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What the (insert preferred expletive here) is wrong with me?!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I had a decent week last week... I worked out 4 days (burned over 2000 calories) and stayed 'around' my cal requirements (+- one or two hundred cals) and I had an AMAZING weigh-in... (only .5 lbs away from goal number one --- to be below 400 lbs) and also lost another half-inch of my hips............... and this weekend, I didn't do a darn bit of exercise... I ate a liter of ice cream, drank about 5 cans of pop, ate out at MCDONALD's of all places... ate about 3 bags of chips (2 rice crisps and 1 baked chip) and have not fulfilled my water intake once.

Due to this hellish weekend I avoided my wonderful Spark friends and neglected my readings (Spark emails) and logging and posting AGAIN. What the #&*@& is wrong with me?! Why can't I keep focused? You would think that I would be even MORE dedicated to lose this weight since I'm getting closer to my first major goal, but alas that is not the case... I decide to sabotage myself instead!!! I need help... I need serious help! Something just ain't right in my head!

I am so mad at myself!!!
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    Annie, I recently felt like doing exactly what you did this weekend, i felt like nothing was going right even though I was one pound within reaching my first goal. I work out like crazy and felt good about it, I ate ALL the right things and nothing would budge. I was just about ready to give up. I know easy it is to sabatage yourself.
    I am not perfect but I did blog about my struggles and it helped me for that day, I leave the hosue so I won't be around food, I head for a walk AWAY from everything so I know that I have to turn around and come back or die out in the wilderness (so to speak). Please don't stay away from SP, we are here for you, we can listen when you needed to talk, and we can be quiet when you just need a hug. You can make it, I know, I have been there, I am taking it one day at a time and I can use all the friends I have and a few more.
    3895 days ago
    hey, AnnieJaye, let me tell you, I have been on Spark for over two years, and I did not catch on until this past May. I had episodes just like yours, and I felt just like you.

    The one thing is to keep going. I try to learn from my dogs to live in the now. Screw up, learn from your mistakes, and go on. If you dwell on it, you are wasting precious energy that you need to focus on the positive.

    A lot of this is a mind game we have to play with ourselves, and it takes some time to become good at any game. The strategies are something you learn as you play... Some of us wake up one morning, and Get It, and some of us need more time to figure things out. I fall in the latter category.

    As long as you don't quit, you are doing good. You obviously know where you went wrong - so try not to repeat that. I guarantee you, I mean I GUARANTEE you, that eventually it will become second nature.

    Just don't quit. :)

    3895 days ago
    Hey ANNIEJAYE10,
    Hope things have settled a bit for you and that you are finding your way back on track. You know, I once read that it's a process - sometimes it feels like two steps forward and one step back...but still it's progress.
    I'm sure we all have days like you described in this blog, or we wouldn't be here. For me, the best I could do is not to have those temptation trigger foods around myself...I don't buy snacky stuff any more, and I find if I don't have it around I don't think of it.
    Don't give up, you've come so far - it's time to brush yourself off, and believe in yourself - we need you to keep going!
    3895 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4363972
    We have all been there! Stop beating yourself up. You just need to put this behind you and start again. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Just try to get back on your plan. And if you falter a little, try again tomorrow. As long as you keep trying, you have not failed.
    3895 days ago
    Oh sweetie we have all ben there and done that or none of us would be here. I have been on a Plateau for 6 weeks now, while not liking it I have stayed true to my eating plan only because I can't go back to my old ways or I will be lost forever. It has taken a toll on my health and I have Type II Diabetes. I also have lost parts of my memory and per my Doctor I am headed for either Dementia or Alzheimer's. Type II Diabetics are pre-disposed to that. I don't want to see that happen to you. So here is a friendly emoticon in the pants to get you back on track.

    Just take it one day at a time. Today no more ice cream. Tomorrow knock off the soda. Thursday stop supporting Mickey D's like I used to do. Friday, you want potato chips make these using a sweet potato and it is only around 125 calories olive oil and all because you are only using 1 tsp. of oil.

    Potato Chips in the Microwave - 5 mins.

    1 small potato
    1 tsp olive oil
    pinch or so of salt

    Slice potato on mandolin in very thin slices. Toss with Olive Oil. Place on microwaveable plate that has been sprayed with cooking spray in single layer. LIGHTLY salt (a little goes a LONG way on these). Put in microwave for 2 - 3 minutes until they start to brown just slightly. Turn to other side, rearranging as necessary so darker ones are in the middle and lighter ones on outside. Bake another 30 seconds to 1 minute or until browning occurs slightly. Let cook (they crisp up as they cool!) . Makes 1 serving. These taste just like Lay's w/o the fat or calories or preservatives. (they keep 3 days in airtight container - but they won't last that long!)

    Number of Servings: 1

    Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user DAIZEEFLI.

    You can do this one step at a time and we will be there to help you. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3895 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/29/2009 2:38:49 PM
  • JEAN524
    I'm so sorry you are having a bad time staying on track at the moment - but - you are back and starting again and that is what is important. I spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday shooting myself in the foot, but yesterday I made it the whole day without blowing it with nutrition and upped my exercise too. I've done it - you can definately do it too. Just keep on plugging away, one day at a time and you'll get there, I know you will, I've faith in you. emoticon We're gonna beat this together. emoticon Love, Jean
    3903 days ago
    oh and two chocolate bars as well! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    3903 days ago
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