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hip labral tear??

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Well, I went to the doctor, and (of course) nothing showed up on the xray. I have an mri scheduled for tomorrow. But, I have been looking up hip pain on the internet and discovered something called the acetabular labral tear. Now, not to be a self-diagnoser or anything like that, but the list of symptoms might have been written about me: lack of flexibility, buttock pain, pain that increases during physical activity, pain in trochanter region, pain during hill work, pain that runs down the front of my leg during any type of impact activity, including walking, inability to easily lift my leg, pinching when knee is brought up to chest.

So, here's hoping and praying that that's what it is. Not that I want to have this problem because it requires surgery, but because it's a fixable problem. I wouldn't be running for a while, but I would be OK with that if I knew there was a viable treatment option that would allow me to run again.

Hoping I see the little blip on that MRI that shows the labrum torn and hanging off the bone!
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