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my scale has gone crazy

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I have a new digital scale to weigh myself. Saturday morning when I got home from work, I decided to weigh myself. The scale said 157.2 pounds. I knew this had to be wrong so I reweighed myself several minutes later. This time it said 153.4 pounds. I thought, okay, it is up a litte. I work nights so I went to bed. When I got up from sleeping I weighed myself again. This time the scale said 152.7. This was believable. However, I then went for a four mile run/walk--mostly brisk walk. Yes, I decided to weigh myself again just to see what the scale said this time. It said I was 149.4. I wish I could believe this. I have been trying to below 150 since March. I do not believe the 149.4. I have been around the 152 and 153 mark. I did sweat quite a bit during the walk but it was not 3 pounds worth. I think my scale is just trying to drive me crazy---scaring me in the morning with 157 and then exciting me in the evening with 149.
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    Like Bigoledive, I weigh 3x, too. :) But always in the morning, after potty and in my underwear. I weighed one morning after a workout (no water) and actually weighed MORE than before the workout. WTH?! I have weighed after work and that's just depressing.

    But the number on the scale isn't the biggest goal.....it's that that number is X numbers smaller than before. The scale is 1 unit of measure for me. I primarily go by how the clothes fit.

    But I still weight 3x each morning....just for a double check. :)
    4068 days ago
    How new is this scale? I think you might want to consider taking it back. My weight fluctuates quite a bit- but that is truly ridiculous. I have been trying to get below 150 for almost 2 years now. I get to 150.5, then I get discouraged and bounce back up to around 156 and then I start the whole process over. I weighed 150 when I was in 8th grade and haven't seen it since. Starting to think it is not possible, but still I keep trying.
    4104 days ago
    You DO fluctuate in weight by as much as 5-7 pounds on any given day.

    Pick a time to weigh..most people do it in the morning(after potty :)) we wouldn't want ya to be full of you-know-what! LMAO BEFORE you eat or drink anything ( a big cup of coffee add a POUND!) ANd weigh naked.

    Even then with my dugutal scale I usually weigh 3 times in a row**usually** it will give me the same reading2 out of the 3 times in a row and that's the one I take- but if not i take the average. This am I was 197.5, 198.5 and 198...so 198 is my official weight.

    yesterday I was 199 and the day before i was 197. But last week I was in the 200's so as long as overall you are miving in the right direction- don't get obsessed or you will LOSE your FREAKIN mind! WHen you're measuring your "success" look for thing like looser clothes, better fitness, better quality of sleep, more energy....you'll have trouble sticking with a fitness plan if you try to measure based only on the numbers on the scale...

    Just remember- YOU are SO much more than a clothing SIZE or a NUMBER on the scale...take joy in the little thing you have accomplished. You walked FOUR MILES! That is impressive in this day of desk jobs! GO GIRL!
    4109 days ago
    I used to hate my digital scale as well, but the truth is, it's right! But you shouldn't weigh your self so much, especially in the same day. Personally I weigh myself a couple mornings per week wearing just my underwear after using the bathroom. This is a more accurate measurement allowing your body the rest it needs overnight.

    Also, to check my digital scale was accurate I weighed myself with clothes, sneakers, keys, wallet on just before I left to go to a doctors appointment. Within 15-20 minutes I weighed exactly the same on the doctors scale. Maybe you can try the same.

    Good Luck and Congrats on your weight loss.
    4112 days ago
    *&@%$ Scales. I wonder if the batteries need to be replaced. That's where I'd start ... and I'm sure you know not to put it on carpet or a weak surface.
    4112 days ago
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