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What am I doing wrong?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello everyone. I have a question. What am I doing wrong? I feel like I am at a stand still. I'm not sure if I am gaining muscle or just at a plateau. I changed my exercise routine 2 weeks ago so I didn't hit a plateau but the scale stopped moving and so did the measuring tape. I haven't lost anything in 2 weeks and when I measured myself yesterday (once a month) I didn't lose inches either. I have upped the cardio and the strength training. I have been staying within my calorie range but nothing is happening. I can handle the scale not moving if the measuring tape was but with them both stopped.......UGH!! I feel like throwing a temper tantrum. LOL. I have a treadmill that I use and cardio and toning dvds, but if any one has any suggestions that I can do at home that might get me out of this rut, I am willing to try! Thanks in advance.
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    Have you recalculated your calorie needs lately? If you're still using calorie guidelines for a heavier weight, this may be your problem. I have just lost a total of 10 lbs. since joining SP and had to recalculate my BMR since then. I'm glad I did because my former weight loss calorie intake is now what I need to maintain my current weight, so fewer calories are needed if I'm to continue losing.

    Also, you could be getting too few calories. I can't say without looking at a lot of factors that I don't have access to & wouldn't ask for anyhow, but I spent a year on a "plateau" (after losing 75 lbs.) & had no idea why, which brought me to this site, and I learned that I was not getting enough calories. As soon as I started eating more, I started losing again.

    Good luck getting over this "plateau"
    You can do it!
    3825 days ago
    I saw that you posted "I need support" in the Frumpy to Fabulous team. How has the advice from all these fellow Sparkers helped so far? Maybe trying a new approach will help motivate you to keep going. An updated goal, a new reward, or even something different that you can work on that you know will be successful. Something simple, just to boost your mood. I keep changing my routine and goals and plans -- still haven't figured it out yet -- but I just keep going! I wish you the best of luck!!
    3826 days ago

    I suggest you contact me directly so we can discuss things in more detail.
    3848 days ago
    I've only been sparking a month, so I'm no expert, but I do know that the first week or so I started sparking, I lost three pounds, then the next week - following the same routine (exercising regularly, and keeping calories in range,) I GAINED two pounds. I didn't lose any the next week, then started losing steadily. It was frustrating, but several sparkers encouraged me to be patient, and said that eventually the scale would catch up to my efforts - which it did! One sparker suggested tracking sodium intake. She had a similar plateau as yours, and when she started tracking and cutting back on sodium and increasing her water, the scale started moving again. She's lost an amazing amount of weight and looks great! Good luck, and congratulations on your success so far!
    3849 days ago
    Have you checked your calories burned vs. calories taken in. You may just need to eat a bit more.
    3849 days ago
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    OK, you say you upped your workout 2 weeks ago...but did you also up your calories to meet your dietary needs due to the increase in calories burned? Also, how much water are you drinking? Water is a big element in weight loss.
    3849 days ago
    My recommendation is to look at the foods that you are eating. I find that I stall when I am eating too many carbohydrates. I can be within my calorie limit but the choices that I was making was not the best for my body. I have increased the amount of protein that I have been eating and the scale is beginning to reflect a change. I hope this helps.
    3849 days ago
    when i hit a plateau i try and change not only my strength training, but i try and and change my cardio and even the food that i am eating. if i have been on the treadmill for a while i go to the elliptical or i try a bike, if i have been doing a lot of weights i will do some pilates or some power yoga, even the food we eat will eventually be routine. try and change everything and really really up the intensity!
    that's the best advice i can give you
    3849 days ago
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