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Another gain... seriously WTF?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okay, so this is the summary for my week 33 and I am frustrated and confused. emoticon I have dieted lots in my life and I have also been pretty well educated on the actual science of weight loss. I am one of the first people to recommend suggestions, and explain the varying aspects that effect weight loss (i.e. sodium intake, building muscle, hormones, etc.). However, I am just baffled here. emoticon

I did so extremely well this past week. I stayed within ALL of my ranges (calories, fat, protein, carbs, fiber and sodium) the whole week - not too little or too much. I exercised (again, not excessively), drank all my water, had at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day, and got at least 7 hours of sleep each night. I'm bragging here... I think I have the right to, I am so proud of myself. emoticon So, I get on the scale and I GAINED!!!! I repeat, I GAINED. emoticon Then, I reviewed all my stats and it turns out that in the past almost 30 days I have only been over my caloric goal ONE day!!! OMG - I have NEVER done so well with my eating. I'm ecstatic! Emotional eating and binging are problems for me and I have been cooking at home, reasonable portions and been fine.

So I have to ask WTF is the problem with my body?!?!?!? This whole lifestyle change to become more "healthy" is suppose to have it rewards. The only thing I am losing right now is my mind!! I gained this week and I gained last week - not staying the same, like a plateau, but GAIN!!! emoticon I completely understand that weight loss is not an exact science. I know that the main thing boils down to "calories in" versus "calories out". However, there are numerous other variables that correlate with each other and can effect when and how much you lose or, in my case, gain. It's just that I have done sooo well recently with pretty much EVERY variable I have control over... so what's going on??? It's like the fat gods are punishing me.

I want to stay on track, but this is ridiculous. Yesterday I had a wonderful "well F-it" mentality. I decided to order take out and just pig out, because I felt like I had been missing something all this time. I know a popular saying is "nothing taste as good as thin feels", but I feel like someone ripped the rug out from under me. The food was okay, but afterwards, I felt terribly ill and was up half the night because of all the salt and fat. I felt horrible!!! emoticon Obviously my body is happy with the adjustment of eating healthier, but I feel like someone stole MY "feel good". Food used to be my instant "feel good". I would think, well obsess, over what, when, where and how much I was going to eat. Everything revolved around food and it was my comfort. Well last night proved to me that it's not. Yet, I haven't replaced this "feel good" with "feeling good" about my weight loss. I'm completely frustrated and I can't see any difference when I look in the mirror. I've lost some inches, but all the rolls are still there... just a tiny bit smaller. I have tummy rolls, back rolls and chin rolls - all staring back at me in the mirror!!

I will just continue eating and being theoretically "healthier", but I am very unhappy right now. This has taken away my "feel good" and now I'm just fat and UNhappy!

I am trying a challenge - I've never done one before - but I'm hoping it will give me an extra push to stay focused, committed and hopefully get some better freaking results!! emoticon


Fat and Frustrated
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    Hi, Kerry

    I bet most of us have experienced what you are going through right now. I could give advice about what you might try, diet or exercise, to get you over this hurdle. But I can totally relate to what you are saying about losing your "feel good food" and not getting that "feel good reward" (losing pounds, that is ) to replace it. As I read all these responses to your blog, I realised you have a wonderful "feel Good" replacement. I don't think I have ever read so many wonderful responses to one individual's blog! You have SO MANY wonderful spark buddies rooting for you and encouraging you. We all care about you and know that you will succeed!!
    emoticon emoticon
    4136 days ago
    You're doing awesome, so keep at it! This is a tiny setback, but just remember all the amazing stuff you're doing. I'm glad you're proud of yourself!

    The next time you see your doctor you might want to get a blood test for your thyroid. I only say this because I found out I was hyperthyroid several months ago, which revs up your whole body including metabolism. Now that I've undergone treatment, I'm noticing my metabolism slow down a lot. This is just one symptom of many, but you might want to have it checked out because thyroid disorders are a lot more common that many people realize.
    4136 days ago
  • RD03875
    The same thing has happened to me. Keeping on track eating and exercising and gaining so I am going to step back and see what I can do different. I do know I'm not giving up!
    4136 days ago
    Hello Kerry,

    What is WTF?


    Don't explain, I'm just finding a way to find something to chuckle about. My DW and I were talking today about her WL issues. She has been cutting down and walking a lot more each day. The other day, she walked over 8 miles according to her pedometer, then BAM, I thought EMERIL Lagasse was in the house. She blew a head gasket because of her lack of weight loss and a little gain. I wish I knew the answers. Remember, you ARE doing a great job with your tracking and eating habits, don't go messing with them quite yet. Someone here will be able to help you past your issues. I remember a recent post of yours, that your "inches' were dropping even though your weight wasn't. Inches and numbers are not the only thing to measure your fitness and health by. Are you feeling better? Are you making strides towards a healthier you? I know that your answer is YES.

    Keep up the great work that you're doing.

    I too have FAITH in YOU.

    Have a wonderful weekend and hope your upcoming week is even better.

    4137 days ago
    Don't give up, you're doing simply fantastic. I know it's hard to keep in mind, but it's not just about the weight, it's about making yourself more healthy and you're doing that! You're making better choices in eating, being more active and you admitted that until you got on the scale you felt GOOD about yourself.
    The scale is seriously the devil.
    Please tell me you're taking measurements weekly, in addition to weighing in?
    Often times I'll jump on the scale and I've gained 2-4lbs and I'm thinking..you've GOT to be kidding me. Then I grab the tape and measure and I've lost inches all over the place. Sometimes your body redistributes your weight, and if you're working as hard as you say you are, you're probably toning things up! Which will definitely be noticed when you do your measurements.

    Don't be too hard on yourself. You're doing fantastic and you HAVE to keep the good attitude up. :) I have faith in you.
    Always here if you wanna chat! emoticon
    4137 days ago
    I can totally relate to what you've said here. You do everything right and aren't rewarded on the scale, so you feel cheated, decide to "cheat" on your diet and end up feeling ill.

    I've been guilty of doing the same thing myself, so you're not alone. But after eating fairly "clean" for the best part of the year, I've found that my old favourites don't agree with me anymore and they're just not worth it. That doesn't stop me craving them, however, but I always feel sick after I eat them, or I just don't enjoy them the way that I used to. This goes to prove that they're not good for us in the first place. It's like smoking a cigarette after years of giving up - they make you feel sick and dizzy and you wonder why you smoked for as long as you did.

    Don't give up. As frustrating as it is, it will be worth it in the long run. It might take longer to reach your goal than you'd like, but if you give up you never will, so stick with the programme and you'll get there eventually.

    Chin up, babe. Keep your eye on the prize and keep Sparking.

    Charlie x
    4137 days ago

    I just read your post and I know it is frustrating! I had a similar problem last time I lost weight and well, in the end it made me give up and I gained back 70% of all the weight I had lost in 8 month and it took me a long time to get back on track. So - that's what happens if you give up. You gain the weight back.

    So. You know giving up is not an option.

    What can you do instead? I have been thinking a lot about what happened to me back then. I managed to maintain my weight-loss (at that point I still had about 100 pounds to lose!) for almost a year - but I thought that I should have lost because I was following the plan, working out.
    In retrospect what I should have done is lower my calories and start over again. After a while people get comfortable with portion sizes. You don't watch how much oil you put in the pan when you make a stir-fry. When you hit a plateau or even worse - start gaining back - start over!
    What I should have done and what I will do whenever I reach that point again is to get really strict. Maybe follow a plan. Seriously control portion sizes. Follow recipes in diet books and make sure you only have ONE portion and not one and a half. Do you go out at night? Alcohol adds a lot of calories. I am a beer snob and LOVE a good stout but I started drinking Miller 64. It's ok.
    Recalculate your calories - when you lose weight you need less calories. When you work out you need MORE calories. Eating too little can also make you gain weight.
    This is another problem I just ran into recently. I didn't eat enough which made me constantly hungry which made me crave bad stuff and stalled my weight loss at the same time. In the end I ate a bunch of crap every weekend. Spend your calories wisely and make sure you eat enough.
    Also make sure you get enough protein. I just started a new plan that made me add a ton of protein to every meal. For some reason that really helps me to deal with bad cravings.

    Good luck girl! You can do it. Always remember - keep going because the only other possibility is to gain it all back. And more.
    4137 days ago
  • LOUIE25
    I had a f*** it day yesterday as well. This week has been hell for me and I just gave up last night. But don't worry we will jump right back on and the wave runners will lose it!
    4137 days ago
    Don't give up! Keep doing what you're doing and it will pay off, especially if you are still losing inches. I don't know how regulary you exercise, but everytime I start a "new" consistent exercise routine, I always gain weight for a couple of weeks and then it usually comes off with a few extra! So hang in there.
    4137 days ago
    Maybe you just a bit of a change in your diet and your exercise routine. Personally I would cut back on the carbs including the fruit for a while. I don;t know what your exercise routine is but include weight training with cardio. I have done this so many times that when I hit a plateau or gain you have to change the routine. I am an a low carb fan. I eat a little carbs as possible and I never buy "low fat" anything because the lower the fat the higher the carbs. It works very well for me. I try to stay under 50 g carbs when I begin dieting and under 100 later.
    Spookey emoticon emoticon
    4137 days ago
  • KARLA_33
    Something similar happened to me, I was stuck at 175 for 6weeks. And I ate healthy, exercised regularly, and nothing. Then last week I lost 5 pounds, and I haven't done anything different. So just stick with it. You will see results.
    4137 days ago
    All I can say is that I feel for you.

    Don't give up. Please don't.

    4137 days ago
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