back.

It's not - not all of it at least. It's only about 7lbs that keeps coming and going depending on how determined I was that week.

All of that considered I've still had a number of non-scale victories in the past two months that are worth writing down as reminders to myself that although I haven't been perfect, I'm not a failure.

- I was able to purchase a gorgeous black dress in a size 24. While it is stretch, I'm happy to report that several others that I tried on at the time also fit - and they were 24s as well.

- My blood pressure has been more or less under better control than it has been in years. I was actually able to spend most of the last month OFF of my Blood Pressure medications completely while maintaining a normal Blood Pressure (on the low end even). Now it has crept back up slowly however I've got the feeling that once I get myself back into gear with more careful eating and more regular exercise it will go back to the level it was at. I highly doubt that the lowered numbers were a fluke. The increased dizziness and super low readings I was getting are proof of that. I just need to step it back up.

- We helped our friends move last week - from a first floor apartment to a third floor. Without getting into the more annoying details the victory here was being able to help as much as I did. Not only was I able to help significantly with loading the truck, but I was actually able to help with the unloading too! To understand why that's such a huge accomplishment you have to remember that the last time I was in a 3rd floor apartment I could barely make ONE trip up the stairs, never mind a trip down and back up. In fact I had trouble with two indoor flights of stairs in November - never mind trying to do 3 long flights of outdoor stairs. Well that was all a distant memory last week when I repeatedly moved things up the stairs and quickly returned down them for the next load. Yes, I was out of breath at the top of the stairs, but I was able to recover quickly and didn't feel like I was going to die. I may not have been lifting the heavy things the guys were, but I definitely feel secure in the fact that I was pulling my own weight and then some!

- I was able to buy my first ($20) interview suit today - in a COMFORTABLE size 24. This is a huge difference from the dress I bought, as these items are actually fitted and included a BLAZER. I have a horrible history with blazers and button up items in general. They may fit my shoulders and bust but are invariably too tight in the stomach. This time that was NOT the case. Not only was I able to button the blazer and sit in it, but there was actually a little bit of room in the stomach area. I know this has some to do with the cut, but still - IT FIT! I was absolutely amazed and am actually looking forward to going out and trying to submit some applications face-to-face to some hiring managers tomorrow.

- On the heels of the suit purchase came one more. I was able to go into a brick and mortar Old Navy store and purchase a short sleeved shirt to wear underneath my blazer (since I don't own any appropriate shirts). I was so overwhelmed when I slipped the shirt on and it fit. It's definitely more fitted than I'm used to, but it actually gives me hope that I may be able to buy some of my favorite shirt styles again from the store rather than having to order them online. I know I'm still a long way off from buying pants there, but I'm still happy to get the shirts back. They're so cheap and versatile for all seasons. :D

So yes, while the last couple of months have been lackluster in terms of exercise, eating and weight loss they've shone in other was and I need to remember to be proud of that fact.

Now if I could just find a job - then life would be PERFECT (well, as perfect as it will be until I graduate and move back to WA :p).
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