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Input needed: What IS the plan??

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Busy, busy busy. I keep thinking about the 2 months I spent leisurely strolling my way through the 160's, and I just don't feel I can do that again.

I mean of course I CAN, I just don't want to!

So I'm going to try to kick it up a notch, if I can figure out what I need to do.

I'm doing so much right -- exercising 8+ hours a week and eating between 1000-1300 calories per day. I drink at least 10 glasses of water a day.

So...what else can I do?

All I can think of is that I need to be MORE consistent. NO DEVIATIONS. No mini-binges.

But then I mentally rebel -- I'm really NOT eating so much extra! It's not like we go out to eat once a week and I'm eating a plate of BBQ ribs or a gallon of ice cream in one sitting!

Maybe my problem is I'm eating TOO LITTLE???

Or maybe my problem is I'm just overthinking this whole thing, and my rate of weight loss is fine and I have no problem???

I've just got no perspective on this! What do you think, guys?


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    TG, I read your post earlier this morning but I just could not come up with the right answer. I think everyone who answered so far, is right... But I know how the frustration can just become overwhelming! I logged on to the Beck diet blog to find something to help you but I couldn't find anything. Then I read the Spark daily blogs about diet girl and Debra Mazda and it got me to thinking that maybe you should enjoy where you are at NOW... Not to say that you won't or can't lose more weight... but just make the most of being several pounds lighter. I'd say it's like "hunting" for a man... When you're "hunting", you don't find him but when you start being happy with your life as is, then you meet a guy! (I should know...It happened to me!) So maybe you could let go and just focus on doing your best and enjoying your new figure. In time, things will evolve and you will reach your destination.

    Untill then, I am there with you... cheering you on! emoticon
    4106 days ago

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    I totally agree with AMACUBA - be sure to get enough healthy calories. In answer to one of your other self questions, your weight loss rate is a good rate! 10# in 2 months is great! That falls in the healthy 1-2#/ week average and that's the type of loss that give you a much better chance of keeping it off. Adjust your calorie level - several mini meals would probably be the best way to do that. As your body adjusts to having enough food, you may actually see a weight gain to start out with. Don't panic at that! When your body figures out that you aren't starving anymore, the weight will start to come off again. I saw your status - to not worry as much about the weight and be more concerned with healthy living - That's the Best!!!
    4106 days ago
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    TG, I just got home and I feel your frustration (although I haven't gotten close to the target yet) and I know you can see the end BUT you do have to do it right. Your body had adjusted to your new and better habits and also it is so much more efficient than it was 20 pounds ago.

    So I agree with BLW and Amacuba - keep doing the things your are doing and do them right - it will happen just maybe not as quick as we would like.

    I know this is not a very good response but YOU WILL WIN this battle - it's just that the end is not as easy as the beginning. I'll have more to say tomorrow when I have better focus - just DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE DARKSIDE right now okay?


    4107 days ago
    TG, you are not being patient with yourself.

    Amacuba knows her stuff and what she says is what both of us already know. You just don't want to believe it. You want the weight off and you want it off NOW.

    Remember Beck's is telling you to make LIFETIME habit changes. You are not to Diet and you certainly are not to harm your wellbeing trying to make it happen. You are flipping the pages in the book. Impatience and irritability, down in the dumps perspective could simply be low blood sugar.

    Patience, perseverance and don't expect to lose every week. Life is to be LIVED and you are not to deprive yourself so that you get SICK & TIRED of what you are doing

    You asked for advice and Amacuba gave it to you. Ask youself this....What would you be telling Vandal right now? We both know the answer.
    4107 days ago
    Well, you asked for my opinion (albeit indirectly) so here it is:

    I had a peek at your calorie intake, and you are definitely NOT eating enough. I see you're entering your foods eaten, which is great, but you need to eat within the range that spark people tells you to. No woman, unless she's like 3 feet tall, should eat 1000 calories a day. The MINIMUM is 1200 calories. You're not eating enough for someone who sits about all day, never mind a person who exercises.

    Food is NOT the enemy! Calories are FUEL that your body needs to survive. If you don't give it enough fuel, then your organs suffer. PLEASE make sure you define your weight-loss goals on your start page, enter in the calories you plan to burn each week, and have a look at what your calorie range should be. You're doing yourself harm by not eating enough.

    OK, enough preachy stuff :). Here's the medicine behind it:

    If you don't eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode. Starvation mode means, from a weight-loss perspective, that you stop burning calories because your body thinks there isn't enough food around, so stores as much fat as possible in order to survive. Medically, your body starts shutting down non-vital parts and systems. Of course, there isn't a lot in the human body that isn't there for a reason, so shutting down parts for survival is NOT a good thing. As time goes on, and there still isn't enough food for your body, more and more organs and systems shut down, until eventually your body gives out. You've heard of the runway models recently who dropped dead on the catwalk? That's because their hearts finally gave out from starvation. I'm not saying you're at that point or anything, but that's the scary truth.

    You can take my advice or not, it's of course up to you. I know it sounds strange that you have to eat to lose weight, and eat MORE if you're exercising (or even MORE if you're exercising a lot! lol), but it's the honest-to-god-truth. There's lots of articles on spark people on the subject if you want some proof from the experts, not just from a bossy stranger! lol

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4107 days ago
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