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Losing oh so slowly.... Month 8

Saturday, September 12, 2009

This week marks the end of month 8 for me on SP. Here are my stats:

Week 32: GAIN!! 1.6 lbs emoticon
Month 8 Total: - 4
Total Loss: - 35.8

Inches lost:
Month 8 / Total
Waist: 0 / - 6
Hips: - 1.5 / - 4
Neck: 0 / - 1
Arm: - 0.5 / - 1
Thigh: 0 / - 1

Body Fat: 41.5%
Down 0.3% for Month

Okay, so I did really good all week except for one day in which I did HORRIBLE. That one day screwed up my whole week's averages. I kicked butt at the gym though and had an averaged daily intake of around 1420 calories. However, I GAINED this week!!! emoticon Last week I lost about 4 pounds and was soooooo happy. I felt like I was making progress, and that all my hard work was paying off and I was getting excited to be so close to being under 200. Then... swoosh... out the door and onto my ass!! emoticon

I was so upset this morning that I couldn't write my blog. I wanted to just quit and go to some all-you-can-eat buffet and BINGE. Luckily, if you want to call it that, this is how the first 4 months of my weight loss went, so I was able to talk myself down. I HATE losing a lot one week and then none or gaining the next. It just makes this journey feel random and like an out of control roller coaster. emoticon

I reviewed all my numbers and the bottom line is that I am losing weight - just very, very slowly. I have to remind myself that progress is progress, no matter how slow. Overall, I am down for the month - not nearly as much as I wanted (or think I should be), but down nevertheless.

I still can't see any difference in the mirror, which is another thing that is frustrating me. I am trying to be patient and am crossing my fingers that I'll see a difference when I cross the 200 mark. We shall see....

And so it ends.... another week of the Battle of the Karebear! (dramatic music fades out) emoticon
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    I think that a total weight lass of 35.8 pounds in 8 months sounds right on target!! That's averaging a little over a pound a week and you are getting trimmer (as the tape measure shows). My son always says that when you work out a lot, don't be too concerned about a small weight gain as you will be adding muscle--which is a good thing. Everything will even out and those pounds will start coming down again!! You're doing great!! I only hope I can do as well! I'm over 60 so the pounds are a lot more stubborn about leaving( I guess they've been around so long this feels like home-LOL).
    emoticon emoticon
    4151 days ago
    So what you gained a little weight, BUT you lost some body fat, probably gained some muscle too with your increased activity and all

    Keep the SPirit, you're still going in the right direction, now if you gained weight and gained everything else, you could worry. Just looks at the tape measure that you posted, that is AWESOME work.

    4152 days ago
    It is easy for us to say don't worry but I can understand your frustration. Firstly you did not put all that weight on in a few months so don't expect to loose it in the same time.

    Secondly and this is a real plus, the slower you loose the weight the longer it stays off AND the better chance your skin has to shrink.
    Good luck and stick in there.
    4152 days ago
    Don't worry the weight will disapear and I know all about the slow weight loss! It took me 18 months to lose 22 pounds! I still loose only a pound here and there! My determination got me here where I am today! I am now working on the last 2 pounds and when that is gone I have decided to go for an extra ten. I always said I would take my time and lose slowly. I gave myself that talk to keep from getting too negative with the self talk. You see I did not want to give myself too much expectation by having to lose 30-40 pounds so I started with 24! It's not only weight loss it's also a new way of life! Keep up the good work! You can do it!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4152 days ago

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